Bathing Scenery (Brutal Age) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Bathing Scenery (Brutal Age) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial! Today we are going to create this calming bathing scenery from the mobile game Brutal Age! Almost everyone is stressed out because of the upcoming Christmas Celebrations and all the preparations, which have to be made at least it’s me. So, we thought it’s time for a calming Christmas tutorial. And ‘we’ this means me and the fine folks from Brutal Age. This tutorial is brought to you by Brutal Age. Thanks a lot for supporting me and I’m looking forward to create this calming scenery with you guys. I saw this scenery first when I saw some ads, some advertising. Commercials, yeah some commercials from the game Brutal Age on YouTube and well, there’s this scenery, the two warriors in the bathtub, with the pick, the great pick, of course. And well, they are relaxing and suddenly they are attacked. But well, this tutorial only deals with a calming part with all the relaxation in the water. So I hope you guys can relax as well. So lean back and enjoy this today’s tutorial of Brutal Age. We are currently creating the face of the big warrior and I’m just working on some details for the eyes that makes this creation looks pretty alive. And these are mustaches and the beard, of course. Well you have recognized that I am growing a beard right now. I am not sure if I will keep it, but I thought hey I’ll give it a try. Yeah, the eyebrows as well. I’m also growing eyebrows right now and the ears. So the face is almost finished and we can start working on the face of the second warrior. And this guy is pretty funny as you hardly see the face, as there are so many hairs in the face hanging in the air and in the face. Well he has a big nose. This is for sure. But the rest of the face and also of the body will be covered under a big layer of hair. So, you don’t have to be that much detailed with this guy as you won’t see him. We give him a smile. This is great. OK and now the third person in the bathtub is the pig! And I always love creating pigs, as you know. They are so easy to create and always look great. Let’s cut away some pieces from the nose, and I’m using this red clay for some color gradient. Here we go for the tongue. One tusk and the second as well. The nose holes filled with very dark red and well, I’m just bringing this head into shape. And now we will add the arms and legs, as well. Well of course you won’t see them as this pig is swimming in the water. The ears are ready. And now we can bring together all three of them. And I think it already looks nice. Now all we need is to create this scenery. So, I take a lot of ochre, some brown and we will mix this. Of course keep some ochre and gray for the stones later. But first let’s create the big muddy scenery. And we will also place the bath tub right in the middle. I’m using some aluminum foil, because I will take some liquid clay and this aluminum foil gives us a very shiny water effect. I just love this effect using this foil. Now we will work on the stones. I will add some more colours and don’t mix it too strong it’s just so great if you can still see some of the other colours and some kind of a pattern. I’m mixing a brighter colour for some more stones so that you have two different kinds of stones to mix up. Now we will work on some details on the stones themselves. So here we go. Well yeah Christmas is not that far away and to be honest guys this year I’m very looking forward to Christmas. I am almost finished with all the gifts for my family, for the friends, but it’s still very stressful, still a lot to work of course. I really love playing a lot of mobile games lately for relaxation. So this is why I really love Brutal Age. Not only because this tutorial is brought to you by them, but it’s some kind of an outlet for me, for all the stress. Particularly during Christmas. Yeah, let’s take my old toothbrush, I’m not using that anymore for this texture on the snow. So let’s add some more snow to the scenery on the stones and maybe some more and now well take the liquid clay and make an outline. And we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked almost half finished bathing scenery. Yeah the reason because I added this pool edge is pretty simple. I’m adding a lot more of this liquid clay later, and it really shouldn’t flood all the rest of the scenery. And just stay within the stones. Yeah, we are adding this nice grass details and also three tiny mushrooms, as well. So, here we go! This reminds me of a very crazy idea I had lately and this idea is called Foot Fungus Fantasies. This would be a tabletop and you’re playing with tiny mushroom creations and it’s well just a tabletop game. This is just some blue and the liquid clay and we will add that to the aluminum foil to give the water a slightly blue shiny effect. Oh, this doesn’t work. Let’s go full. Here we go. This looks great. Somehow this looks delicious, although it’s not that tasty, I guess. Let’s put this piece into the oven! And meanwhile we will create the sign, the sign which says Merry Christmas in the background. Also in the commercial there is a sign, but I can’t read what’s standing right on it. I just don’t know. So here we go for the sign. They’re just faking these wooden patterns. And it just looks so great. Well adding some more snow. And my toothbrush again. And we are also ready to put this sign into the oven! Freshly baked bathing scenery almost finished. Now we will add some more transparent polish to get the water. Shiny water bubbling effect and the sign itself we will glue that together, but right now just let’s add this rope. Some more details. Take my scissors and some more glue. Well I’m almost running out of super glue. I hope this will last. Some white for the writing ‘Merry Christmas’ and happy New Year. And we will add the hair as well of this big guy. I just love the character design from Brutal Age. You really should… When next time playing just look at the characters. They are so funny. Each of the characters has something unique. Yeah, I just ran out of superglue. So I’m taking another glue for the hair of the other warrior and for the sign as well. And now the painting, the tribe. I guess it is called tribe paintings on the big warrior. This is the last step on the chin. Yeah, and I guess… …finally for the bathing scenery. That’s it! Guys I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Remember you can download the game Brutal Age for free. I’ll include the link in the description. If you want to see another tutorial well there’s the Warrior from Brutal Age as well. I guess that’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching Hope to see you next week on Friday. Take care. Bye! Hey is there any space left for me?

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