Basic Origami Forms : Origami: Masu Box Part 4

Basic Origami Forms : Origami: Masu Box Part 4

Once we have that, what we’re going to do
now is fold each of these points into not the complete center not a blitz fold. But,
a semi-blitz like this. Essentially, what we are doing is folding this small square
in half on the diagonal. Fold this down in half and same thing on this side. And, now
we are going to fold each of these edges up to this line so that it lines up with the
triangles. Same thing on this side. We are going to do this for all four sides. And,
finally the fourth. Once we have done that, we are now going to form a water bomb base
using this unit. This is the center of our water bomb base and we are going to fold it
into our water bomb base like that. Now, it looks like a mountain. But, it’s a water bomb
base. Now, fold the top the white part down completely down so that the point meets the
edge. And, opening this section open it up like this we are going to mountain fold the
entire unit and push it against the table so that these four sections on the bottom
flattens out. And, then we can put it inside our box and there is our division for our
Masu Box.

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  1. Thank you very much for this! I love origami and this video was fantasticly simple, clear and easy to understand. Please live forever. Keep the vids coming:D I absolutly love them. Thank you very much again. 🙂

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