[Astuces Bonsai] les boulettes d’engrais avec des sachets de thé

[Astuces Bonsai] les boulettes d’engrais avec des sachets de thé

Many of you have asked me about my fertilizer pellets. I thought it was a known practice, but I think it can still serve a lot of people. They are empty tea bags that can be found everywhere, in which I alternate the layers of different fertilizers and sphagnum. I don’t show a miracle recipe on fertilization, it is rather a practical advice. The question that often comes up: “why sphagnum?” Previously I used the same method without sphagnum, but it dries quickly while with sphagnum it is always wet. So it allows the fertilizer to be effective right away, no need to water a first time to moisten the pellets and water a second time a few minutes later. I feel that it is much more effective like that. It’s quite long and tedious, especially if you have a lot of trees. I put about 4-5 bags per tree. I tried several methods, dumplings, basket, etc … but that’s what I found more practical so far, both for fertilization and to prevent the blackbirds to digging the substrate. I will then show you what it looks like on the trees. Only downside: sometimes the bags are a little eat by insects, but it’s derisory. This is not a fertilizer class, it’s just a technical trick. Keep the dumpling wet, and protect the blackbirds, this is the interest. You will also see what I do when I change the bags, so as not to spoil anything. Here are the used dumplings, we can see that they are soft and wet. While in the sun they stays moist and efficient. It is a dumpling at the end of life, it begins to wear and tear. Same here, a dumpling at the end of life, a little dryer. But inside it’s still wet. So much more effective in my opinion. Instead of putting the bags directly on the pots, I dive them into the water to gorge them with water. Then I only have to maintain the humidity by regularly watering my trees. Tip number 2: to prevent the balls from rolling and falling pots, I tie together 2 or 3 sachets. Here are all the old bags that I removed from the pots. I think they can serve a little more. I put them in the watering can … And this little juice allows me to water and fertilize the plants of the garden.

11 thoughts on “[Astuces Bonsai] les boulettes d’engrais avec des sachets de thé

  1. Bonjour Greg je voudrais savoir ou tu trouve les sachets j'habite en Belgique et je trouve des sachets de thé mais pas avec les ficelles pour pouvoir lier a l'arbre je te remercies bonne soirée

  2. Sans prétention tu présente tes astuces, et je t'en remercie car ça a l'air très efficace. Merci à toi d'avoir pris un peut de temps pour nous débutant

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