ASMR 🙌🏼 3.5 HOURS 🙌🏼 Fabric Sounds 🤗 NO TALKING [Long]

asmr layered sounds intro welcome to a long ASMR video with fabric sounds. No talking asmr 3.5 hours for sleep, relaxation, tingles and study ASMR rain jacket rain sounds for sleep tapping sounds on the rain fabric jacket ASMR mermaid fabric sounds with a makeup brush close up asmr choosing uniforms asmr role play no talking sounds only sticky sounds with a soft rug sounds like the ocean long hair rug brushing tingly roller sounds on glitter fabric hands across a fluffy studio panel a ‘tucking you in’ crinkly fabric Duvet asmr mermaid fabric sounds asmr sounds with voile curtains wrapping you in blankets asmr role play with unintelligible whispers scraping glitter fabric sounds asmr glitter measuring you for blouses material sounds role play sounds only asmr role play mermaid fabric a sequinned jacket hands on the glitter fabric a chunky knit cushion scratching rubbing tapping and scratching the glitter fabric nail tapping on glitter fabric holo vinyl covering sticky finger sounds an asmr cushion scratching across the embroidery Goodnight Goodnight Goddnight Sweet dreams 💜

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