Bad Game Design – Super Mario Party

Bad Game Design – Super Mario Party

Almost one year ago, it seemed like the Mario
Party series was making a triumphant comeback. After a couple underwhelming titles that changed
too much of the core appeal, fans were excited to see a return to form with individual movement
across boards and lots of new characters that each had their own unique dice blocks. Not to mention they advertised online play
with friends for a franchise first – it seemed like a slam dunk! But now, not only is Super Mario Party gathering
dust on the shelf for most that bought it, it seems to be forgotten by Nintendo itself. How could such an easy win fall off people’s
radars so quickly? Welcome to another episode of Bad Game Design,
let’s talk about it… I’ve put way more hours into Super Mario
Party than I expected to. I even bought an extra set of joycons to make
sure all my friends could play, and at first it really was a smash hit. The minigames are excellent, and the addition
of HD Rumble made for some really cool concepts that could only be possible on the Switch. They also added a ton of different features,
like the co-op river run, a rhythm based concert mode, and challenge road for the single player
experience. The problem is that the more you play, the
less enjoyable it becomes and the flaws start to take center stage. Obviously the main attraction is Party mode,
but right away you notice the game only has 3 maps with one more unlockable over time. If that seems low its because every other
title had at least 5, sometimes 6 from the very start and more you could unlock eventually. So immediately the replayability and variety
is greatly reduced compared to past entries, but to add insult to injury, the online play
they boasted about is only for 1 particular mode where you face off against 5 minigames
and declare a victor. No boards, no other game styles, just Mariothon. Yikes. But the biggest gripe, and probably the most
curious one is that there has not been a single peep of upcoming DLC for the game. Launching with limited options is one thing,
but unlike other less popular titles such as Mario Tennis Aces or ARMS, without any
free updates or even paid additions to make the game more interesting, it starts to make
sense how Super Mario Party could be dead in the water. Actually, I should say it did receive ONE
update back in March, but it was a simple bugfix to make sure information was showing
correctly. But I can’t pretend that lack of support
was the only thing wrong here – adding more boards or new minigames couldn’t save it
from the other issues I had while playing countless matches with friends. Having 4 maps wouldn’t be the end of the
world if they were diverse and interesting to play, but after a single match of each
you realize they don’t have a lot to offer. They’re very linear and more or less revolve
around one main path with little to no shortcuts. Whomp’s Domino Ruins is a giant loop with
tiny smaller loops along the way, there’s really only one direction to go. Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower is a straight
line with almost no deviation and the star is always at the top, so high rolls are objectively
going to be better here – very little strategy involved. Megafruit Paradise looks the coolest, but
is just 4 smaller circles with little ability to travel between them. And King Bob-Omb’s Powderkeg Mine is probably
the best one, but only because it offers a single exit on each side through the middle
– you still need to go around the big outer ring most of the time. Looking at past board layouts, two things
are clear to me – they used to be much more intricate and complex in the choices you can
make, but they also were a lot bigger! Simple and small is the name of the game here,
and it makes sense when you account for the fact that each player’s dice roll is reduced
to a max of 6 now, but this brings a whole new set of problems with it. Having dice go from 1-10 of course is fitting
when you have more ground to cover, but it also increases the likelihood of getting a
decent roll that makes you feel like you’re progressing. Now, between a 1 and 6, the chance of barely
moving along feels unavoidable. There are ways to increase this with items,
but they only bump your dice by 3 or 5 at most, so getting that lucky combo of a massive
roll and dominating the board is no longer possible here. You might say, “but hey Snoman, each character
has a special dice remember? So you can get a 10, you just need to pick
the ones who have it available to them.” The issue here is that to compensate for a
higher roll, the rest of the dice is reduced to zeros or affecting your coins which is
also a zero. So if you choose Donkey Kong for example,
while yes you could get a 10 every time, the chance of that happening is very low, and
instead you might sit on the same space for multiple turns and lose any momentum you may
have had. There are allies to increase your roll by
1 or 2, but you have to land on their spaces to receive them, otherwise you’re out of
luck. This combined with the long linear nature
of the level layouts means that a star might spawn right behind you and it’ll take 10
turns just to reach it again. It’s hard enough to land on the right islands
in the fruit stage as it is, but eventually the sand bridge goes out, so if you’re here
and the star spawns over here, you’d have to go all the way around and through 2 pipes
to reach it. And by then someone else will probably get
it and move it over there again! The result is a game mode that feels very
slow – and that’s probably the single word I would use to describe Super Mario Party
as a whole. Getting a star is grueling because you have
to sit through this lengthy cutscene, and then watch Toadette lazily drift over to her
next location. Every single time. I have no idea why they chose to do this,
