Artists Design Monsters Based on Random Images | OC Panic Hour

Artists Design Monsters Based on Random Images | OC Panic Hour

JACEY: Do you want to lead us? Do you wanna intro us Eld? ELD: Oh okay what do we usually say? [Laughs]
JACEY: I don’t know, just umm… [Kael Laughs] JACEY: Hey! Welcome to OC panic hour!
I’m Jacey Chase. I’ve got Eld and Kael with me today. We’re gonna dress some monsters.
KAEL: Hi! JACEY: That’s a good intro right? That’s good enough? [Laughs]
KAEL: Oh are we not using that? [Laughs] [ELD Laughs]
JACEY: Yeah I think we are! KAEL: Oh okay
JACEY: That was me saying we’re using it! JACEY: [Nervously] Um
[KAEL Laughs] ELD: [Bored] Cool
JACEY: Intros! Uhh… KAEL: Yay!
JACEY: I don’t know. What else do we have to say? JACEY: We’re the Venture Crew!
KAEL Yeah that’s good! I’m good with that. JACEY: …we like to do… stuff. Okay. JACEY: So a little–normally normally panic hour is an hour long challenge and we each choose 5 references and we do it based on a theme. But today
we’re doing a little differently. We chose two references each and we’re
gonna all use the same references. So there’s gonna be six references total that we have to try to incorporate into our drawing. We don’t know what they all are
yet so we’re about to find out. KAEL: Okay
JACEY: Alright so… KAEL: Boop! JACEY: Oh wow!
ELD: Aww! JACEY: Those are cool!
KAEL: Yeah! JACEY: So we’ve got some kind of
winged creature and–
ELD: with a tail! JACEY: I don’t know, like a demon dog made of horror? So I don’t know what that is. KAEL: It kinda reminds me of the creature from Princess Mononoke
JACEY: yeah yeah that’s a good– KAEL: so I thought that aspect was very appealing
JACEY: Yeah JACEY: Okay, you guys ready to reveal Eld’s?
KAEL: Yep. ELD: kay, yeah.
KAE: Le click. JACEY: What! Is that little doll? What is that?
KAEL: Neat ELD: It’s like a doll with a mask and fur.
JACEY: Aw that’s so creepy I love it! ELD: I like the fluffiness. I thought it was cute.
KAEL: Can I just say real quick I think my gut reaction was “Doll? Yeah I can incorporate it.” “Platypus? How the fuck?”
[JACEY laughs] JACEY: Yeah, platypus was an interesting choice. I also chose an animal for one of mine so
if you guys wanna click those spoilers… KAEL: Alright let’s see.
ELD: Yeah. KAEL: Boom. Oh boy.
ELD: Aw. Jacey why? [JACEY Laughs]
KAEL: That cat is so cool! JACEY: yeah, it’s a lykoi. They’re like werewolf cats–
ELD: Oh yeah JACEY: and a contortionist just cuz I was thinking like Silent Hil… that kind of–
KAEL: Yeah yeah KAEL: Now one of my possible references what’s kind of in that same vein so alright, that works. JACEY: I think this is gonna be hard though, to–
KAEL: Oh yeah. JACEY: To get them all. I don’t know. We’ll see. JACEY: I’m gonna set a timer on my phone.
KAEL: Cool. JACEY: You guys ready?
KAEL: Yes JACEY: Alright s–
ELD: No wait I drew on the background. JACEY: Oh. Wait what?
ELD: Uhhh… okay it’s cool. JACEY: You ready? You good?
KAEL and ELD: Yeah. JACEY: Alright and… start! KAEL: Okay
JACEY: Oof, okay. I have no idea what I’m doing yet. ELD: I don’t know how to draw animals
KAEL: Well that’s okay. ELD: Rhat might be a good good thing to learn in a monster challenge
JACEY: Yeah maybe KAEL: [Quiet, unclear]
JACEY: Oh shoot! I already feel like my canvas– it have it tall, I feel like it should
be wide. Probably be easier ELD: Press C and you can fix it
JACEY: Yeah KAEL: Do what now? Oh the can–okay
JACEY: My canvas. I feel like it would be like, like a landscape instead of
portrait to figure out a creature, an animal. KAEL: Let’s see… JACEY: Honestly I feel like the
contortionist was a weird loop for this, like KAEL: Yeah
JACEY: I don’t know how to work that in even though that was my idea.
[KAEL Laughs] ELD: [Sarcastically] Good job
JACEY: I just–I don’t know. I was thinking like Silent Hill kind of like everybody looks like their back is broken or–do you know what I mean? KAEL: Yeah. Yeah! No, I dig that. That’s great for the monsters JACEY: kind of a vibe I was feeling. ELD: I think my biggest challenge is just remember what’s front and what’s back
JACEY and KAEL: Mmm, mhmm ELD: because uhh, you know… [trails off] KAEL: [Frustrated breathing and mumbling] JACEY: I feel like–
KAEL: It’s just the goddamn platypus! KAEL: I don’t know where–
[JACEY laughing]
KAEL: to work that in. ELD: You think that’s the odd part about the whole thing? JACEY: Honestly though I–
KAEL: YEAH! Because it’s only got many platypus details, you know? Like
it’s like, do I put a duck bill on this? Do I put little duck feet or do I put
a beaver tail on it? Cuz I can’t just have like a potato body. [Laughs]
[JACEY Laughs] ELD: I mean–
KAEL: That’s literally a platypus I have described the entirety of the animal.
