ASMR 祝10万人💕定番の挨拶を繰り返しながら33種類の音・トリガー🌸100K special💕33 Triggers While I Greet You Repeatedly🌸音フェチ

ASMR 祝10万人💕定番の挨拶を繰り返しながら33種類の音・トリガー🌸100K special💕33 Triggers While I Greet You Repeatedly🌸音フェチ

1. Japanese Usual Greeting only 2. Greeting while writing ASMR in the air 3. Writing ASMR in the air with gloves 4. Gloves + Patting alpaca 5. Tapping on cleanser bottle 6. Hand with hand cream 7. Face roller 8. Glass 9. Origami box 10. Mic brushing 11. Camera Brushing 12. Pen moving 13. Mic scratching (sound resembles head massage) 14. Spray 15. Slime 16. Slime 2 17. Chewing gum (WARNING eating sounds) 18. flipping through a book 19. Hand movement 20. Slow whisper 21. DS button clicking 22. Squishy’s 23. DS game box tapping 24. Scissors 25. Washi Tape 26. Combing my plushy 27. Calculator button clicking 28. Writing in my notebook 29. Writing on my white board 30. Slime 3 31. Levi Heichou Funko pop 32. Dry Hand sounds 33. Pincet Real video starts at 12:12 Hey guys! It’s ASMR BlueKatie Thank you so much for 100.000 subscribers! As a thank you gift I’d like to do a video that has been requested a lot by you guys So today I repeat my usual “hey guys its asmr bluekatie” intro for a looooong time. It’s weird I know. Just repeating would be boring I thought, so I added some triggers whilst I hypnotize you to sleep. But before I start, I’d like to talk for a little bit. I started Youtube around two years ago And back then I posted lullaby video’s without showing my face (I still do that sometimes) But during the summer vacation last year I was so bored cause I had no friends (don’t mind my makeup already deteriorating) But I’m glad I started Youtube because I was able to experience a lot of things and meet lots of people The fact that something which I started very casually turned out to be so nice and fun, it’s surprising but I’m very grateful From since I was a kid there wasn’t something I stood out with, I suck at sports and I don’t really have a talent or anything in particular. But now I’ve hit such a big milestone I feel like I finally have something to be proud of-It’s all thanks to you guysI It would be funny to meet every single one of you but that would at least take 100.000 minutes lol If you have any requests- oh oh It’s so embarassing to say it myself but I’ve always dreamt about a fanbase name, a name for the people who watch my video’s People call Ariana Grande’s fans Arianators so y’know that kind of thing I’m no where near famous but I thought fannames are cool 🙂 So if you have any suggestions for a name, please let me know in the comments! Thank you! Sorry for talking so long I’ll move on to the real video First I’ll do my Japanese intros then in English Thank you as always and relax! 🙂 I’ll work hard to make the 100K milestone not the final destination but a stepping stone 🙂 Thank you for always sticking with me 🙂 My eye bags look terrible lol Thanks for watching! Please follow my twitter, instagram and subscribe&like💕 love u guys and have a good night🌙💕

100 thoughts on “ASMR 祝10万人💕定番の挨拶を繰り返しながら33種類の音・トリガー🌸100K special💕33 Triggers While I Greet You Repeatedly🌸音フェチ

  1. 17:14 が可愛すぎて失神したw

  2. 我居然能大约看懂一半的日本话,厉害了我。(ง •̀_•́)ง

  3. Such a cool video and I love the sounds! ❤️❤️❤️ check out my channel, I do ASMR !

  4. 前セクシーゾーンの歌とか歌ってませんでしたか??

  5. この人が凄いのは、今回みたいに色んなチャレンジをしながらも、睡眠のためのASMRの元々のテーマをとっっても大切にしてるところ

  6. 概要欄泣いたわ😢

  7. おめでとう🎉(৹ᵒ̴̶̷᷄﹏ᵒ̴̶̷᷅৹)

  8. 概要欄で全私が泣いた…。私も自信につながるようなことなにかはじめようかな…

  9. いつも寝る前に動画流しながら寝るけど、とても幸せな気持ちで寝れます!辛いことがあった時も癒してもらえました!

  10. こんな可愛い人いたら好きになって逆にいじめちゃう気持ちは分かる

  11. ヨーロッパは今年大変な熱波に覆われていますが、大丈夫ですか?

  12. 最初の挨拶大好きだから、すごくすごく嬉しい✨

  13. 惚れてまうやろー

  14. 10万人おめでとうございます!これからも楽しく動画投稿していってください!

  15. 皆お前に癒されてんだよぉ😠


  16. 12:15 Intro only (whispering)
    13:44 intro with hand movements writing "asmЯ " in the air
    15:43 intro with hand movements writing "asmЯ " in the air ft. gloves
    19:10 alpaca time! ft. gloves
    22:30 bottle tapping
    24:17 wet hand sounds ft. hand cream
    24:55 face roller on mic
    25:33 glass bottle
    26:04 paper box tapping
    26:38 mic brushing ft. fluffy brush, speaking english
    27:16 camera brushing ft. fluffy brush
    27:40 pen movements ft. Hello Kitty
    28:05 mic scratching
    28:35 spray bottle
    29:08 slime time
    29:48 slime time 2 electric boogaloo
    30:24 chewing gum
    31:00 fliping through a book
    31:40 hand movements noice
    32:09 whispering and repeating intro slowly
    32:50 DS tapping and clicking
    33:28 fluffy donut tapping and squishing
    34:05 DS game box tapping
    34:42 little scissors sounds
    35:11 washi tape sounds
    35:44 plushy combing
    36:23 calculator sounds
    37:07 writing on notebook
    37:54 writing on small white board with a sharpie
    38:48 more slime! ft. plastic bag
    39:20 levi sounds
    40:06 dry hand sounds
    40:36 pinching with a pincet (visual trigger) noice

  17. 虐めてた奴とか居るのかよ….