but whenever you start a new game and look at the map for the first time, it automatically
makes you watch the Toad Tips of where the different routes go and how to get around. Helpful, yes, but please make it optional,
now I just avoid clicking the map button for fear of triggering it. You also can’t avoid the final 3 turns schpeel
that drags on and on, you gotta see the standings, have a guest judge say who’s gonna win,
turn all spots into plus or minus 6 coins, and watch Kamek turn bad luck spaces into
very bad luck spaces, ooo. This all would be okay if you could skip or
speed it up, but there’s no way to do that – so the longer you play, the more agonizing
this becomes. You can skip other cutscenes or choose not
to have the rules explained, so I don’t know why they made these mandatory. And that’s truly the nail in the coffin
for me – there are virtually no option menus or ways to adjust anything. The oldest entries in the series had tons
of ways to customize your experience – Mario Party 3 had handicap stars and custom number
of turns from 10 to 50, In Mario Party 2 you could turn bonus stars on or off, heck even
the first title had individual difficulties for computer characters and the ability to
skip minigame instructions or speed up text. None of those features are present here – you
have to have 2 bonus stars at the end, there’s no way to add handicaps, and you can only
play 10-20 turns, with a minimum gametime of 60 minutes, which is twice as long as the
original games. Look, I’ll be the first to admit that as
the series progressed they did add more and more mechanics that slowed down the overall
gameplay, Mario Party 7 being a particular culprit, with Bowser minigames, dueling, shy
guys all over the place, but at least they had interesting things happening! Say what you want about the desert map adding
a mirage star that disappeared when you reached it, I’ll take that any day compared to Super’s
bland designs of digging for coins, or rolling a boulder to push you back yet again, THANKS
MARIO. There’s so many questionable choices, like
lowering the coin requirement for a star from 20 to 10, but then also changing minigames
so that every player gets a handful, not just the winner. So as a result, everyone has a boatload of
money by the end of the game, and with movement being so sluggish, this really only leads
to one viable strategy – farming golden pipes. They only cost 10 coins and take you straight
to the star, without fail. Golden pipes are very OP, and super uninteresting. Now to be clear, as I said, the minigames
are phenomenal, in fact the last several times I’ve played, that’s all we did – head
over to our favorites list and have a grand ol’ time. But even with other modes thrown in as valiant
efforts, there wasn’t enough meat on the bones to hold our attention. The bait and switch of the online play was
a glaring missed opportunity, but the lack of any new content being added is the biggest
head-scratcher of all. There was enough outcry after Mario Maker
2 tried a similar tactic that they quickly changed their stance and will add true online
with friends eventually, so I’m blown away that while other games have gotten loads of
post-release attention, Super Mario Party, despite its promising elevator pitch, has
continued to get the cold shoulder. Now you could definitely make the argument
that they’re probably working on a sequel – there’s clearly no shortage of other entries
on the same console, so maybe they’ll fix these complaints in a new title. And that could very well be true, but at least
for now, a year after its initial release, we’ve heard no news on any front – sequel,
DLC, anything. So instead we’re wondering why they left
a half-baked release untouched, just to tease us enough to wet our whistle but not enough
to have a full experience. To wrap up, if they do end up creating a new
entry instead, let’s talk about what they could do to alleviate some of these issues. The obvious answer is to simply add more boards,
but I don’t even think they would need to reinvent the wheel here – what if they took
the Mario Kart approach and threw in classic maps from the original games? It would be awesome to see the same clever
layouts with an updated look and a few tweaks to make them even more enjoyable. The charm of Mario Party 2, complete with
outfits and ending cinematics fitting the theme, is yet to be matched in my opinion. I would also love to see way more options
– let me skip annoying cutscenes, customize my game settings, maybe even add specific
bonus stars instead of just turning them on or off, that could add special challenge objectives
in addition to collecting the most stars. I don’t even mind the idea of having unique
dice for each character, but they should definitely add more ways to travel farther – bigger and
more complex maps are preferred, but on top of this it just feels more enjoyable when
you’re actually making progress and have multiple ways to reach your goal. At the end of the day, the minigames are arguably
the most memorable part of Mario Party, but I think we look back at them so fondly because
the whole package complimented those heart-pounding game nights with friends. No matter where the series goes from here,
I hope they remember that all the pieces have to fall into place to stand the test of time. If you could create the perfect Mario Party
game, what elements would you include? Did I miss anything that would really complete
the experience in your eyes? Let me know in the comments below and let’s
talk about it. Thanks for watching another episode of Bad
Game Design, I’ll see you guys next time. Stay frosty my friends! If you want to help support the channel and
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100 thoughts on “Bad Game Design – Super Mario Party

