Base para Celular de Papel – Origami | Manualidades – DIY

Base para Celular de Papel – Origami | Manualidades – DIY

to first base we will use colored paper square to you they like to start take our sheet and we will bend and unite the two sides matching well on the sheet so that it is symmetrical us, we match the sides of the sheet and we will apply the fold and we will make that match here halves and down to mark the fold, mark it well, let’s split the leaf and we emphasize our fold To be well prepared our base now let’s do it again but Away make them match the other two sides, as we did previously We verify and make that match very well the sides of the leaves so that it is symmetrical to note that this angle sheet we should be symmetrical folds so that the base We remain very well done we emphasize the fold We opened our score sheet and return to the fold to figure We remain very well, ready we have these two folds and now what we will do is this part will bend halfway and verify and make the edge of the sheet after we verify it reaches halfway must stay symmetrical, mark the fold, now we turn the page and We turn to do the same thing we are doubling the top to down half of the center and after watching that match in half we will mark the fold mark the fold, they have to remember well no matter if they delay the idea is that the figure remains symmetrical, with this We have developed four folds we mark our folds and see here our four folds Now what we do is that this corner, we are going to match it here half of the sheet folded half we have here We take our tip the bend and we halfway to we stay in the top half and down to make sure everything the edge reaches halfway We mark the fold very carefully to make it continue symmetry and now we will do exactly the same thing with the other end We take this tip here and do exactly like the bending reaches the middle around the top and bottom edge and thereafter applied in bending so that we stay very well, our figure should be symmetrical it is very important that do not exceed half we again make the same two folds that match in half to maintain symmetry and get the final figure, ready we have all the kinks, now we take this tab we introduce inward turn to bend half as we see and we’ll rotate the blade to apply the fold on the other side, we introduce the eyelash We mark the fold and close well we mark the fold so that it is well Now what are we gonna do after making folds take these two points of the figure and we turn inward we will open the middle of the sheet and enter this tab and so we close We do it snaps into place and mark the fold We will repeat We introduce our eyelashes and closed here finally we finished our figure, first base Mobile smartphone if you have one is very simple and very short and looks good, now we go with the second base We need paper sheet letter or legal pencil a ruler, scissors and glue We take our sheet and we will bend in the middle keep in mind that it is a job sheet or letter according to your choice It is no longer a square sheet then we will take our sheet we match the sides and as we see in the video, after joining the ends We apply bending to find half Our sheet We apply bending to see the fold after making the fold, we take this let’s do it as we see here the whole edge sheet reaches half above and below after this We mark the fold unlike the previous base We take the other corner We took her halfway to match half Like the previous fold and marked in fold match well with half the edge we fold we mark and we advanced the figure, now we will open our sheet so we have marked folds Now we take a ruler and a pencil We do the following markings We take the pencil as you’re watching pencil and ruler again and mark the latter approximately half to fold the sheet Now with scissors let’s cut this side and this side We are ready and we made the cut with scissors opened our sheet so you look like the cut is drawn get something similar to what you’re watching, we have good progress in the figure, as well very similar be exactly as viewing but try to remain similar Figure must have a tab then we must double It should be symmetrical and not accurate to video but try guide for a similar result to that time onscreen finally here we are doing one of the last lines and as I repeat no It should be the same, but if you can guide you to get the figure like as I stood at the end of the video with scissors let’s cut through here this line and for this, these are the lines that we cut with here we make the cuts – listed above Now what we do is take a ruler and a pencil and let’s check one of the tabs have not scored and then we used to attach the figure, as well as time screen tabs that mark the highlight we will not reach cut, the idea is to make the tabs to subsequently turn the corner and join the figure, the issue is not cut we will not cut but only with scissors or something have a little edge we will mark later to be able to fold the tabs and power as well join our figure, as we see in the video the idea is that the figure will remain similar to both here screen and with our figure as we see here on the screen Now what we do is bend and join with glue as we have on the screen to complete our figure we glue the tabs and see at the bottom you see in the video use glue for paper, now let us join tabs, as seen in the video now with the tabs that we had set previously with scissors we are doubling apply glue you get figure such as we are seeing here finally Now we make the last part must be a simple fold need not be complicated, not We marked in duplicity and should stay somewhat similar to what you see in screen and with this finally we finished our figure, second base, here first base ready here we have completed the foundations of other colors with other sizes, hope you like and serve them

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  1. Es una sugerencia con respeto; si no se tiene idea de Matemáticas, no se puede decir que "el orden de los factores no altera el producto"; Mi celular no es de papel; por lo tanto se debe decir "base de papel para celular". Por lo demás me gustan los tutoriales.

  2. Pues muy bueno el video pero la estructura no me aguanto el peso del celular en el caso del segundo Origami. Pero gracias

  3. Si observas cuidadosamente en la intro del video hay un mansito con una mascara de craneo bien rara

    Me traumo :,v

  4. Mejor desbaraten un clip y asi la hacen
    Hay vídeos de como hacerla con un clip o como se llame ese coso

  5. me encanto el primer diseño, hice 2 quedaron genial en el escritorio, el segundo en realidad no me gusto.

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