Badanamu Arts & Crafts EP7: Halloween Paper Dolls

Badanamu Arts & Crafts EP7: Halloween Paper Dolls

Hi boys and girls Welcome back to Badanamu Arts & Crafts I hope you are ready for a very special, very spooky episode! You are? Great! Let’s bring in our friends, the Handy Helpers! Well, Handy Helpers! I see you’re wearing your Halloween costumes. You look great! What cute little bats! Today boys and girls, we are going to make some Halloween Badanamu paper dolls! We have Abby, Mimi, Jess, and Punk. And we’re going to make Bada and Curly! Let’s get started! The first thing we need is the Bada Halloween printable. You can get it for free at What else do we need, Handy Helpers? Oh, that’s right! We need scissors! Great job, Handy Helpers! What else do we need? Oh, that’s right! We need our trusty glue stick! Okay! I think we’re ready to get started. First, let’s cut out all the shapes! Now remember boys and girls whenever you’re using scissors you wanna be extra careful. Here we go! Always cut very safely just like our friends, the Handy Helpers! Wow! You’re doing a great job! I love Halloween fun! Now make sure that you cut along all of the lines just like the Handy Helpers are. Great! Those wings are looking pretty good! Great! We’re all done cutting! Now let’s make sure we have all of our pieces! Here is Bada’s body. His arms. And the wings. And his hat should have two pieces. One, two! A circle and a triangle! So we’re all finished with our scissors. And now it’s time to use our glue! So take your glue stick and follow the Handy Helpers! Take off the lid! And put glue along the edge of Bada’s body piece just like this. Looks good, Handy Helpers! And now fold the paper over and glue it together to make a cylinder shape or a tube! This is going to make our paper doll’s body! Wow! Looking good, Handy Helpers! What should we do next? Oh, I see! Let’s glue on the arms! Grab your trusty glue stick and put a little bit of glue where the arm will meet the body. And stick it together. There’s one arm. Does Bada just have one arm? No! That’s right! Bada has two. Let’s glue on arm No. 2! Little bit of glue! Arm No. 2! Looking great! Now Bada has both of his arms! He can wave hello! Hello, Bada! What should we do next? Oh! Bada’s hat! It has two pieces! Where should we put the glue? Oh, right there! First, fold down the little white flap on the triangle part of Bada’s hat. Now watch the Handy Helpers. They’re gonna show you how to bend the triangle together and glue it to make the top part of the hat. Just like that! But not yet because we need our glue. Great! And time to fold it together. Glue, glue, glue! Gluey, glue, glue! Looking good, Handy Helpers! Now when you have it all glue together and the edges all lined up it’s going to be time to connect the two parts of our hat. How can we do that? Oh! What’s that, Handy Helpers? Oh, I see! Now we’re going to fold down each little flap that we cut earlier! Remember all those small lines we cut? Now’s the time that we put them to use. Fold them all down just like the Handy Helpers. And press it flat against the circle part of the hat. That looks great! Now all we have to do is glue, glue, glue! Make a nice circle! And stick them together. Make sure to press down so the hat sticks all the way around. Ta-da! Look at that! The hat’s all done! Now we’re going to put the hat onto Bada! Just like that! Now how can we get it to stay? Let’s see! Oh, I see! On the top of Bada, you’ll see a small white tab. Time to put on glue! And line up the hat with the tab. Simple. Just like that. Press it down! And Bada’s got his hat! And just one last thing to do. Here come Bada’s cute, little wings! You know what to do! On goes the glue! And press them onto Bada’s body. You can like them up with the seam along the back Just like that! There’s Bada all dressed up in his bat costume for Halloween! Great job! What’s that, Handy Helpers? We have one more friend that wants to join our party! It’s Curly, of course! We’ve got everything already to go! Oh Handy Helpers! There you are! Let’s make sure we have all the pieces we need. There’s Curly’s body. And we have his two arms. His Halloween bat wings. And two pieces for his hat. Very good! It looks like the Handy Helpers are gonna go really fast. Wow! Handy Helpers! Okay. That’s two arms. Looks like our hat’s all done, too! There we go! And here come the Halloween bat wings! Looking pretty spooky, Curly! Wow! Look, everyone! All of our Halloween friends are together. It looks like all of our Badanamu friends are ready to have a fun and happy Halloween party! Handy Helpers, it’s time to say goodbye! Happy Halloween, everyone! Thanks, boys and girls! See you next time. Bye-bye!

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