Baby Elefant Origami Anleitung (deutsch, Design: Gregor Müller)

Baby Elefant Origami Anleitung (deutsch, Design: Gregor Müller)

Today we fold a baby elephant! Use a thick paper and wetfold! You can dryfold with standard origami paper as I did with this model, but wetfolding is much more satisfying. You can fold the model very small. This model was folded with 6×6 cm paper. For demonstration purpose I use 17x17cm in this video with 190g/cm² Damp the paper. Fold the diagonal, but only crease the lower part! Fold the edges to the middle and leave a small gap at the top. This is the gap. Repeat on the other side. Fold the tip down as shown, there is no exact reference point. Release some paper from inside. This edge exceeds the lower edge a little bit. Unfold and turn over. Extend this crease until here. Make valley folds as shown. Close the model. Fold some paper inside along this crease as shown. Repeat on the other side. Turn over. Close the model, making a mountain fold in the middle and valley folds as shown. Don’t crease the top part! Fold this edge To one third of this edge. Let the head turn over, unfold the valleyfold on the backside. Valleyfold the paper under the head as shown. Here is the unfolded valley fold. Flatten the head a little bit. Now narrow the trunk, folding the edges a little bit inside. The head will be three-dimensional then. Round the tip of the trunk like this. Pull the upper layer of the ear over the lower layer. Crimp fold to make the tail. This was too small. Crease firmly and open up the model a little bit. Make two inside reverse folds (crimpfold). Mountainfold along this line. Repeat on the other side. That’s it! You can mountainfold the exceeding edge inside. You made it!

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