  1. Unique dice for each character definitely leaves some characters in the dust in terms of custom dice. Some characters just aren't as good or have too much failure on the dice to justify the big payout.

  2. It really sucks that Nintendo basically handed the Mario Party series after 8 over to a developer who feels like they're slowly learning how to make a Mario Party without really getting it. At the time I write this comment, NDCube has made SIX Mario Party games (and two Wii Party games and everyone's favorite Wii U game, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival) and it still feels like they don't quite get what a Mario Party game is supposed to be and the best compliment you can give them is "wow, this is halfway there!" or "at least this isn't Mario Party 10!". How can you be a game developer that has made nine party genre games and yet you're still making basic mistakes like limited options or no way to skip cutscenes in a game meant to be played by multiple people? There's such a lack of care that it doesn't really get my hopes up about a Super Mario Party 2.

    Although credit where credit is due, I own Mario Party: Island Tour on the 3DS and I think that game is actually pretty good. It's no Mario Party DS though, and honestly 80% of my game play for Island Tour is just playing the minigames because the maps are so lackluster (with the exception of the one Bowser map that has a Koopa's Road music remix)

  3. I would have bigger maps and go with a movie theme to match each setting(example, A horror like setting and matching costumes for heroes and villians to go with each theme😨😱) and smaller cutscenes to cinematic scenes for grand moments😆

  4. Thank you for making this because I was beginning to think that maybe I didn’t like it because I was getting older and was just having a boomer “back in my day mindset” (of which I so very despise). It was just really boring to me and simple but not in a good way. I lost interest after playing it once and only once. But because of this video, my opinion has been validated.

  5. This video is 100% spot on. I really enjoy the mini games, but my gosh are the maps small. We deserve free DLC. And it’s 2019, there’s no reason this game shouldn’t have a better online experience.

  6. Sad for me to admit, but it's true.
    I like Super Mario Party. But outside of character roster and good minigames, it's pretty lacking in actual content. I actually like the movement based gameplay and the rowboat challenge thing is pretty fun if you don't feel like playing one of the three (small) game maps while still playing minigames, but I don't think they're enough of an alternative. The lack of rule settings and the limited maps make sure you've seen everything the game has to offer way too quickly for a party game.

  7. My biggest complaint is the River Run is annoying and there's not enough maps. I want to play it more, but it gets boring fast.

  8. If they did Super Mario Party 2, it should:
    -Not require you to use a single joycon as the only controller option (to let Switch Lite users play)
    -Have 5-7 boards that are larger and more intricate like the earlier games
    -Bring back Duel Mode from Mario Party 3
    -Improve the character roster: I'm not a fan of how SMP just threw in a bunch of generic enemies, it makes the roster feel artificially bloated. They should either add in more unique characters (like Pauline, Wart, Mario RPG characters, etc) or just cut the roster back down to the Mario Party 3/4 cast.

