Austin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Austin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Nestled deep in the heart of Texas, the state capital Austin is located along
the Colorado River. This is where the ranches of the Texas Hill
Country meet the prairies of the coastal plain. Austin has skyscrapers and crowds, but isn’t the biggest city in Texas and has
a distinct bohemian feel. The university city attracts the young and
the talented, so the population is growing fast. In a bid to keep the original laid-back and
“anything goes” spirit alive, Austin’s long-term residents make a point
of Keeping Austin Weird. As the self-proclaimed Live Music Capital
Of The World and a place where art is all around you, Austin has a strong cultural identity. Start exploring and you’ll soon find out that the locals have an affinity for: self expression… stars… Festivals… quirky humor… guitars…. and State history. Austinites are Texans first, Americans next. Austin was born around the campfires of buffalo
herders, the first pioneers of the Texas wilderness. The Swedish immigrants from the 1830s called
this spot “Govalle”, Good Grazing Land. Austin has since spread its wings, but you can still catch a glimpse of the past in the Zilker Botanical Gardens. Visit the city zoo and see the longhorns, long a symbol for Texas. Or, for a modern
take on Austin’s cattle history, browse the contemporary Blanton Museum Of
Art. Austin is rich in nature too. Enjoy one of the many outdoor activities in
Zilker Park or head to McKinney Falls, just south of the
city, where you can clamber over rocks and cool
off by the streams. Back in the center, explore the quirky shops
on South Congress Avenue. “Strolling Soco” should be part of any Austin
experience. Be prepared to encounter uncommon objects
and carnivalesque zebras while you shop for vintage clothes, designer
shirts or a pair of iconic Texas boots. As in any Texan city, you never have to look
far for lunch. You can find food trucks on every street corner, so take your pick from succulent Tex-Mex seafood, Indian dosa or German wurst. The downtown bistros are great for dinner. Even in winter you can take a seat on a terrace
to enjoy a meal or drinks. Austin is also known for its famous music
and food festivals, like South by Southwest and ACL. The Austin City Limits festival pays tribute to the longest running music program in the
country. The TV show’s first ever guest was Willie
Nelson and the legendary country singer used to perform
in the Broken Spoke, a rustic local landmark. Listen to up-and-coming bands before you go and pay your respects to one
of the other Austin musicians who captivated the world: guitar hero Stevie
Ray Vaughan. Standing on the south shore of Lady Bird Lake near Austin’s famous bat bridge, he is not
the only remarkable resident here. When night falls, head east on Sixth Street. There are always some live bands to see and it is the place to be for all kinds of
evening entertainment. Listen to blues, have a cold beer, watch a
cult movie or catch a comedy show. It is hard not to be taken with Austin, and people here say it has its very own soundtrack. A rhythm you easily tune into once you understand
the eclectic tastes of the unique capital of the Lone Star State.

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  1. what expedia isn't talking about is that we are still in a major drought and most water spots for the exception of Barton Springs is dried out.

  2. Would love to visit Austin Texas, hope it´s sooner than later! Until then I hope to see some of you from Austin here in Iceland!

  3. @Sierra688 I would, looks lovely. You should see my hometown of Hastings, New Zealand, then tell me how you would compare. To me Austin looks awesome 🙂

  4. Coming from outside of the US, Austin and San Antonio are the only two cities in Texas that offer truly international tourist attractions and are worth visiting. Houston and Dallas are just big cities with a lot of skyscrapers but they're not like majestic NYC or Chicago, they lack attractiveness and they're simply ugly.

  5. I live in Texas lol go downtown during night it's way better and go to Barton springs and all our lakes take a ton of poctures and come to round rock

  6. I was born in Houston. Although I love Houston, I'd much rather prefer Austin. If you're to visit Texas you must go to Austin, or Houston. Austin is a very beautiful city. Amazing and awesome.

  7. Austin is the second country music capital of the U.S. Plus it is hard to fit into Austin without a ten gallon hat and spurs too. Yeehaw.

  8. Looks more like a shit hole to me. I'd much rather go to greener places with bluer oceans. That's my idea of a vacation or getaway.

  9. If you like homeless people,the out of control kind that wreck parks and cars during dumb protests, and being so stoned you are not aware you're being arrested for bad mouthing a cop or taking a swing because you hate police and think your better then whites then come to Portland the best illegal (cough) I mean undocumented worker city in the world! You get free government phones!

  10. I lived in Austin and loved it! Now, after 5 yrs. in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I'm ready to go back to where things are weird. LOL
    Don't forget to try the Tex-Mex and BBQ.

  11. Do the trust no one, welcome to the twilight zone weirdos spycos 2faces Town in the all USA by experience and honestly I been In 12 States .

  12. I would love to visit the statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn but it's a damn long trip from Finland and probably really expensive

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