Basic Origami Forms : How to Fold Origami Fantail Crane

In this clip, I will show you how to fold
a Fantail Crane. This is a traditional model. It is an intermediate model. And, it can be
found in the book ‘The Simple Art of Japanese Paper Crafts’ by Mari Ono. You will want to
start out with a preliminary base with the color side in. Now, if you have a double sided
origami paper then it could be whatever color you want for the tail on the inside. And,
with the preliminary base we are going to I already creased the necessary creases for
a petal fold. So, for one side of the preliminary base we are going to make a petal fold. Now,
turn the unit over like this so that the open side is towards you. Fold the folded edge
to the center like so. And, we are going to do the same thing on the other side. And, for each of these we are going to do
a squash fold. Take up this section on its axis and do a squash fold. Fold that over
to the right hand side, lift up this section and do a squash fold. Now, we have four sections.
One-two-three-four, four sections.

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