  18. この方の動画は毎度問題がある。

  19. 概要欄なける、

  20. Katie – kit kat / and then I’m sure there’s a blue type of kit kat in japan so just put them two together and you get … the Kit Kats. Lol I’m bad at coming up with names. (I just choose whatever rhymes 😂)

  21. 十万人突破おめでとうございます!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 日本来てください。

  23. こんばんは😊失礼な発言でしたらごめんなさい。けいとさん。とひらがなで書くよりケイトさんとかたかなで書いた方が女性らしいです。また、ケイティさんなら尚女性らしいです😊

  24. I feel emotional after reading the description text. I understand you, I'd say that I'm experiencing something close to what happened to you.

  25. いじめられていた時があったって?

  26. ほんっっとに大好きです、、概要欄読んで泣いてしまって、寝るどころじゃなくった、、

  27. 10万人おめでとうございます!!
    一番好きなASMR YouTuberです!!

    ケイティさんは YouTuberとしてではなく人としても、とても素晴らしいお方だと思って尊ケイしティます。



  28. What is meaning of Ttommo..? At first she always says “ Ttommo, A, S, M, R… “ I wanna know the meaning of that!!!

  29. Sorry I’m a little late, I just wanted to congratulate you on 100k 🥳!!! Your videos are amazing and I look forward to them all week! Here’s to 200k 🥂

  30. When the biracial thing gets to you, just remember there's entire countries like that. Mexico, for one. A lot if not most of latin america is populated by biracial and bicultural people.

    Spain hates us and the original peoples too. Now even immigrants hate us, calling our mixed ancestry a privilege just because blacks or chinese are minorities.

    People will always find a reason to hate you. Just ignore them. I know that that sounds exactly like the opposite of motivational advice, but it is what it is. As evolved as humans are compared to other animals, we still have ancient instincts within us. Tribalism is tied to survival, so whether it's race or a hairdo, people will form groups and hate everyone that's not a part of it. Pay it no mind and carry on with your life.

  31. Im writing this after reading your description… Who tf would actually bully you?.. I means nobody kicks a cute little kitten.. So in your case who would bully you?

  32. 15:43 (*・∀・)☞ どーもどーも

  33. 最初逆に書いてるところ可愛すぎ🥺

  34. スローモーション囁きとハンドムーブメントの動画が単品で見てえなあ

  35. ん?概要欄かわいすぎん?

  36. 10万人おめでとうございます!
    音が良いし可愛いので、いつまでも応援させていただきます(ง ˙-˙ )ง

  37. reading the description made me tear up… I’m glad you feel happy with your channel! I absolutely love your channel and would likely be a tired wreck without it!!!!! thank you for making videos for us 💓💓💓💓

  38. まじで可愛い!!私と同い年の女の子とは思えないし、同じ学校にいたら絶対友達になりたい!ケイティちゃんが顔出しし始めた頃から知ってるけど、日に日に可愛くなってて本当に癒し✩.*˚

  39. 登録者10万人おめでとう!🎉㊗️

  40. まじでいい子なんだろうな〜

  41. 6:27 頭が狂うまで繰り返す



  42. 最近知りチャンネル登録させて頂きました^-^

  43. 応援してます💛

  44. 始めたきっかけが友達少なくて暇だったなんて意外ですね。明るい感じでとてもキュートで友達沢山いそうなのに(笑)

  45. 頭が狂うまで繰り返す


  46. 29:54 タカコアメダルにみえたw

  47. 久しぶり見たらすごいチャンネル登録者増えてる!!!目からも耳からも癒された幸せ

  48. 子守唄また聴きたいな~



  49. 10万人おめでとう👏🏻🎉✨

  50. アルパカの人形かわゆす❤️(もちろんけいとちゃんもね!)

  51. まって、挨拶めちゃめちゃ好きで毎回毎回何度もリピートしてたからこの動画ほんとに嬉しすぎるやばい(; ;)‪(; ;)(; 😉

  52. 文字を書きながら「A.S.M.R」って

  53. 東京ドームのキャパ(55000人)の2倍くらいの人が登録してるってすごいよね。

  54. I’m a week late but maybe we could be the blue birds?

    Also congratulations on 100k! You truly deserve it

  55. 今日初めて見たのですが本当に好きです。音に最初は惹かれたのですが貴方の人間性も、、、

  56. ジョースター家のジョセフさんアピーチ says:


  57. 素晴らしい人生が待ってるんだろうなぁ

  58. Honestly watching you grow more and more confident these past two years or so up until now is just great. I loved your stuff back then and I love how much better it's become. Keep it up! 頑張って!!

  59. 課題やりながら聞いてると眠くなるわ画面見たいわで進まねぇ😭


  60. 毎回思うけど「ですけれど」好き

  61. 個人的に折り紙箱の音好きだったからもっとやってほしい!☺️

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