Bad Guys from MINECRAFT with Polymer Clay

Bad Guys from MINECRAFT with Polymer Clay

Hey guys of cause we will also create the bad guys from Minecraft! which are Creeper, Zombie Skeleton with a bow and a Spider, who just lost a leg. In life, there’s always yin and yang, black and white. Last week we created the Good Guys and now you all asked for the Bad Guys and it was time for a video like this. Not only creating the Bad Guys but just having a bad day and talking and complaining about everything. Well, just kidding, but you would not believe what happened today. Well it all started on Tuesday. We will create the Creeper. I was on Games.con this week as you probably know if you’re following me on Instagram, for example. A lot of meetings with a lot of great guys talking to some game publishers about next projects, sponsorships and even I met some of you from the community and we had some really really great moments together. Well when you’re on a big event just like that you know that it can be very crowded and by very crowded, I just don’t mean crowded I mean like, like very crowded. I did not even get into the Train on the way back home after each day. It was that crowded. Well now that the first character is finished. Sorry. I’m not talking much about the creation. We will start the Zombie. So with three days on the conference on the Gamescom I love the games I’ve seen there’re. I did not have much time to create this video and to work on the bad guys. I knew that it would be a struggle being on a conference and doing this video would be a bad time, bad timing I thought. Yeah, so next year, I should probably create it on the conference instead of doing it separately. As the conference is really big not just big but really really big like really big I walked 5 to 6 miles each day. Many meetings, many events, exhausted in the evening. I wanted to create the Bad Guys, but with low energy I thought it would be a bad starting point, so I procrastinated. I said to myself that I would do it tomorrow and I would have more energy. Let’s start the skeleton. This is my favourite one, I think so far. The next day, I even walked ten miles. No names but I have this wrist computer telling me how many steps I walked, so I knew it was like 10 miles, which is a lot! I thought I would never finish the bad guys which were still waiting on my desk and I was well on Gamescom so what to do I decided to skip some events and meetings on Thursday so that I would have a full day for what I love to create this clay stuff, these Bad Guys. And what happened? I was so exhausted on Thursday that I did not even finish the first character. Somehow I managed to finish them and through Thursday and Friday I wanted to start editing the video so somehow I was back on track again. I love that bow, I came up with this idea with the wire inside because all these pixels are… Yeah, they will probably break if you don’t put anything behind and I thought this wire would be great so… Where was I? Right, I wanted to start editing the video today and well in the evening, it’s family time. We’re having dinner and it was about brushing my little son’s teeth and this is what I am doing and then it happened. In our bathroom like in your bathroom as well probably there’s a shelf right over the basin with three big mirrors. Mirror doors covering it so you can see yourself when brushing the teeth for three minutes. Everyone should brush their teeth for three minutes. I was standing with my son, so just putting some toothpaste onto the toothbrush and then boom the whole shelf with the mirrors fell down from the wall. Broken pieces everywhere on the floor we were caught in surprise and I think this is considered as bad luck when the mirror breaks, even three mirrors. Well, but luckily I don’t believe in stuff like that and we are ready to go into the oven. So, while everything is in the oven we take the time to clean up. We have this huge ball right now, which I wanted to show you because it was funny. But now let’s talk about what we have done. Freshly baked Bad Guys! Yeah, my voice sounds a bit different. It’s well just because of all the conference, talks, meetings, stuff like that. The assembling process. This is the part I’m really looking forward to because it’s just great. You’re gluing together all your pieces you have created and after the oven hardening process it’s quite nice to get it all together and I consider this quite satisfying, because your creation your character is growing really really quick. Yeah, that guy’s nice. Now the zombie! Maybe we should… Yeah, the head should be a bit crooked. Looking up like that. Let’s glue the arms onto the torso. Maybe we can even make a moving posture for the legs, as well. And, well… Zombie, sorry for that. This is the Spider. I think it was the most difficult one. Well beside of all the tiny tiny details on the Skeleton, but these legs these legs were really difficult to create eight legs. Each spider has eight legs. Everyone knows that. But how to get them onto the creation? Let’s just try. It looks nice. It really looks nice. I think we can work with that. The spider is finished. Oops, glued to my finger. Now the last character! Nice neighbor. No, it’s not. It’s the Creeper and we will glue it together, assembling and finally I guess guys that’s it! The Bad Guys from Minecraft! What a tutorial with the Bad Guys! We created the Creeper, Zombie, the Skeleton with a bow, but also a spider which only has like seven legs right now. I hope you enjoyed the video, as always. Please let me know what I should create next what we should do on the channel Should it be more Minecraft should it be Fortnite or any other game, please let me know. Write it down in the comments. Have a great weekend and take care guys. Bye! Okay, who’s the most frightening one from all of these? Help me! It’s ClayClaim! Noo! Help me!

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  1. What I'm sad and I watch you I feel happy so thank you 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😁🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  2. we should appreciate that this guy is making a lot of stuff with polymer clay editing the vids and talking of his son

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