Badanamu Arts & Crafts EP2: Let’s Draw Mimi l Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Badanamu Arts & Crafts EP2: Let’s Draw Mimi l Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Hi, boys and girls! Welcome back to Badanamu Arts & Crafts! We read your comments and counted the votes. And I’m happy to say that today, We are learning to draw… Mimi! Do you remember my good friends, The Handy Helpers? Well, hello, Handy Helpers! How are you, today? Great! Okay, I think we’re ready to get drawing. First, we need paper. Excellent! Then, we need a marker. [singing: marker] Perfect! Hmm…what else do we need? Oh, right! Of course! We need crayons. We need two colors, today. Red [singing: red] And bright, sunny yellow. That’s for Mimi’s tummy. Handy Helpers? Do we need anything else? Okay! Then I think we’re ready to draw! I want to start by writing Mimi’s name. Can you help me with that? Excellent! Mimi’s name is ‘M’ for /m/ ‘i’ for /ee/ Another ‘m’ for /m/. And one more ‘i’ for /ee/. We did it! M-i-m-i Mimi Okay! Let’s get drawing. Mimi is always lovely. So let’s start with a heart shape. Shall we practice first? Watch the handy helpers. They’re showing you just how to draw the right shape. Alright, it’s looking good. Handy Helpers, are you ready to try for real? Here we go! Aw, so cute! It looks like a loving heart. Now, how about the eyes?
Mimi needs to see. How many eyes does Mimi have? Just like you, Handy Helpers. That’s right. Two eyes. One eye. Two eyes. Perfect. Now, what do we need next? Hmm. If Mimi wants to go for a walk, That’s right! We need to draw Mimi’s legs. How many does she have? Two. Try again! Four! That’s right! Mimi is a pygmy hippo and she has four legs. We need four U-shapes for Mimi’s legs. Let’s start. One leg. Two legs. Three legs. Four legs! Wow, Handy Helpers.
You’re doing a great job. What shall we do next? I know. Mimi’s cute little tummy. Mimi has the cutest little yellow tummy. We need to draw one small line for her tummy. That looks great! Let’s see…
I think we’re all finished! Wow. Mimi looks perf- Wait a minute.
What’s that, Handy Helpers? Oh, of course!
How could I forget? It’s coloring time! Alright, everyone.
Count with me to 3. Ready? 1 2 3 Color! Wow! Look at Handy Helpers go! Wow! Great job! What beautiful coloring! Mimi really looks beautiful. Like a beautiful princess. Hmm. Handy Helpers? Do you have an idea? [gasp]
Where are you going? I know! What a good idea! Let’s see if we can use some Badanamu magic on Mimi. Ready, everyone? 5 4 3 2 1 Badanamu! Wow! Well, hello, Mimi. Oh my. You do look lovely today. Oh! Okay. Bye-bye, Mimi! See you soon! Well, that’s all the time we have for today, boys and girls. We will be back next week with a new character. Who would you like to learn to draw next time? Punk? Curly? Jess? How about Abby? Just leave a comment below with the character you want to learn to draw next time. Bye-bye, everyone!

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  1. In 2010 I have been working on 2012 years since the 5th and a half hour to go back home 9:00 I ,m play

    There's other vids about art work which is making clay character or something 🙂
    Please check it out if you interested in!

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