– What? Ah. Bratz. Oof. Carmex, Carmex, Carmex. Hi guys. Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. How are you all doing today? I hope you’re doing really,
really, really well. So just a quick disclaimer, I am not eating a real shoe or a real hydro-flask or real scrunchies or a real Carmex lip balm. Just to clarify, but today’s video, as
you can probably tell, is Visco-girl, Visco-girl ♪ Visco-Girl ♪ ♪ Visco, Visco, Visco-girl. ♪ Visco-girl themed and I’m sorry, I know that was super
cringy, what I just did. Wow. But, oh and I’m not eating
a real shell necklace. Wow, I almost forgot. But I just did the most popular things and if you like this, let me know and maybe I’ll do like a part
two or something like that. Before we get started, I want you all to go to my Instagram, follow me and the first 20 people to DM me whether or not you are a Visco-girl or Visco-boy, let me know because I literally had no idea this was even a thing. (chuckles softly) I had no idea until a million of you have been requesting it and so, then I researched and then I was like, “Okay, I get it now.” But any hoo, our refreshment of choice, other than this delicious hydro-flask, is the Coldest, Coldest, Coldest, Water Bottle. And you can get your Coldest Hydro-Flask in the description box ’cause this is a hydro-flask, just sayin’. All right, so let’s get into this video. We have here a hydro-flask with edible stickers on it. Just sayin’, that’s like kinda wavy. Know what I mean, we have a shoe with the logo in it. We have our shell necklace. We have tons of scrunchies here. Look. Literally so sick. And then, and we have these ones too. Completely edible. And we have our Carmex, Carmex. Carmex. Carmex. Make sure you always got some of that. You know what I mean. Wow, that was so lame. That was really lame. Okay, so, oh, and our stickers. Oh my gosh, I can’t forget. Our stickers. We have Cheetos. And cotton candy thing. And little le pack. Little pack. An ear bud. Big oof. Oof. I actually have never liked
typed that out before, you know? But maybe I should. I don’t know. Like when do you use that? Thrasher, with Peggy the Pig, Thrasher. La Croc. La Crocs. Instead of Le Croix, you know? And of, and of course, we have our you know, your girl,
Billie Eilish, mm mm mm. And come on. Our UV bag, milk bubble tea. I feel like I need one of these. So, let’s just get into it. Oh and do you like my my braid? Not my braid, my ponytail. I wish it could like stick
out like that, you know? And my arms. I feel like, like a Power Ranger or like some sort of, you know? Like I feel like these are
like gloves or something. First up is Literally the coolest thing
ever, I think I’ve ever made. Let me know if you guys want DIY’s because this was actually
super easy to do. So, all right, cheers. Wow, I fricken love those. Okay. So we have two of these guys. I think I’m gonna do this one. Stretchy again. You can put ’em on your wrist. Maybe I’ll do that. Cheers. Okay, I’m gonna move on from this one ’cause it’s just gum. You know what I mean? Put that right here. And next, I kinda wanna do Carmex. Carmex Carmex. Carmex. You ready? Mm. Man, you can never go wrong
with rock candy, ever. It’s just bomb, you know? Next, let’s do, the shell necklace. Okay. We’re not gonna eat that one. Oh, kay. We are gonna eat this. Okay. You ready? And this one. Certainly so cool. Okay, that was good, but I kinda wanna do this hydro-flask. Have our sunflower. I wanna I don’t know, what’s that called again? What the heck is that called again? Shocker. No, no, no it’s not a shocker. What am I thinking? We have a watermelon, but it kinda got mangled a bit. Our backpack kinda got mangled. Carmex. Our Croc. And it says, “These are my Crocs.” We have Bratz. We have oof. And our spaceship and then spill the tea, sis. Where do we wanna eat from first. I think the top. Okay. So there is a type of canoli
that is inside of this and then the top here is just chocolate with nuts and fruit and
then fondant on the top and then yeah, this is
a canoli type of thing. Anyways, you guys will see. And it has like this cream
custard in it or something. So good. Okay. Okay, I’m just gonna take off the lid. I do have to have little
things in there to keep it, oh my gosh, I look insane. I look insane. Okay. So, from the top. Okay, I’m going to just split it a bit. Go like this ’cause I wanna get to the good stuff. My air conditioning just
turned on by the way. So I’m sorry for that. All right, guys, here it is. Okay, one more bite. Wow, that was a lot. Oh my gosh, my friggen’ face, why? It’s crazy ’cause it’s
just gonna get worse with the shoe ’cause it’s
like black, you know? Let’s just put this on here like that. Oh, and then it’s like a
little mini hydro-flask. That’s so cute. It’s like a baby, see? You can have this one if you want. Do you want it? No? Okay. So now for the Vans. Shoe. What? Ah. Fricken crazy. Don’t even ask me how long this took. You guys do know that I make
all the stuff myself, right? Yeah. Basically. Some of like the cakes and
stuff like that, I won’t. Like I’ll just buy it, but when it comes to stuff
like these, I have to, ’cause like, no one’s
gonna do that, you know? Or they’ll charge me a ridiculous amount. It’s actually so friggen cute. Like look at the detail. Look at that detail. Just sayin’. All right. Are you ready? I actually am ready, so let’s friggen go. Yeah, going from the heel. Here. Oh my gosh. Guys, I love Rice Krispies. I do. I really do. Oh wow, that side looks ugly. All right. That is the end of this video. I really, really, really hope
that you guys enjoyed it. I’m sorry that my mouth is black. Oh my gosh and my hands, everything, friggen messy, but I do it for you guys ’cause I love you so, so much. I hope you have a really good night and a really, really good sleep and I’ll see you very, very, very soon. I love you. Goodnight.


  1. HI MY LIL VSCO GIRLS/VSCO BOYZ 😂🙌🏼 tehehe eating starts at 6:02!!! Sorry long intro today… 😅 I was just having so much fun showing off my VSCO girl creations 😍🤣 it took me 2 days to create them so you better appreciate the show n tell LOL 😂😂😭🙌🏼🙌🏼 LOVE YOU GUYS ❤️❤️❤️


  3. For my birthday 🎂 I would like to become a back girl and do this in school
    Teacher : skskskks
    Students: call the ambulance 🚑
    Me: save the turtles 🐢
    Students: an I 9999990
    Peggy the pig: we don't like children's music no no no what song are you in to
    Me: am a banana 🍌sksksksksk
    Student: can I borrow got camex
    Me : sskksno let me eat my food in peace
    Michael Jackson: hehe
    Me: skskskskksksk an I 99999999999999000000000000

  4. หม้ายโหร๊ใอ๊ไหร๊เเหลงกะซิบเบล่ออยู่ใบ้เหอะ!🙄

  5. Omg it was so satisfying to hear you chew your rainbow scrunchie it was so idk the word for it but I love it! And yes you are the weirdest person I ever watched it like your the best though

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