AYS Daily Growth Hacks 190 Picking Up the Paperclip

Today’s topic Picking Up the Paperclip Hi I’m Doug Holt with Author of Your Own
Story and this is your daily growth hack where each day we bring you a tip trick
or insight to help you up level what we call the five to thrive that’s your mind
your body your soul your relationships and your business the other day I was
walking in my office and I walked by a paper clip on the ground now as I walk
by I felt the urge to bend down and pick it up but I also felt the urge to just
keep going because it was just a paper clip on the ground and I was in the
middle of packing for a trip then I realized then I realized that it was
just a part of energy was gonna occupy part of my mind a paper clip that is so
I stopped and remembering the little things that matter and I turned around
and grabbed the paper clip and all of a sudden unbeknownst to me a small weight
fella had lifted from my shoulders as I placed the paper clip back where it
belonged and so I started noticing that and I went through the rest of the day
making sure I picked picked up the paper clips in my life meaning make sure I did
the little things those little things that you just kind of let go that could
be taking out the trash hole or earlier than maybe you want to put filing
paperwork organizing your background organizing your desk cleaning your
whiteboard whatever that may be for you picking up the paper clips is just an
analogy just a symbol for those little things in our life that we put off
because they’re easy to do but easy not to do also maybe you might think walking
down the street as a piece of trash that’s kind of annoying but somebody
else will get it you know somebody else will do it I didn’t leave that trash I
don’t need to pick it up but I could almost guarantee if you pick up a piece
of trash or you pick up the paperclip in your office or whatever it may be around
your home you’ll feel a little less weight a little weight come off your
body because it frees the energy a freezie energy in your head space as
well because I believe somewhere subconsciously you’re actually storing
the the memory of being able or actually forgetting to pick up the paperclip and
leaving something leaving something you know you should do this is almost like
chipping away at your self discipline right so if we you know say we’re gonna
go up running in the morning and we don’t go running one morning it becomes
easier the second morning and the next morning doesn’t it it does
and this goes same thing if we say you know what how one doughnut one hamburger
is not gonna hurt and that one turns into two three four and next thing you
know it’s been six months and you’re off your diet I
think the paperclip is just a symbol or and just for representation of all these
little things that occur in our life so today what I want you to do is look at
the paper clips in your life especially what I want you to grab your journal and
put your 5 to thrive down and this is gonna be really important and each of
your 5 to thrive identify the paper clips that you regularly encounter you
know what are those paper clips in each of those categories you know for me it
was in my office and the little things that were left around now that’s a paper
clip in my mind cuz it’s occupying my mind space I always used to say that I
live in organized chaos but the truth is when I clean my office and I detail or
maybe it’s just the house in general and I detail it I just feel better
why is everything do I know where things are more no I just feel better because I
think it cleans the actual space around me the headspace that it’s being
occupied so I want you to identify your 5 your 5 to thrive and where are those
paper clips we all have them where are they in your life and then immediately I
want you to take action right after you listen to this and have written down
your 5 to thrive and identified your paper clips take immediate action to at
least one of those just one take immediate action in the moment that’s it
for me today remember go over to author of your own story com where you get the
latest tips tricks and techniques delivered right to your inbox each and
every day and go out and inspire someone by being the Author of Your Own Story!

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