  9. I'm surprised you didn't mention how absolutely busted the ally system is in longer games. Once you get a good amount of allies you just start flying across the board.

  10. They should just remaster Mario Party 1-6 and put it into one game and just name it Mario Party Ultimate, kind of like Smash Bros. The creators of Mario Party should / need to listen to their fan base about what to do with the future of Mario Party. Imagine having all those boards… All those minigames… With enhanced graphics with also online multiplayer. Then add in a custom board maker with customizable rules, like how much items are in the shops, how much stars cost, how many coins blue / red spaces offer or take away, etc! I think the fan base for Mario Party would be extremely happy if all of this came into fruition.
    Imagine playing Mario Party Ultimate… you go online, get into a lobby. Kind of like Call of Duty and you have 3 options for what board to choose from and a random board indicator to vote on too! There's a bit of fun, competitive talking going on between you and the other 3 players. A board from Mario Party 4 is randomly chosen! Then you all start racing for coins, racing for items, racing for stars, and beating the crap out of each other in the minigames from any of the Mario Party entries. You've won coins, lost coins, won stars and lost stars along the way, and there's only a handful of turns left! Everyone is having a blast!
    Imagine… Mario Party Ultimate.

  11. The allies destroy any semblance of strategy from the special dice blocks. I think it's Daisy's that has only 3s and 4s, which could be useful if you want to hit a certain space, until your ally adds a random 1 or 2 to it.

  12. Hey, uh, you said none of those features are available, but you can set individual difficulty for AIs. … If you through extra steps. Every time.

    Not saying it's good, just that it is.

  13. I think mario party 2 was the best it had the perfect balance between luck/skill u need skill on the mini ganes because there not EASY/BORING like the ones for the switch that were litterly made for 3 year olds, u had honeycomb havoc which was a strategic mini game, hot rope jump tested ur precision on pressing A at the right time, Dizzy Dancing which reversed everyones controls and you had to figure out how to move while being dizzy the boardgame part was more luck based i loved the DUELING Challenging other players for coins or stars or using boo to rob other players for coins/stars, chance time which could exchange coins/stars then people start arguing and pointing fingers trying to build alliances and friends get betrayed but everyones still having a good time that game was just so immersive

  14. Things I would personally add back into Mario Party:

    1. Locked doors: Probably the best idea that was never brought back, very often beneficial shortcut routes hidden behind a certain item is a wonderful idea that should be brought back. Maybe removing the lock and replacing them with Twomps as an option, or just removing the block altogether as an option seems great.

    2. Reverse Mushrooms: Makes it so passing something important might not be the end of things.

    3. Mario Party 6 Orb system: Mario Party 6's orb system was very well balanced, and further tinkering would make it another great game

    4. Buyable passives in stores: Spending your hard-earned coins on small buffs you can add to yourself for slight progression is a great idea, makes longer games get slowly more interesting.

    5: Finally, giving some love to the 8 player option, for up to 8 players to play locally on boards in teams of 2. It'd work very well, with a pick-up and play manner.

  15. As someone who grew up on Mario Party 8, just rerelease that game with some quality of life changes and maybe some new boards, and that'd be my ideal Mario Party game lol.

  16. The ones I like are 1/2/3/5. 4 is ok. The Gameboy Advance e-Reader one is pretty neat, too. I have briefly played Super on kiosks in stores, and the minigames are fun. My absolute favorite is a tie between the first 3. I kinda feel like after that, Nintendo just didn't really try with the series.

  17. Man I wish they would add some more boards. Even if it cost thirty bucks for five more boards I would be insanely happy. I play this game with my family every weekend as a nice way to just relax with the family and enjoy some Mario party. But we're all kind of getting bored and I don't want this to go away

  18. The last couple of Mario parties were designed for babies. Sucks because their mini game scene has gone far but they’re stuck in a 1990s board game with simple boring gameplay.

  19. You forgot that the coin stealing tornado is always going to net you a profit, making it pointless not to buy it. It’s dumb.

