Barbie Transformation Tutorial

Barbie Transformation Tutorial

This tutorial’s going to show you how to look
like the perfect, plastic Barbie doll. Barbie’s skin is flawless so start off with
acne serum that reduces blemishes and large pores. I’m using IQQU’s acne serum. I may not have acne right now but that’s because
I’m preventing it. Prevention is key. Dark circles are almost impossible to cure,
but I use StriVectin eye cream because it does lighten up my dark circles and keeps
my eyes hydrated. Now create a flawless canvas by using foundation
and spray the foundation on the back of your hand, not directly on your face. If you did, it would look like a hot mess. Now take a foundation brush. Here I’m using a stippling brush. Since I want that plastic, flawless looking
skin, it’s best to use a stippling brush because the brush applies foundation evenly across
the face. You want an even coverage. It doesn’t mean you have to use more foundation,
just use an even amount throughout your face. Less is more. Now moving on to my favorite concealer called
Amazing Concealer. This concealer is seriously a must have in
my makeup bag. You can test it out at Sephora to see why
I like it so much. So use a tiny amount, cover your dark circles
or any other imperfections. Now take loose powder. Here I’m using La Mer’s powder. When it comes to using loose powder I prefer
to use a powder puff. I use a powder puff for loose powder because
sometimes when you want to use a brush, it can smear the texture that you’ve already
created using your stippling brush. So a powder puff would pat the powder on,
not brush it. Barbie has a tiny nose so I’m going to exaggerate
my nose by contouring it. You want to stick with neutral colors, not
warm, not cool. And with a light hand, lightly run the brush
along the sides of your nose. By contouring, you’re accentuating features. When you contour, you’re receding the area. When you highlight, you bring it forward. It’s best to use matte colors to contour because
it looks more natural than shimmering colors. Use a fan brush to feather out the hard edges. This will make it appear more natural-looking. So get your hair ready for the wig. Stretch out your wig cap. Put it on and tuck in all stray hairs. Put on your blonde wig and brush the hair
in place. Now let’s move on to eyeshadows. Here I’m using Coastal Scents 88 Palette. I’m going to use a light blue color. And with a brush or finger, apply the color
on your lids. Take a matte white color and apply it along
the inner corner of your eyes. This will bring in more light to your eyes. Don’t forget the brow bone. Accentuate the highest points on your face. Now select a pink eyeshadow and apply it above
the crease. Build up the intensity and create a hard edge. Take a dark blue color (here I like to mix
in my own colors) and outline your crease. Take a fan brush and brush away any fall outs. Outline your crease and eyes and line your
lower lash line and your lids. By doing so, you’re creating a cartoon look. Using NYC white eyeliner, line your waterline. This will open your eyes more, making them
appear wider. Using drugstore false lashes, apply a thin strip of glue and place it as close to your lashline as possible. Don’t forget your lower lashline. Cut one false lash in half and apply them
on your lower lashline. Almost done! Take pink blush, I’m actually using pink eyeshadow,
and apply a generous amount on your cheekbones. This is the time to accessorize. I’m just wearing a pink headband and scarf
– anything pink is “Barbie” enough. Now finish off with a pink lip color. Here I’m using Lancome’s Rock Icon Fuchsia
lipstick. Apply the lipstick. Here I’m using a brush to get a more precise
shape. Using a concealer, create perfect-shaped lips. The more hard edge, the better. Blend the concealer into your skin tone. And apply loose powder, set the concealer. As you can see, this creates that doll-like
lips. Set the lipstick with gloss to add some shine. Now time to brush your hair. It has to look perfect, not a single hair
out of place. Use hairspray if you have to. Cut your bangs straighter if you need to. Now we’re finished! You should look like a plastic Barbie doll. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Good luck. Music is by Annie. First song is “Anniemal,” “Me Plus One,” and

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  1. This is the first makeup video I've ever saw and I was like 5 or 6 and I never put makeup on in my life I was just fascinated with by the videos for some reason

  2. Woow!!
    I have seen this video about 100 times wen I was in 6 yrs

    And I'm 14 right now

    And now I know there are many of them like me 😉😉

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  4. I watched this when I was 3 years old to be a barbie.
    But can't believe it is still on YouTube and it has been 9 years since it has been released. It is true that it has been viewed so many kids in their childhood

  5. Everyone had to watch this when they were a child at one point like I am 10 and I watched this when I was 5 idk how I still remember this😂🤷‍♀️also I will always remember this

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  7. Damn I remember the first time EVER watching and discovering you through this video. I was terrified & thought u were a crackwhore going through hallucinations who lived in a halfway house because it was hella empty. Well turns out that you were the best thing Youtube was ever blessed with!!!! You taught me to never judge someone on first impressions. I come from a conservative background…you truly changed, opened and healed my mind, I was able to become more creative because of you

  8. Tengo mucho recuerdo con ese video fue el primero video que vi en youtube y me gusto mucho. Vale mucha la pena este tutorial ❤❤❤

  9. Michelle is so ahead of her time. Her make up techniques, brands used, video quality and editing. I'm so glad she posted a new vid, the unproblematic queen, she's back. 💗

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