Basic Origami Forms : Origami: Fuse Box Part 2

Basic Origami Forms : Origami: Fuse Box Part 2

So we will fold this point up to this point,
like this. And just crease that diagonal. Don’t go beyond that. Just crease that diagonal
of that square. Unfold, and then crease this diagonal of this square, by just bringing
up this point up to that point. Fold it in half. And then, once we have that, we are
going to lift up this edge. This is–this will become the edge of the box. Taking this
triangle, this square piece, pinch together the triangle, and it will naturally, following
the creases that we made, bring it down underneath, and just follow the creases and re-crease
that whole section. Now this edge here, you will have to reverse the crease. This will
be the corner of your box. Reverse the crease, and you have the corner of your box.

2 thoughts on “Basic Origami Forms : Origami: Fuse Box Part 2

  1. What on Earth is the matter with you?

    YOU CONTROL THE SPEED. If it's too fast, go to something simpler if that's even possible. This is incredibly easy.

    Don't curse at her, she's not the one making the video.

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