Awesome Origami Swan Tutorial From Craft to Art by Eric Vigier

Hello Everyone! Today we have a very special guest Eric Vigier, also known as madfolder And Eric is going to teach us How to give life to a very simple traditional model, the swan. And to turn it into a living swan. Hello Everybody! Origami is Art. So Art needs to be alive. For this, you can make it simple Very simple, just with curved folds. So we start with a very simple traditional origami swan. One of the most simple origami models. And today we are just using copy paper. So anyone can do this at home. So what do you do with the head? About the head, the head is just… the head, and the front part needs to be separate. Very beautiful head. About the front… The neck, you know, is not flat. Like my arm, it’s round. You need to simply round it. And the neck has a round shape like an S. Simply, like an S. So you are going to curve the tail a little bit and put it up. And about the body, it’s exactly the same. It’s round, it’s not flat. So, I put volume. It’s very simple and it’s very beautiful. So we started with a very simple, but very angular swan and now we have a very round and soft and very lifelike swan. And this is something that all of us can do, right? Yes, believe me. If I can do it, you can do it. So just do it. Just do it! What we were thinking was that it would be very nice if all of you, watching this video fold one of those simple traditional swans and try to give it life Or do it your own way, try to give volume and curves and make it soft and put the neck any way you like And please send us pictures so that we can make a gallery of lifelike origami swans. And turn your very traditional swan into a unique work of art. Thank you very much Eric! That’s amazing! And what I like the most about this is that it’s simple and I want to try it! Thank you very much!

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