BALDI’S BASICS SONG “Ruler of the School” ► Fandroid The Musical Robot 📏

Fandroid Presents… “Ruler of the School.” A song inspired by Baldi’s BASICS in Education and Learning! Baldi waves at me, says, “Welcome to my schoolhouse!” “All you have to do is get all of my math problems right!” First, it seems like no big deal, this math is easy! Baldi, what went wrong with the screen? Baldi, what does this problem mean? Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning. All was well, until I got one of the math problems wrong… Now he’s frowning, and I think he wants to hurt me… Baldi, when are you gonna teach? [why would you want that?] Baldi, why you gotta be mean? All I need to do is collect seven notebooks. But Baldi’s chasing me; He’s Raging, Racing, Straight down the hall! Baldi’s basically insane, I need an exit! [laughing sound “Baldi’s Basically” “Baldi’s Basical” “Baldi’s Basics”] Baldi, how are you gaining speed? Baldi, why you gotta be mean? Baldi’s, Basics. Can you find the notebooks? Lock the door, then round the corner! Use the scissors, cut the cord, then use the quarter on the soda, Push him back, then do it over. Baldi’s, Basics. Can you find and exit? Characters in random order, corridors adorned in posters, after school survival horror, lockers, lunches, chocolates, chalkboards! ROLL CALL! Playtime. Wants you to jump 1-2-3-4-5 Times [I wanna play with someone!] 1st Prize. Wants to hug you for all of eternity. [Will you marry me?] Principal of the Thing! Says; “No running in the halls”, or
“detention for you!” [ “When will you learn?] It’s a Bully! [I’m gonna take your CaNdY] He removes an item randomly from your inventory. Arts and Crafters! He’s a sock that teleports you to the start! [I’m jealous of your seven notebooks!] Gotta Sweep! Needs no introduction. [It’s sweeping time, gotta sweep, sweep, sweep!] One notebook, two notebooks, three notebooks, four notebooks, five notebooks, six notebooks, seven notebooks! “Congratulations!” ALL I NEED TO DO IS GET OUT WHILE I STILL CAN HIS RULER’S CRACKING, SNAPPING, WHACKING! HELP ME, I’M GONNA DIE!!!! I CAN ALMOST SEE THE BLUE SKY OUT OF THE WINDOW BALDI, WHY YOU GOTTA BE MEAN? BALDI, WON’T YOU LET ME GO FREEEEEEE? Baldi’s, Basics! Can you find the notebooks? Lock the door, then round the corner, use the scissors, cut the cord and, use your quarter on the soda, push him back, then do it over! Baldi’s, Basics! Can you find an exit? In the code, there’s something broken, there are secrets still unspoken, he hears every door you open! “I HEAR MATH THAT BAD!!!!” Napiszy Adam Głowacki & Randomllyin

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