100 thoughts on “Bathroom boat in Indonesia – vpro Metropolis

  1. This is such a feel good video somehow. These people are poor yet their lives seem simple and slow and they're vulnerable in a good way. 3:44 the baby bathing in the river is just adorable!

  2. I honestly can see the kardashians making a poop 💩 face cream/scrub and making it trendy 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄


  4. With the chocolate river ,she looks radiant and dazzling. I use cleaner water and still don't have a radiant skin…OMG..The poo in my mouth..i can't brush there..

  5. Wow this is so sad. Did she really drink that water to brush her teeth 🤢. That water is filthy I saw a garbage bag in there 😲 . This is very sad there living conditions I wish the Government would clean the water.

  6. Indonesians are like the shits stain of Asia, disgusting people. Low iq and literally consumes each others fecal matter.

  7. Gw jmn kecilnya jg gt mck di sungai…ampe kutuan gara2 sungainya ngalir dri gunung tg banyam kera nya.tp sehat walafiat smp skrg alhamdulillah

  8. Bersatu dgn Alam…InsyaAllah sehat…saya org singapura…tak punya masa2 seperti ini…alangkah indahnya hidup,,,serba alami

  9. Is fresh water not chemical process we have in the states. So I take the fresh water any day.nothing new under the sun

  10. 0:17 ugh WTF!!!🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮 And after that they brush their teeth and bathe in the same water too! Can you imagine how they smell???! And just how it smells there period!?!🤢🤮🤢🤮

  11. 2:40 she didn't wash down there very well…I guess it would be hard to do in front of everyone though! Must feel not so good not being able to?

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  13. If the reporter speak English, that will be more understandable, the funny thing is, most Indonesian nowadays had European name but you hardly found someone speak English.

  14. They use the river because they dont have an alternative, shes been washing in it since 5 yrs old, she's in her 20s now and hasn't died yet .. people need to chill and let these people survive as best they can otherwise cough up and provide them alternatives

  15. Seriously, I have OCD , I would rather die , jump off a tall building or bridge , stand in front of a train , I don’t care how I do it but this I can’t do , and yes her complexion is better than mine too , and one thing has been established, poop water is good for complexion.

  16. Anything coming out of Indonesia uses this very same water…like all canned goods. And you don't think you drink poo water??? The last time I checked, they were not making any more water. As a child, I drank anything that wasn't green or stagnated, don't recall ever getting sick from it one single time. Today it would kill me dead. Funny how we change.

  17. Mbaknya mandi di sungai kotor aja tetep cantik dan kulitnya bagus…sementara saya mandi pakek air sumur yg bening tetep aja buluk ☹️☹️☹️

  18. She thinks its more hygienic bathing in the river compared to a bathroom, its sad how low their education is to be believing & thinking that

  19. this video eight years ago and you just insulted now, try to see the state of Ciliwung times that were eight years ago with the present

  20. Seen this video few years back I forgot about it and just came up on YouTube and I was just thinking how can you be getting clean yeah you are washing with soap how can you be getting clean if the water is filthy and you brush your teeth in the water and you and the ladies washing her clothes out of the side of you the guy's pooping in his party pooper rolls down the river I know the river flows and keeps moving but you can't be getting clean and then she takes a small bucket full of that poop and print puts it between Splash is it between her legs is that the way to wash your hoo-ha just saying LOL she has a strong immune system because if it was any of us Americans we be in the hospital seriously sick. I'm just saying LOL……🙄😟☹😳🤫🤪

  21. I heard “sabonan” like is that the same meaning of Filipino word “sabon” or “soap”? Wooow! I guess if Indon and Fil are talking to each other maybe we can understand each other. Just some key word that same word and same meaning. It’s 2011, I hope it’s clean now.

  22. Bathing on the river i think there is no problem with that,the problem is the river",it's very dirty and it look like all bacterias in their,sorry to say this",but i am worried to the people staying on that place look dirty😔

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