Basic Origami Forms : Origami: Fuse Box Part 3

Basic Origami Forms : Origami: Fuse Box Part 3

Now, that we have made our four units for
the box we are going to tuck them together to form the entire box. So, here I have two
sections and what we are doing is tucking one of the edges underneath the edge of another
one like this. Making sure that the inside point of this one is hidden in between these
two layers. So, that’s one section. Take your other unit and tuck it beneath that, making
sure that this yellow section comes in between the two layers of the blue. Now, finally last one which is always the
trickiest one. We are going to tuck the edge in. Now, going to tuck that blue one right
in between the green these two layers right here. Now, that we have that here’s the trickiest
part is to try to tuck in this blue this green part will go right underneath the yellow.
And, then the red will come out and tuck right into the green. It takes some figuring. It
takes some puzzling. It’s like a puzzle. But, once you get it you get it. Push it all together
and you have your Fuse Box, tomoko’s fuse box.

2 thoughts on “Basic Origami Forms : Origami: Fuse Box Part 3

  1. would it not be easier to connect 2 sides, then another 2 sides and then put the 2 halves together?

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