ASMR Morning Routine: Relaxing and Satisfying Challenge!

ASMR Morning Routine: Relaxing and Satisfying Challenge!

Hey guys! Are you ready for this morning routine ASMR
style? I am so let’s go! I got to check my phone as soon as I wake
up. Guilty! Time to brush out teeth! Let’s not forget about the tongue. I like to add lemon and ginger into my tea
to make it even more nutritious. Before continuing with my day, let’s play
with some ASMR sounds. Wow! Yay! This was so much fun, time to go on with my
day! Let’s go for a run! Alright guys, let’s do our makeup. Alright, let’s go get some breakfast. It’s better with milk. Much better! Let’s have some veggies. This is not a typical breakfast, but for the purpose of ASMR – why not! I got to do some work now.

100 thoughts on “ASMR Morning Routine: Relaxing and Satisfying Challenge!

  1. You guys always ask me to make morning routine videos so I decided to film a bit different version this time – ASMR Morning Routine! Or should we call it try not to cringe challenge? XD I tried ASMR for the first time and it's probably the weirdest thing I've ever done, haha! Should I film an ASMR night routine as well? My next video is a good old life hack / tutorial that I am sure you're going to love. I'm already editing it so it will be coming super soon! Let me know what other videos you want to see <3 Also don't forget to subscribe to my second channel as I'll be uploading a completely new video (not compilation) very soon as well:

  2. If you do not like Sara beauty corner than IDK what you you think awesomeness really is #SARA IS AWSOME👍🏼👍🏼😺😸🤩🤪😋😝

  3. Wakes Up
    Goes On Twitter For Like Two Seconds

  4. Sara:wakes up with her hair beautiful and tidy
    Me:everything is messy but my hair is not just a mess its a complete trash

  5. ∂σєѕ αηувσ∂у кησω тнαт ѕнє ℓιтєяαℓℓу тняσωѕ тнє ωαтєя вσттℓє 😆😆

  6. "It's better with milk"
    Oh it is? I thought it was better without milk or only with water

  7. Why did she just yet her phone and then start scratching her pillow I throw my phone because I slips and some hiw bbn it ends up all the was at the end of my bed or on the floor

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