Bahu Begum – 22nd October 2019 – बहू बेगम – Full Episode

Bahu Begum – 22nd October 2019 – बहू बेगम – Full Episode

I’m making the amulet
a bit tight so that it keeps hurting and it keeps reminding you to stay away from Azaan. What do I make out of this,
Shayra? That you don’t trust me? When did I say so? But that’s what it implies. You agreed to
Ms. Gazala’s proposal which means, even you want that I stay away from Azaan. That is not true. Then why this? Because I didn’t see
anything wrong with it. Azaan, you had said
there was no harm in accepting jewellery
from grandmother-in-law if it made her happy. I didn’t accept the jewellery but I thought I’d keep her word since it would make her happy. That doesn’t mean that I don’t trust you. But it surely means that you value
Ms. Gazala’s feelings above mine. – Noor,
why do you feel that way? It’s not a competition
between you and grandmother-in-law. She’s much elder to us. At least, spare her of your childish tantrums. This is who I am, Shayra. I am childish. I have always been like that and I always will be. Whether anyone likes it or not. She’s crazy. You don’t get stressed,
I’ll speak to her. Curse be upon me if I lie. What are you saying,
Mother-in-law! Raziya supported you
instead of Noor? It must have come as a shock
to Noor. May I say something,
Mother-in-law? You’ve clipped Noor’s wings
to the extent that her status is smaller
than before. Mother-in-law what’s going to be
our next step? Tell me. Have you ever played chess. Oh! How could you have? It requires brains.
– Mother-in-law! Okay. Suraiya,
in a game of chess you have watch
your opponents moves. And then you make your move
accordingly. We’re going to do the same. When I was a child I used to love making
paper boats. Everyone like doing that. Others like to make their boats
float. I loved drowning them. I would place it on water
like this. Then, I’d start loading it
with pebbles. And I’d keep loading pebbles until the boat drowned. That’s exactly what
we have to do. – Oh! We have to keep loading
their boat with pebbles. That way, their boat will rock and drown too. You know who the boat is
in this case? The boat has a name? What is it? Raziya. Oh! Noor, listen to me. Look, I don’t want to talk
to you. I’m really upset, so just leave. But at least hear me out.. N-Noor! W-What do you think
you’re doing? You want to kill
your only friend? Hey! It’s not like
the board game is going to break your head. Yes.. But the anger will definitely
make you explode. So, calm down. Look, as it is, I’m very angry. Don’t upset me any more. My darling Noor. Who are you upset with? Shayra? No, that old wretch, Ms. Gazala. Azaan! Azaan, where are you? Where she’s not supposed to be. Grandmother-in-law, you! I brought you some ‘Kheer’. You love it, don’t you?
– Thank you but you shouldn’t have
taken the trouble. Come on, this is no trouble. I did it out of love. And the way you’ve honoured
my word and my faith by agreeing
to wear the amulet this is the least I can do
in return. I’m aware that Azaan and you have suffered a lot
and in fact you still are. My only prayer to the Almighty
is that you both may always be together
and happy. But may I say something. In our times, there was
a popular saying that a husband and wife
may separate but a mother and a father
always stay together. I think, the both of you
should also start thinking about
having a family. And keep one thing in mind. Never leave Azaan alone. Look..
Look over there. Despite making her wear
the amulet that’s how Noor is behaving. And Azaan doesn’t understand. He should have been here
with you, right now. And he’s there, passing time with the maid’s daughter. But if I may say so it’s not his fault. It’s your fault. Grandmother-in-law..
– Men are like horses whose reins are
in his wife’s hands. If you don’t keep a tight grip he’s bound to go out of control. Okay, tell me something. What’s to get so upset about? Am I supposed to dance with joy? Look, you need not take
your grandma’s side. She’s wrong, and that’s it! She’s not wrong,
she’s just cute. She’s too cute. You know, the elderly have a
different thinking and mind-set. The way we can’t
follow their thinking similarly,
they can’t follow ours. That’s why Shayra obeyed
grandma without arguing. But you couldn’t. She knew that if she argues,
it’ll disrupt the family peace. And I don’t think she
did anything wrong, Noor. Then what are you doing here?
