Avatar – How It Should Have Ended

Avatar – How It Should Have Ended

(sniff) agh, I love the smell of CGI in the morning Avatar – How It Should Have Ended Ahhh!! Aghrhh Not when I’m still… (BOOM!) We are so thankful the sky-people
will no longer destroy our land. I hate to ask now but… why were they knocking over trees in the first place? Ah, who really knows? Wait.. no one ever told you? No. What?!? Jake.. whatever happened to
becoming one of them and.. earning their trust so you can explain
what we needed? Hgm, well I was I was going to but I sort of umm, hooked up with Natiri instead. Dude, people are dead now! Yea, my bad guys. My bad. Look, lets just bug out and call it even, ok? What are we even talking about this for? I say we take off and nuke the entire site
from orbit. it’s the only way to be sure Yea! Game over man, game over!

100 thoughts on “Avatar – How It Should Have Ended

  1. Here’s what should’ve happened:
    The military should’ve explained they come in peace and just want the super valuable metal that’s worthless to the Na’vi and said they would leave them alone, they don’t destroy the tree, the humans get the metal and the Na’vi live in peace, everyone wins

  2. The navi cheered as the humans leave but then bluish yellow liquid streams down their leg as yautja ships show up

  3. How independence Day should have ended: Humanity was wiped out. so that they wouldn't become the Daleks that would spread out in the universe and wipe out or enslave every living thing, and harvesting entire planets.

  4. Avatar- I am the highest grossing movie of all ti-
    Like Oscar from Shark Tale

  5. Do we need to by blaming that other chick for this huge gap in communication as well? The anthropologist chick, who set Jake up in his new body? The planet natives thought well enough of her that they dragged her spare body across god knows how big a space to keep it safe, in case she MIGHT be able to go back into it, so they clearly trusted her a bit. It's been awhile since I've seen the movie, but couldn't she have mentioned something about those rocks?

  6. I guess the sequel will kick off right after the first one ended. I mean it's not like the humans will not go back to Pandora with more armies right?

  7. 2010:
    The Algorithm: Shall I put this in their recommended sir?
    Youtube: Wait for it…
    The Algorithm: Now?
    YouTube: Wait for it…
    The Algorithm: Now?
    Youtube: Wait for it….
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    2016 – 2018:
    Youtube: WAIT!!!
    Youtube: Deploy the video

  8. People keep asking why this showing up in the recommended list after so long. I'm betting many people went to Endgame vs Avatar videos in the last few months.

  9. Sorry sir, but the history belongs to it's author James Cameron, he do as he judges be fit for the film. No need alternating end.

  10. Anyone else remember the fact that this used to be the number one film in the box office until avengers endgame went and surpassed it

  11. "By order of his royal majesty, all thy base are now belong to he!" "We have arrived, and it is now that we perform our charge. In fealty to the God-Emperor, our undying Lord, and by the grace of the Golden Throne, I declare Exterminatus upon the Imperial world of Pandora! THE EMPEROR PROTECTS!

  12. the "grey rocls" were the neural nodes of pandora. Until we came nuke it out, and use them for our new iphone XX ps999 and so on.

  13. we'll come back stronger, better prepared, and without mercy. you have won the battle blue people but not the war. Not by a long shot.

  14. I certainly would want to know in the sequel, if these Human Aliens are planning to return to Pandora to Strike Back, or Avenge Quarich’s death.

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