#ArtJournalHabit2019 Day 13 ‘touch’ Day 14 ‘noted’

#ArtJournalHabit2019 Day 13 ‘touch’ Day 14 ‘noted’

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio studio and today I’m sharing with you a couple more days of the
#ArtJournalHabit2019 month-long prompt art journaling
everyday challenge this is brought to you by art joy of sharing which is an
art community over on Facebook and we offer the prompts we encourage you to
play along and to use the hashtag so that we can find your art there’s places
for you to put your art in the group and also you can put it on Instagram
Facebook wherever you want if you use the hashtag it will be able to be found
so I’m combining two days today the first one is day 13 and the prompt was
touch and I thought about a lot of different you know touchy feeling
emotions stuff and I decided now no I’m doing that I just wanted to make
something that you could touch and feel so I decided to play around with a lot
of different products to make texture on your page this is fun stuff I do it
occasionally but not as much as I should so I started out by making some wrinkly
crinkly texture using some leftover tissue paper
just wrinkled it up and put it on there with some match up matte fluid medium
and just kind of pressed it down with my brush to get it glued on there and then
I have a few deco art products here that I haven’t really used and one of them
was called modeling paste or something like that in the middle and what’s
called texture gel and one of them was in a tube and the other one was in a tub
so I decided to use both of them and see what the difference was and why I had
two different things that sounded like it does the same thing so I used a
stencil girl stencil and I put the first one that was in the tub through the
stencil using a palette knife to create some texture
and then I did the same thing with the one that was in the tube and as near as
I can tell it is exactly the same stuff just two different packages I probably
prefer the one in the tub because as you can see I can’t put any leftover back in
the tube but that being said the tube probably keeps the air out a lot better
and will stay viable for use a lot longer it won’t dry out as fast which is
an issue here where I live in Arizona it’s very dry and hot so the other thing
I had from Decca arts is this weathered wood crackling system it says to paint
it over a dried acrylic paint so I thought okay I’ll just paint it here and
there and see what it acts like I probably needed to put a lot thicker
amount on I’ve decided is what I didn’t do well was to get it really thick but
then you let it dry and then you come back and you put another color of
acrylic over the top and what should happen is that stuff should have created
a crack a crackly looking weathered wood type thing and in the cracks the under
laman of acrylic should show through and then over the top should be the new
color that you’ve put on so I’m putting on some sedona color which is kind of a
red rusty color this is from Dena Wakeley acrylic paint and I’m really not
seeing much crackle there’s a little bit down in the right-hand corner and I’m
trying to show it to you here but you can’t really see it but I think what I
needed was a lot thicker coat which would have made this have to dry a lot
longer and as I was thinking about texture I was thinking about fall and
when I was a kid the neighbor had a couple big maple trees and we actually
ended up planting a sapling in our backyard which is probably a humongous
tree now but of course I don’t live there anymore but
my neighbor would rake the rake the leaves up into piles and and the thing
about fall the thing that I think about fall is that crunchiness of the leaves
when you’re walking to school you’re walking over all these you know through
a neighborhood all kinds of different types of leaves have fallen and they’re
they’re crunchy and they’re wrinkled and I was thinking that that that’s tissue
paper that I put underneath it was kind of like that sort of a texture of a leaf
that’s fallen in his drawing out so I decided to put some napkin leaves on
there this is a napkin I received an app email and I just used some water brush
to cut out a couple different leaves from it and then set those aside because
I’m gonna add some more colors I was trying to get the texture of the the
paste a little bit more visible so I thought if I put some liquidy fluid
paint and dripped it down over it maybe you would go in the cracks of the
texture and give it a little bit more visibility but yeah and then weren’t
that good it was okay but I didn’t he didn’t do exactly what I wanted so I
just moved on I got out some deco art napkin decoupage medium and glued down
my little leaves from the napkin that I had cut out and then I decided I’m gonna
add some other stuff and I have these flowers that are made out of paper there
I have different ones from different packs I think they’re in a box in yeah I
decided to glue those on they’re the same colors everything is real
monochromatic on this page I worked a long time on this page and I still
didn’t come out with anything that I thought was that great so obviously I
need to practice some more with all these different things which I haven’t
had out in so long you know I like to collage I like to do