Go to your cute grandma. Hold on, sit. Sit here. I’m here to placate
my silly friend. When she calms down
and cheers up, then I’ll go. Come on, let’s play ludo. What happened?
Are you scared of losing? Oh, hello! I fear nothing!
Let’s play. Let’s see. I am not scared of losing!
How dare you say so? Grandma, Azaan has gone
merely to placate Noor. What’s the need? Noor isn’t upset with him. Open your eyes and see. Noor is trying to separate you
from Azaan. Besides, tiffs, tantrums and appeasement are peculiarities of
a marital relationship and not friendship. Grandma, you are
doubting Noor for no reason. Am I? Look at them.
Look. Now tell me whether my mistrust
towards Noor is right or not. Friendship is a
different relationship. But Azaan always
spends time with Noor while you stay alone.
What do I infer from this? Dear, it was my duty
to tell you the truth. But if you don’t listen,
you will regret it later. Here, have it, okay? Sorry, Shayra,
I was in the glasshouse. With Noor.
I know. Do you know that
that idiot is still upset? She actually thinks that you
and mom don’t trust her. What’s wrong with you? Now don’t tell me
that even you are upset. Why? Don’t I have any right
to be upset or angry? You have. But there should be
a reason for that. There is, Azaan. But perhaps, you can’t see that. Even I had a bad day today. Mother-in-law scolded me too. So, my wife is upset
because mom scolded her. Shayra,
you know that mom cools down as quickly as she gets angry. No, Azaan,
that not the only reason. So, are you upset because I
went to placate Noor first? Do you know the reason? Because Noor is immature while you are wise. Everybody understands you but no one understands her. You have everything, Shayra but Noor has no one. – Does
‘everything’ includes you too? Of course! In fact,
I’m at the top in that list. At number one position. And you know what? I didn’t
know that I’d have to face the repercussions of this war
between Noor and grandma. Now forget all this.
Let’s not talk about it. Quickly give me.. Two weeks.
Have you forgotten? I don’t understand
why it’s two weeks. The divorce will happen
in two weeks and only then can I romance
with my wife. What the heck? And the embarrassment you
had to face because of me I apologise for that. Thank you. Mom, may I come in?
– Is it important, Azaan? It’s very important. In fact, someone
wants to talk to you. Wait a minute. Sorry, Mother-in-law.
– Sorry. Please forgive us.
– Please forgive us. Okay, I forgive you. I knew it. I’m so cute that you couldn’t be angry
with me anymore. Now that she forgave us,
let’s party. No, I’m not in the mood. Then shall we go out for lunch? But on one condition. Grandma,
aunt and uncle won’t go. Or else, they will
create a scene yet again. Noor.
– Don’t scold me. You and Shayra are
always defending grandma. If I say anything about her,
you get ready to fight. Anyway,
shall we fix the lunch plan? No, I don’t want to go anywhere.
– Shayra.. What has happened to her? So much has happened
in the last few days. I think she is worried
because of that. Sorry, dear. If Shayra doesn’t
feel like it we’ll have to cancel the
lunch plan. Azaan, I need to talk to you alone. Yes, Mom. Mom, holiday..
All of a sudden? Yes, Azaan, I think
Shayra needs a break. Since the time she
has come here something or the other
has been happening here. Meenu’s death.. Then Shayra
met with an accident. Noor’s insanity.. Azaan, Shayra needs a change. And you both will get
to spend some time with each other. And it’s better if you
don’t tell about it to anyone else
in the family. You can see that something
or the other has been occurring in this
house everyday. Do you understand, Azaan? Yes, Mom. But, grandma.. Don’t worry about her. I’ll handle everything.
– Yes. And one more thing.. Don’t tell anything about
this to Noor. Otherwise, she’ll tell
everyone about it. Azaan, I forgot to tell
you one thing. I am going to Mumbai
for a day. I have an important meeting. I’ll be back as soon as
I am done. Okay, Mom. Yes, Mr. Mehta.. Small cardamom, cloves,
‘Paari’, ‘Gulkand’, dry dates.. Suraiya, put everything.. I shall also take a dunk in
this beetle leaf, if you insist. It’s nothing, Mom. Here, your Pan is ready. Here, have it. I’ve found the stone. What are you doing? I-I.. Nothing. Don’t you lie to me. I heard you click
the picture. Picture? No. Show me the picture..
– Mashuka.

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