  20. I disagree… super Mario party is a soft reboot, so I don’t agree with your complaints about the board and dice rolls, because they weren’t going for the previous MARIO party mechanics. They were trying something new, they were adding risk and reward to the game, I felt like I had far more control of what I could do in this Mario party then any others, I felt I could form strategies for the game you play. It made the game more dynamic, and probably made this the best Mario party for me personally, no more random loses because someone got the ability to steal all my stars in the span of a turn. On the other hand the quality of life fixes you mentioned, I agree with. But “bad game design” No. different for what you expect sure.

  21. Mario Party games need to bring back "Running of the Bulb" from the original Mario Party. It was a nice simple 4 player coop to earn money with good variety of gameplay to make cooperating with friends actually fun.

    …but crane game can stay buried. Forever.

  22. Why all the bad decisions? 1) Nintendo is super out of touch with the rest of the gaming world (for better or for worse) and refuse to just…look at what the competition is doing right and instead trying to re-invent the wheel. 2) All they cared about was making a more game based tech demo for the Switch, I'd bet that's all they cared about while making it. Some of those minigames require you to use the Switch in some really awkward and specific ways.

  23. I love this game so much but I can’t believe the lack of updates. No new boards, no board online play, nothing. You nailed all the flaws but i’m just glad I have something to play with friends.

  24. My perfect Mario Party would be a combination of:

    Maps from Part 4
    Capsules from Part 5-7
    And the Day Night feature from Part 6.

    Ofc Minigames from all of these and some special mode (Like Part 5, I loved these).

  25. my perfect mario party game would be one that takes the things i love the most about my favorite bords , clockwork castle ( mp6) and bowser's enchanted inferno (mp7
    have gimicks on the board that keeps it fresh , not just running in circles , like on clockwork castle , you sometimes go left , sometimes go right , you cant just spam 1 path with capsule / orb spaces and win , because you dont always run the same paths on them

    another thing a perfect game should have in my opinion is make minigames every 2nd turn and then have like 2-4 in a row , playing a long turn with someone doing a dk minigame ( solo ) and others doing a board minigame on the bowser one , just to then get pokey pummel which is over before it starts , its annoying
    if theres multiple in a row it would also mean that if you are good you suddenly have 50 coins in turn 3 and can actually do stuff , not slowly increase it by 10

    so yeah , make the minigames not always briefly disrupt the gameplay , but be long enough to have a purpose

    as for the boards , lke mentioned above , have some thing that keeps it fresh , bowser sinking certain islands ( and if its your capsule island where you have all your boo capsules, you better run and save it ) , direction changes , all things that would increase the replay value

    also , maybe put minigame turns into orders , like you roll dices or do something else to be put in teams and then you have to work together the full time , like have 3 2v2 minigames or 1v3 minigames in a row , sure if the single person wins all 1v3 , they are rich , but that would make it more interesting than if it randomly was selected all the time

    theres boards where you barely ever get a 2v2 minigame because theres so low red or green spaces , its either 4 player ffa or a battle minigame

    and lastly , the game should have all mario party 1- 10 ( or personally , 1-7 would be enough ) minigames except any stick rotation minigames from mp1

  26. Hey Snoman just to let you know if you pick Toad during the computer player selection, you can choose who joins you and what difficulty they are set at. I only found it on accident, but just wanted to let you know.

  27. Slight clarification but it DOES have computer difficulties. Just now they range from Normal to Master, completely excluding the Easy option.

  28. I feel like not only should they have more of the same (if it ain't broke dont fix it) but they should also add new things to keep it interesting. The player specific dice do this but idk maybe something else a little more out of the box.

  29. Well, overall this game is a huge step in the right direction and I'm happy it was as they tried to accomplish new designs to see what stuck out or not in the mix with the old formula. Here's to hoping Nintendo addresses all the issues this one brought with Super Mario Party 2 with everything else outside the minigames so the everlasting party never dies out.