abstracts so and I like to illustrate so I haven’t really done this type of thing
in a long time but this is probably the first type of mixed-media that
I ever did was you know make a bunch of layers put some stuff on put some
texture on put some this put some matte and I’ve done it a lot I just haven’t
done it in a while and I thought since this is a month long everyday our
challenge that I should do some things that you know get out some stuff that I
haven’t used in a while so or maybe in some cases never used because the
container wasn’t even open I did receive quite a few deck projects last year at
the art retreat in North Carolina the company was kind enough to send us a
couple big boxes of products to try out at the art retreat and then of course we
were needing to talk about them in our videos about the event and also now I
mean I’m I’m doing it now I use plenty of deco art stuff I don’t feel like I’m
shorting them using their products on videos I use a lot of deco art stuff so
particularly with paints I like the the media fluid paint of theirs pretty
pretty nice paint so after I got all my flowers glued down with some gel medium
then I added these letters and they say touch a bowl because the the prompters
touch and I wanted I wanted to give the idea that this has feeling to it like if
you touch it it’s not flat it’s got all kinds of different textures and things
that you could feel without having your eyeballs looking at it so dried that off
real good so that I could do a little bit of shading around the flowers the
the leaves already had their own shading because that was the color of the napkin
in the background and I actually should have used a slightly darker pen here
I picked a burgundy color one which I thought was going to be right but then I
probably should have used a brown because it doesn’t show up as much in
the end as it should blended that with a water tank brush
that’s India ink so it’s permanent when dry so I can put more layers over the
top which is what I’m doing and decided to dry brush
with a color called ancient it’s like a bronze it’s okay like if you took gold
and you took copper and they had a baby then that would be the color and I’m dry
brushing it trying to hit just the tops of the texture and bring out the texture
more so I dry rush the entire thing covering all the textured areas just to
try to bring out texture and you’ll be able to see it in the close-ups at the
end not so much in the video you know video is a lot less pixels than those
photos that of course really make everything stand out a lot better so
that I needed some things for the Centers of the flowers I got out some
sequins some little water droplet plastic flat back bead things and I’m
gluing them on with Stickles glitter glue in gold I didn’t feel like getting
out another glue so I just glued him on with that which is right next to me on
the desk which then I ended up using it for some more lines and highlights and
things as well throughout the page I drew with it sketchily around the leaves
went over the letters the touchable letters with the gold as well so it ends
up being all throughout the page a little bit of gold why not why not more
bling so here comes that close-ups of this page looks so much better in the
close-ups lots of people say that about different projects that they watch on my
videos but it’s just it’s just the pixel quality the camera takes a much better
photograph than video does so yeah there you go okay moving on to day 14 this this
prompt is noted and I wanted to make a funny page I wanted to make something I
don’t know noted is like duly noted I’ve yeah I don’t know it’s just this
kid it’s fine it’s a fine word but it could be taken like in kind of a
negative way sort of so I just wanted to make it
funny hence I looked on unsplash.com for a photo of an expressive animal
I used a cat at the beginning of the thing and so I decided I would use a dog
so I just I just typed in on unsplash expressive dog just those two words came
up with a lot of different pictures and I thought this one was hilarious for
pugs are funny anyway just I don’t know they’ve got funny faces just in there
resting their resting face but this one is of course looking at you from a 3/4
profile like it’s looking out from its side I like yeah really you know it’s
just funny so I decided to take printed off on my printer and attach it collage
it on there and then I’m using a 6b lyra graphite crayon to do some shading
around it so that it’s blended into the page a little bit and I thought that I
wanted to make it more like a portrait and I also wanted to kind of jazz it up
a little bit the dog is black and so when it when it was printed it’s just
kind of mostly black so I’m using the photo as a guide and i’m using some neo
color to water-soluble crayons one of my favorite products and i’m drawing them
on they’re starting out with a light grey and that’s kind of a warm color of
a light grey putting that in the highlight areas
the fur and then blending it a little bit with a water brush and then moving
to a darker gray and then a black you know kind of making making the face and
the wrinkles and the different stuff stand out more because the photo wasn’t
doing it justice and also when you do something like that whether it’s a human
face or whether it’s an animal it makes it look a lot more like you painted it
