Asia-link Sketch Walk 2019 (Day 1)

Asia-link Sketch Walk 2019 (Day 1)

cultural exchange sand yeah yeah yeah
all right guys I’m with the great Dom on he is also right and it is raining today
but we’re gonna Guerra we’re going to the center to register
let’s go guys do you have picture anything you can hand him your photo and
you convert it to your trap and it can be done in one hour hello hello my friend how are you you
remember long time you know it’s been three years
so I’ve had this okay and this is numb trying they’re really really really
good-hearted everyone is a spa yeah even Darwin’s work it’s amazing so I’m gonna
leave the links down in the description box you can go check out their artwork are you okay yes okay so yes this is the this is the
Hat where everyone has to draw and I think inside that’s our marker yeah – to
draw so that’s the marker that comes with it and like dumb and said if you
want to paint there there is paint of that you can go up let’s go see the
paint’s I’m good for you okay maybe tomorrow okay yes no rush okay sneaky rabbit in the screen so the
cameras everyone painting on the heads I think it’s the
critics that thank you from Alisha okay thank you this is where the opening ceremony is
for Asia links Quechua Hanoi come on let’s go in and get some grub Hi everyone! My name is Alvin Mark.
Welcome to Asia-link sketch walk, day one! I think I’m gonna still a little bit
of time from the filming and all that to paint that orangey, peachy-yellow
building yeah the only thing that stands out knowing that the Sun will be setting
in a few minutes or actually maybe less Alright guys, it’s been 45 mins, but we have to check in. The programme is starting and we’re moving into another side of this building for the opening. I have to clear this right now. I’m gonna bring this into some light so
you can see what it looks like you’re gonna love it yeah

4 thoughts on “Asia-link Sketch Walk 2019 (Day 1)

  1. Fan.tas.tic Alvin! What a great job you did capturing the many impressions of this wonderful country and people. I am ashamed not to know anything about Vietnam except from the history and all but you have opened a whole new world to me. For sure Hanoi is on my sketchradar now. Thank you! Keep up the great work

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