  30. You're very good at producing videos of good quality. But I don't think there's much merit to any of your analysis. My main gripe with your "Bad Game Design" series is that you have zero basis for your reasoning other than your personal preference. GMTK very often cites/quotes prominent game designers and uses hard data such sales figures and player/review scores to make his arguments have weight.
    Your arguments for "bad game design" boils down to *here's my personal opinion, from someone who only plays games and never researches ideas from prominent game designers who have designed seminal games, about why this game is poorly designed even though I enjoyed it for many hours, and even though it's sold over 6.5 million copies and has favorable review scores from thousands of people*.
    But your video production skills are dope.

  31. i think they chose to make the stages and dices smaller to make it easier for casuals to know what they should do to win. As an exemple, i play ofter with my sister, mother and father, and they all appeciate the easy to understand map, and the only small choices they have to make outside of minigames. Of course they could or even should have made bigger maps, for less casual players, but i'm sure it was intentionnal to streamline the whole experiance to casual player and make the game way more compelling for them at the same time. Say what you want, but sometimes, peoples dont want complicated or hard choices, they just want to have a good time in an RNG game and roll with what they get. That's an experiance that some of the older mario party were sometime forgetting imo. Great video still, and if it was just about me, i would 100% think the same way as said in the video.

  32. Just clash all the Mario Parties together for one super game with many choices. I find when I play the regular Party Mode it tends to use the same mini games over and over. Almost that theres an issue with the game shuffle.

  33. Bruh game design: No DLC. You can hate on DLC all you want but a game can only provide so much replayability value, especially this kind of game with the amount of replaying you're actually doing, showing that there aren't as many minigames as we'd like and of course not enough boards. Replaying something every once in a while works, replaying something once every session heavily undermines the enjoyability of a game, especially when what you're replaying isn't that fun to begin with. Ex. Minigames that everyone mutually agrees are bad/lackluster. Expansion Packs/DLCs are a benefit the medium of videogames can take advantage of. Whether it's positive or negative, DLC should always be given a shot by developers in this day and age regardless of how much content you put out at launch. It's an easy way to get more cash from returning players, or lure new players in with the new stuff a DLC can provide. DLC has the opportunity to make great games greater and give bad/mediocre games a second chance if pulled off well.

  34. Remastering the maps would be a great idea, but they'd have to change or exclude some of the maps since Bowser is now playable. Sure they could use Kamek instead, but how well would that work for all the Bowser themed maps?

  35. I'm not sure that it has a lot of bad design, I think they just intended to make something all inclusive so that families could play together and that it stays fairly balanced between parents and kids. This game clearly is supposed to lack depth / strategy and has tons of rng mechanics to even the playing field. I don't think it's badly designed, I just think that you aren't the intended audience. That said I'm sure there are plenty of things they could have done better but at the end of the day, the game isn't fun because it's made as more of a family game now. Possibly it's a missed opportunity by them, who knows.

  36. This is the apotheosis of the minimalism design era; where simplicity in design flow is specifically emphasized over functionality. We’ve seen the evolution through logos, website layout, apps and games. After each iteration, we lose more and more convenient functionality, to a point of farce. Now, it’s interesting to see how it’s effecting a video game like Super Mario Party, where it is very clear it was designed to give a streamlined flow, without including any game mechanics that would otherwise interfere with the minimalism design philosophy (which, paradoxically, also sacrifices convenience), with the end-product largely resulting in an experience that is devoid of features and explorability that players have grown accustomed to, and certainly features that had made the game successful.

    *Edited for clarity.

  37. I once played a round of Mario Party 3 where Waluigi found 2 stars in hidden blocks, stole 2 stars from Chance time, won Shy Guy’s minigame to get like 900 coins, and stole a star through Boo. Almost made me quit but I LOVE the fact that something like that could happen

    He was on medium difficulty too

  38. I really hated how pity coins were handed out so much in this entry. Didn't like Super Mario Communism Party. Parties 2-4 will always be the golden age of Mario Party games.