or it was it it’s your hand involved in making it into art it’s not just a
photograph anymore now it’s something that you’ve marked and you made it into
your own thing because no matter how closely you try to follow the photograph
you’re still gonna change it because it’s just how things are you just you’re
gonna change it so it adds your hand into the art and makes it less collage
and more of kind of painting maybe you didn’t draw it but you painted it
so I also needed to change the outfit on the dog because it was the wrong colors
for the background this is one of the backgrounds that was originally gel
printed and then we did a live stream we were talking about how to begin with a
page and I put some India ink on there and I was just kind of showing how you
can make doodles and marks with India ink and that dries permanent of course
so that was one of my starter pages and I wanted to balance it out a little bit
and that’s the reason that I put the dog on the right-hand side I did have to
flip the photo in on my computer then I decided that this dog could have even
more attitude if I put a bow on its head judging from the shirt its where it was
wearing in the original photo it’s probably a boy but I wanted to switch it
into a girl because girls have more attitude if you have like a teenage
daughter you might already know this I have boys and I shouldn’t know but I
Dino it I know that they just have more attitude more more i
rolling and looks out of the side i and you know had it you’d so I thought it
would be funny to put a bow on the dog’s head and so I made it the similar colors
to the background into the shirt and cut it out glued it down colored it with the
NiO color two crayons and added some black pasta pen and then I went in with
the black pasta pin and also added some lines into the shirt to give the outfit
the same look as the bow kind of a graphic illustrative look then I use
that white pasta pin to add some highlights and then also to brighten up
the eyes of the dog they were a little bit dark and I wanted them to really
stand out so the eyes the wet nose and the wet lip got a little bit of
highlight with some white pasta pen which is just acrylic ink in a pin so I
also blended it with my water brush to blend it out a little bit and then I put
some ink around the edges and I wanted to put a funny saying on there that
could be interpreted funny could also be mean depending on how you interpret it
but since the dog is funny the saying is therefore funny and I have this collage
alphabet stamp set so I stamped it with that which it it’s supposed to look like
like a ransom letter you know like if you cut all the letters out from a
magazine this is what it would look like kind of that was the idea of these
stamps so I stamp your opinion duly noted and dismissed that’s exactly what
that dog is saying what you don’t want me on the couch your opinion is doing
noted and dismissed I’m still gonna get on the couch
what do you can do about it that’s what that dog looks like it’s saying to me so
stamped it all out on some just regular a scrap of paper that’s
just from the printer the other half of the paper that I printed the dog out on
and then glued this down with matte medium trimming it and trying to get it
all to fit on there it’s just a little bit big but I got everything on there
and yeah I got to get it glued down with some liquitex matte gel medium my
favorite and sealed in this was stamped with archival ink I started with the
memento pad but it was a little bit lighter and my archival pad from Ranger
is had darker black so I stamped it with that and that’s permanent so I don’t
have to worry about going over the top of it getting everything really good and
sealed in there and you know stuck it’s stuck put some on the page and the backs
got everything glued down then I used a little bit the the magenta crayon and
added a little bit of color into some of the holes on the alphabet just to make
it look a little better a little more integrated into the page because you got
that very definite magenta in the back and I added some crayon around it I
added some hearts colored those in yeah I think that’s about it for this page I
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for today thanks for watching bye bye you

12 thoughts on “#ArtJournalHabit2019 Day 13 ‘touch’ Day 14 ‘noted’

  1. I LOVE them both. Actually I love everything you do. Your videos are so uplifting. Those leaves are beautiful and that dog is Awesome. I love her. Thank you very very much for sharing! (FYI -If your stuff dries out in tubs put a piece of Press 'n Seal on before closing.) XOXOX

  2. Super pages Shel, thank you so much for taking the time to do a page a day all month. I love them both but your attitude pup is the best.

  3. You are sooo right about teenage girls attitude.
    Somedays I would love to lend my two to someone for a couple of years πŸ™‚
    Great pages!

  4. Love all the texture of your leaves…I think your pup is a boy and is thinking that a bow is a little too much to ask…πŸ˜„

  5. Thank you, Shel, I really appreciate seeing you create with items you don’t use very often. And I, too, had boys, but now have two granddaughters, so attitude abounds as they come into their teenage years. Love Miss Pug!!! πŸ˜€

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