Basic Origami Forms : How to Fold Origami Masu Box

Basic Origami Forms : How to Fold Origami Masu Box

In this clip, I will show you how to fold
a traditional Masu Box with bottom and a top and a inside division. First, we will make
the bottom part of the box. This is a rather simple model and it can be found in the ‘Origami
Handbook’ by Rick Beech. Starting with a blitz space, we are going to fold each of the edges
of the blitz space into the center like a cupboard fold. Open these cupboards, turn the unit and do
the same thing on the other two edges making sure that the blitz stays in place when you
fold the cupboards. And, do the same thing on the topside. Now, open it back up to the
blitz and taking the side two corners open it back out so that it looks like this. Refold
these edges back to the center and then turning the unit, so that it’s up and down. Notice,
that there are these diagonal lines right here. This is the bottom of the box. We are
going to lift up this edge, pushing these two diagonals in. So, that it forms one of
the edges of the box. And, then folding this whole flap down inside the box. Same thing
on the other side, pushing the two diagonal folds in. Pushing up this edge, fold the flap
down inside the box. This completes the bottom of your Masu Box.

7 thoughts on “Basic Origami Forms : How to Fold Origami Masu Box

  1. Wow what harsh comments I have read from some people! I actually enjoyed your videos very much and I can understand you very clearly. Keep up with what you are doing 🙂 I enjoy your videos and thanks for your wonderful input. I never would have learned to make such wonderful things if it weren't for your videos!

  2. lol this is fucking easy. I've made this box but with 1 sheet of paper and that was fucking easy too. Try making rober lang's scorpion or the ancient dragon.

  3. Terribly done- what is a blitz space? or a cupboard fold? I really wanted to learn how to make this box so I found all these assumptions disappointing. I will never learn to make a box with these instructions!

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