Augmented Reality Sandbox – How to Build the Sandbox

Augmented Reality Sandbox – How to Build the Sandbox

Check this out! This is an augmented
reality sandbox and this is one of the most fantastic things I’ve ever built
for my classroom this is sand you can see me playing with it and it’s
redrawing topographic shapes as I play This isn’t magic people this is science!
But it’s pretty magical here’s what it’s doing as you change the shape of the
sand the program is redrawing new contours on top of the sand. Here’s all
it is we’ve got a projector with an Xbox Kinect looking down at the sand this is
all being run by a computer program more information at the end and as you move
it around the Kinect sees the change in the sand and redraws new shapes. Now
specifically in this video I’m going to show you how to build the sandbox. The
technical information is coming at the end and where you can find all the help
you need to run the program and to download the
program but for now we’re just using plywood we’re going to build essentially
a box I got the technical information popping up there on the screen and this
is really the best size that the program is suited for so the 30 by 40 I would
stick with that if I was you I’ve used a lot of 4×4 inch posts both
for the legs and for the stands that you’re going to see and I cut them at 24
inches I didn’t want it very tall because I wanted little guys, little kids,
especially kindergarteners and that age to be able to play without having to
stand on something. The rest of us we just have to bend over to be able to
play in the sand but that’s ok. This is going to get heavy we’re going to put
250 pounds of sand inside of this so you can see I’ve really really tried to
build this very robust including high quality heavy-duty casters so it could
be rolled around the school from room to room and especially taken to the
elementary schools. You can see I’ve got braces between all the legs again I want
this 250 pounds of sand to be able to roll around but I also want to be able
to dismantle this put it into the back of the pickup
to a new location and quickly set it back up. So you can see I’ve tried to
make this as portable as possible. Now for the projector setup I’ve got what is
a mount, the mount can be articulated several different ways and the projector
can be slid in and out of the mount that was important for me because I wanted to
be able to move this. Now these are the screws that are pretty standard for
projectors but they proved they took forever for me to find them so I wanted
to share that and we’re going to mount the projector 40 inches above the sand
that’s the recommended height so now you can see I put the bracket for the
projector right on the vertical pole and it’s 40 inches above. My projector slides
right into that mount and again this one here I can articulate it on X and y-axis
and of course the Z by hand I can really make sure I’m getting a good picture in
my sand box. Now for the Xbox Kinect this took a little more ingenuity on my part
because I wanted to be able to remove it so I’ve just taken some pieces of wood
there and built them up and glued them and screw them in so that that thing can
be taken in and out you can see it’s over on the side I just built this box
this box is what’s going to hold that Kinect up there on that projector stand,
you’ll see it in just a moment, to really make sense of what I’m talking about. Now I like to use some water on the sand it helps you build a little more robust
shapes and cliffs and nice plateaus so we made sure to stain this thing really
well to make it water-resistant and here’s the setup process. You just put
the vertical pole on with the hex bolts slide the projector in and then fill it
up with sand. This is the good stuff this is super white reflective play sand
and we’re using 250 pounds I wouldn’t use any less than that. And
here’s how the Kinect goes in look I’ve just fit that so it’ll just squish down
in there and it’s just held in by pressure so that I can easily pop it out. One thing you’re not going to hear about is that an Xbox Kinect does not have a normal USB. You have to get an adapter so that’s
what was popping up there. And this is the finished product. When you’re done
make some time to play you’re going to want it and if you want to learn how to
use this in a classroom or how to use this in another setting for all sorts of
educational things and watch people doing amazing things I’ve got another
video it’s popping up on the screen again here it’s also down in the
description and you’ll see a link at the end but check that one out it’s got all
sorts of different uses for this amazing amazing educational tool
now I didn’t develop this, this was developed by the folks at UC Davis with
a grant they’ve done an amazing job and they made everything available the link
is there it’s also in the description down at the bottom and it’s over at – Notice high school kids I can’t even get them away from this thing. It’s awesome. Come on over to and check it out and don’t
forget to subscribe thanks for watching

38 thoughts on “Augmented Reality Sandbox – How to Build the Sandbox

  1. This is impressive. If you plan to use this in your classroom, I think students would be far more interested in learning about topography. Also, at 0:17, that kind of looks like Shrek.

  2. This is awesome Mr. Beals. only if you had built it when I had been taking your class. I remember talking about it. now you have done it! congrats!

  3. Hi! It looks great!

    I was wondering what pc specs you suggest. Ive been reading that you cant get away with less than a gtx 960.. whats your suggestion?

    And what about the cpu? Thanks!

  4. What is the name/model of projector you are using? The instructions recommend a short throw projector or otherwise it must be mounted in a different location. Thanks!

  5. Hello. One of the kids at my program managed to puncture a battery in our augmented reality sandtable. How can we fix it?

  6. I like your video.

    I'm interested in doing an equal project.

    I am a teacher in Colombia and would like to teach my students.

    Please can you tell me the references or brand of each of the equipment that is needed.

    *The projector reference
    *The reference of the XBOX Kinect
    *The computer reference.

    Thank you very much

  7. Thank you for the video explanation. We saw this at U Mass and decided to try it our selves. We have the electronics, and now with your suggestions and links, we are ready to start planning and building!

  8. You are a genius! The only downside is how much time this is going to take me to build, because I'm going to have to build it. My kids will go nuts.

  9. Would a short throw widescreen projector work or would it be the wrong aspect ratio? Thanks for the video! Building the box as we speak. Just need to get a proper projector!

  10. I want it!! SoooooooooOoooooOoooooOoooooOooooOooooooooooOoooOOOooooooooOooooooooooo exciting to have it!!!!!!!!!!! WooooooOoooooOooooOoo!!!!

  11. Hi Craig this is awesome we just finished the software down load woot woot. Could you let me know which projector mount i should use

  12. Hi Craig, our software is ready to roll, we are now building the sandbox.Questions: how long is the 4×4 that the xbox kinect is attached to? what are the dimensions of the box for projector and Kinects, how wide are the 4 braces?

  13. Do you have a cut list available? We’ve found the shopping list and are hoping such a list exists so others won’t need to go through the video to take notes. 😊

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