  39. Just in case people aren't figuring this out, the reason Nintendo games are coming out more and more like this, is that they don't give a shit… Does no one see that? As a gamer right out of the early 90's, I can literally see the decline in the quality of Nintendo over the years, specially the last couple years. They were already running out of ideas for a long time, and now they can't even give us good remakes. This is like the 11th Mario party game and they stopped been arguably "good" after N64…. GameCube still had a descent run with them, but honestly even those don't keep me coming back. I still play Mario Party 2, and will always think that's one of the best; if they stopped trying to change the damn game so much, and concentrated instead on what's already working and expanding from there (Like just giving us more maps is really all you need to do, maybe new mini games from time to time) then Super Mario Party wouldn't be the way it is.

  40. something I think it would make the game better is options for customizing the type of minigames, just like turning off the microphone minigames on other entries like mario party DS. for example you could turn off the minigames that uses HD rumble or motion controls. it would be a great addition since the switch lite is out and doesn't have both HD rumble and motion controls. it would make the game playable to the switch lite players.

  41. what worng with super mairot part dude  you tlk ab game dieosn lom mairot pat 9 10 these bad gma dieosn did ba this ddi good  but yeah it need dlc and updtes

  42. Some of these critiques are really misplaced… I get not liking lower rolls, but you just discussed how the maps are smaller and if anything that makes the rolls less extreme. Getting a 1 in older titles is a lot worse. You critique having a dice block that allows for 0 rolls, as if 0 rolls are inherently terrible (getting the same spot twice in a row is a really great strategy at times).

    I get some of the other points but be rounded in your critique, don't nitpick and then leave well – holes in your points.

  43. I find myself really mixed if I like this game or not myself. It’s really love it or hate it for me with some aspects.

  44. My favourite part about Mario Parties 5 & 6 was using orbs to claim portions of the board as your territory. Try to dissuade people from taking certain paths, fight over the most-valuable spaces, considering whether to buy cheap-but-certain one-time orbs or invest into more-powerful long-term traps, it was great.

  45. Basically, if you play by yourself with CP's, you're just going to get fucked until the end of time by the computer's insane luck and the extremely bad luck it gives you. I played one party and just exited the game because I somehow got 2 1's on the Mario die (1 3 3 3 3 6) in a ROW while on my way to collecting a star, which was 3 steps away in both cases.
    The game is literally designed to make you not want to play it. The weaker computer settings grant them extra luck, which literally just completely destroys the purpose of having weaker computers since 70% of the entire thing is based on RNG.

  46. When Sakurai finally get tired from Smash, he could work on a ULTIMATE Mario Party, with all the good things about the old games included in the new one fully HD

  47. You perfectly summed up my thoughts. I'm incredibly happy to have a decent Mario Party game for the first time in forever, but with a few of the changes you mentioned, it could be fantastic.


  49. Super Mario Party definitely would've lasted longer if you could play online parties with other people. The lack of online content with other people really sucks. Also, you always end up with so many extra coins at the end of each game, I wish they had added the ability to adjust the cost of the items and stars. That would've made things way more interesting. It's sad to see such a potentially great game just kind of abandoned.

  50. You can set computers at different difficulties but you need to talk to Toad at the entrance. You can also pick which characters you want.
    Also want to add that online only has 10 available mini games to play.

  51. I liked Mario Party 10 because it’s simplicity made it easy for my aging parents to join in and have fun. It was a game for non-gamers.

    People were excited because Super Mario Party seemed it would return to its roots of being a game for gamers, but instead we got something in the middle: a game for nobody.

  52. Thank you for this, while I agree with many that this game is a bit of a return to form I constantly felt as though it was severely lacking and felt half baked. I heard some people say this is one of the best and I just agree too that. It’s a step in the right direction, but it still needs a bit more to go before it gets anywhere near the glory days again.

  53. Was I the only person who enjoyed super duel mode as a little kid in Mario Party 5? I always thought it would be neato to see that come back in some form but added onto a little more

  54. Super mario party definitely felt like a half-baked, shell of a game from my experiences. For every step forward there was a step or two back. The custom dice idea was what I found most interesting about the game. Being able to switch between different dice depending on what you need to roll would be an awesome mechanic, but you can't really do this unless you get lucky enough to get a few companions.

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