7 thoughts on “#AsIAm Documentary | Sachiko’s Story | Nineteen Paper Cranes | Episode 9

  1. This is so so beautiful. I adore the whole As I Am series. I wondered which organisation or group did you produce these with? They are filmed so sensitively and beautifully gently communicating your values. Thanks for creating these 🙂

  2. this is so great. I really appreciate this wonderful work and I will be so happy if I can help the organisation by helping in translating videos or other activities in l'arche, waiting for your reply ☺

  3. I wept. What else can I do but weep? I am so sorry for your loss. And may I follow your example of Love and forgiveness. What else can I do?

  4. This is so powerful.
    Last week, I made and uploaded Korean subtitle for this movie clip. But it is still under pending.
    Could you approve my subtitle for Korean people?

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