Back To School DIY Locker Decor Mini Macrame Plant Hanger | Tools For School Kids Cooking and Crafts

Back To School DIY Locker Decor Mini Macrame Plant Hanger | Tools For School Kids Cooking and Crafts

– It’s a new school year,
so today we’re going to do back to school DIY locker decor. (upbeat music) Guys, are you excited for school? (squeaking) Me either,
but we can be excited about what our locker’s gonna look like. So I’ve done lots of locker
decor videos in the past, you should go check those out, they’re really cool, after this video. What am I doin’ with my hands? It’s been two years since my
first locker video (explosion). (twinkling) Oh, I’m so adorable! Tools for School sent us
these awesome locker supplies, so let’s make something
cool to go with them. Thank you Tools for School
for sponsoring this video. Today I got something fresh for you. For the first craft,
I’m going to teach you how to make mini hanging macrame planters. For this we will need Plaster of Paris. So I have here a half a cup of water and I’m going to add a
cup of Plaster of Paris. Let’s stir it up, you want it
to look like pancake batter. I got these little paper cups. Look how cute they are, they’re so small. I’m going to put the Plaster
of Paris inside of it, so it makes like a little pot. If you tap it, it all goes to the bottom. Now I got this little pencil eraser and I’m just going to
stick it in the middle so it will hold the plant. So this one we’re going
to do a little different. We want the back to be
flat, so that it will go against the locker door. So what I’m going to do is I’ve
cut out a piece of cardboard so I’m going to stick it in like this, like about three fourths of the way and then fill this side up. That’s good, now we’re
going to let those sit until they’re nice and dry. So I made these Plaster of
Paris molds ahead of time. Let’s open them up and
see how they worked. There we go, ooh. (laughing) It worked! I like how it kinda looks like cement. Now we’re just going to
sand off the rough edges. (scratching) Now that it’s nice and
smooth, let’s get to painting. I’m just going to do a diagonal
blue color across the bottom and then a gold stripe above it. You can also tape it to get
nice and straight lines. I’m gonna use spray paint too. (whooshing) Ta da, oh my gosh, it’s so pretty. Oh I really like this one. Yay (clapping), now it’s
time to put the plants in. I got these fake plants at the store and I’m just going to hot glue them in. Tee dee, it’s a little plant. This one is just going to be
sitting on my locker shelf, so I’m going to put a cute little blue pom-pom trim around it. This one is really cute. Aw, a little pom-pom. Since this one is flat on the back, it’s going to be on the locker door. So I’m going to glue a magnet on it. On my other locker videos,
there was like a disco ball and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, well I’m going to replace that
with a macrame plant holder. I’m going to cut 12 pieces
of yarn that are a foot long. Now I’m going to tie them in
a knot altogether at the top. All right, so here’s the
tricky part so pay attention. I’m going to split the
yarn up into groups of two. So you want to get an object that’s about the same thickness as this marker. What we’re going to do
is tie a square knot around the marker using the two strings. See now when I pull the marker out, there’s a little gap right there. Now let’s do the other ones. Now we’re going to take
this pair of strings and separate them and connect them to the strings next to them with a knot. This is just a regular old knot. (inspiring music) Look at it, it looks like a
flower or like a snowflake. Just take the plant and put
it on right in the middle. And then we’re going
to bring up our edges. Oh my gosh, it’s so cute. We got a little plant. So cheesy, (ticking). Okay guys, last step, this is how we’re going to hang it in our locker. You’re going to need a
little ring just like this. What you’re going to do is
feed all the yarn through it. Now that we’ve got all of
our strings through the ring, we’re going to fold those strings over on the other side and hot glue ’em down. Now I’m going to put a bop of hot glue and I’m going to wrap
the folded strings down with a new piece of string. Trim off the extra yarn that is left over. And that’s what it looks
like when it’s done. Our planters are ready, now let’s move on to the locker wallpaper. For the stamp you’ll need foam paper, scissors and a hot glue gun. I’m going to cut out
several squares for the base and then on the next foam paper, you can cut out any pattern you want. I’m going to do a plus sign. Now I’m going to stack ’em
all up and glue ’em together. (upbeat music) And there’s your stamp. I’ve already marked where
I want my design to go. Now I’m just going to
stamp all the way across. (upbeat music) And this is what it should
look like when it’s done. I totally love this you guys. And last but not least, I’m going to make some curtains for my locker shelf, this way I can hide my
secret food stash in it. You’ll need Velcro, fabric,
a glue gun and some trim. To make the curtain we need to gather it. So what we’re gonna do is
put a little dot of glue and then we’re going to pinch the fabric and then lay it over it. See, now we’re going to make another set. Now we’re just going to glue
the trim across the top. Surprise, look how cute they turned out. It looks like a little skirt. Now we’re going to stick
on the adhesive Velcro. One on each side and one in the middle. The other side of the Velcro will attach to the locker shelf. Everything is prepared and
ready, now let’s go to my locker. We’re gonna start with the wallpaper. Since it’s contact paper, we
could just peel and stick. Make sure you get the
one that says removable! We’re gonna start at the
top and work our way down. It’s time for the shelf. This is the Tools for School
Adjustable Locker Shelf. See? Small, big. I’m just gonna stick it in and expand it. Time to add my locker rug. Let’s attach our peel-and-stick
Velcro for our curtains. Ahh, oh my gosh, it’s so cute! And da da da dah! I’m still trying to decide
what I wanna put in there. Takis, licorice, comment down below what
you would hide in there. Time to hang up my Tools for
School Magnetic Pencil Holder. Ohh, I just had the best idea! I’m gonna put some of
the pom-pom trim on it, so it will match the
locker, so (blasting). While we’re at it, we’re gonna
put some on the mirror too. That’s better. And last but not least,
let’s add in our planters! Eee, so cute! Tell me down in the comments below which DIY was your favorite. The wallpaper, the curtains or the plants. (upbeat music) I think this is my favorite locker that we’ve ever decorated. Comment down below which
one was your favorite. We did pineapple one, we did a cactus one, we did a mermaid one, a unicorn one and also just like a regular one like this where it doesn’t really have a theme. Thank you guys so much
for joining me today, hopefully you guys liked the locker. I had so much fun making it. Don’t forget to like, subscribe
and comment down below which DIY was favorite. Have a great school year guys, Eva out! (twinkling) Thank you so much for joining me today in the Helping Me Decorate
My Locker For Back To School. Hope you guys all have a great school year and make sure to get those A pluses. – [Camerawoman] Ready and action. – What am I doing? That’s where we’re going
to put our plant in. Psst, psst, psst, psst. It’s beautiful! (delightful music)

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