Aves Apoxie Clay REVIEW

Aves Apoxie Clay REVIEW

Hi it’s Arsynal Props Welcome to my workshop I’m building props since years now and I use a lot of different products for this Some of these products are really REALLY essential to my work I just couldn’t work without them and one of these products is Apoxie Sculpt from Aves Apoxie Sculpt is a two parts clay that
you can use to make almost everything you want personnaly I use this for my props of
course but also to make little details or ornaments on cosplay armor jewellery hum… really you can do everything you want with this This is really awesome and thanks to Aves I have the chance today to try an other product Apoxie Clay And to show you how to work exactly with
Apoxie Clay I decided to build a very VERY little item the amulet of Stendarr from Skyrim

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  1. Hello! I'm from Spain and I'm following you on Instagram. I love your creations and I hope your videos will be very interesting. Hasta pronto!

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