JACEY: I mean, it also has like [sighs] JACEY: You could be–
ELD: It has hooks on his back feet that are poisonous. JACEY: You could be inspired by the colors stuff,
or the shinyness of it’s, like you know– KAEL: That’s true. Yeah, okay.
JACEY: It’s kind of slick and water. There’s stuff you could pull from that. JACEY: I would think beyond just the
structure of the creature a little bit KAEL: Yeah
JACEY: That’s why it was a weird
challenge KAEL: True that. KAEL: Uhh, here I’ll just do a couple of odd marks and see what inspires me.
JACEY: I feel like I’m gonna be really quiet this whole episode because I’m just focused like
“Oh, what do I do?” KAEL: Well here, I’d like to ask you two, What are some of your favorite monsters you’ve seen in media and why? JACEY: Oh jeez. Uhh, Okay! You know what really always stood out to me? I do
like–I don’t really play Silent Hill games but I watch Mikey play them and
one of my favorite things was– I forget what it was called but there’s a
creature that it’s based on two people so it’s like this guy
and then there’s like a woman tied to his back it’s kind of how it’s formed.
KAEL: Okay.
ELD: Ew. JACEY: There’s a story about their suffering and they, you know–like unrequited love. They couldn’t be together kind of a thing.
And it can flip over and walk different I think based on–I don’t know.
It’s very disturbing but I thought it was like kind of like this
weird romantic, sad sort of element KAEL: That’s cool
JACEY: that I liked about that. JACEY: Like I think it’s kind of
cool when a monster—there’s a why to why it is the way it is. I think that’s kinda fun.
Kael: Yeah. That’s always neat. KAEL: How about you Eld?
ELD: Umm… Umm [Laughs nervously] ELD: I like, umm… I don’t know! KAEL: [Laughing] I mean if your answer is you don’t KAEL: like monsters that’s valid too.
JACEY: Is monsters not really your thing? ELD: I do love orcs! But are they considered
monsters? KAEL: I think that’s a bad publicity I don’t think they’re monsters
JACEY: Yeah JACEY: What about you Kael? I know you’re INTO monsters. So I’m curious what you have to say. KAEL: Aw man. Umm, so… nothing in the world creeps me out quite
as much as “The Thing” from the movie John Carpenter’s The Thing. That to me is just
like the pinnacle of mixing monsters with psychological fear. And I really dig
it for that reason.There’s this notion of anyone you know could be acting
completely THEM, but it’s not them. JACEY: Hmm. That is scary. KAEL: And that person doesn’t even know that they’re not who they are. And that wraps back around like, what if I’m this thing and I’m just–I’m not aware until I’m going to consume my prey that I
finally cornered, you know? JACEY: Oh. Yeah. KAEL: That’s such a screwed up notion. I love it. It’s just… ew JACEY: That IS a screw–I guess I don’t really know that much about The Thing. I didn’t know all that. That’s really interesting. KAEL: Yeah it’s wild stuff.
ELD: I think I’ve seen the most recent interpretation of The Thing. KAEL: Yeah, that lost a lot of the magic I think.
ELD: Probably. KAEL: You know, not that that’s uncommon. But…
ELD: Yeah ELD: It just happens.
KAEL: Yeah, exactly. KAEL: Hmm… JACEY: Are you guys struggling yet? Hitting any walls? How’s it going? KAEL: Ummm?
ELD: I forgot that the tail is supposed to go above the butt.
[JACEY and Kael Laughing] JACEY: Oh wow
ELD: So I accidentally drew the tail under the butt because the proportions are so odd. [KAEL Coughing] JACEY: Do you guys
already have a reference you’re kind of favoring? KAEL: I’m trying–what I’m
actually doing is thumbnailing. Trying to see if I can find inspiration out of
each of these, as the frontliner. JACEY: Yeah KAEL: But you know, nothing yet really KAEL: I’d really like to just do something that’s super creepy, but I haven’t quite found it yet.
JACEY: Yeah JACEY: I’m having a hard time already Like, I’m trying to figure out a pose that… works for what I’m trying to do. And I really– ELD: I mean, can’t you use the pose reference that you gave us? JACEY: I’m trying to!
[KAEL laughing] JACEY: and then I thought I’m basically just
copying the contortionist. I don’t want it to be necessarily like “Here’s
this contortionist! But now they’re freaky looking!” You know?
KAEL: Sure, sure. JACEY: But I’m inspired by it for sure. ELD: Mmm.
KAEL: Ooo, I just had a cool idea! Alright. I dig that. ELD: I think I always have a easier time–
KAEL: Sorry! I know we’re recording, but be right back. I think my animals are fighting.
JACEY: Oh no! KAEL: Hang on!
JACEY: Should I pause? ELD: While that’s happening my cat wants to go outside [Laughs] I’ll be right back too! JACEY: Riley’s trying to get in my door. Hold on. Let’s all–we’re all gonna have a disadvantage.
ELD: Cool. JACEY: [Far away] Hi, come on in! … you jerk. You Jerk! JACEY: Okay, I’m back. Where’s everybody else at? ELD: Am I back first?
JACEY: Uh no– ELD: [Not waiting for the anwer] Cool.
JACEY: I think I was back first. ELD: [Irritated] No.
JACEY: [Mockingly] Nooo! ELD: No, I wanted to win!
KAEL: Sorry about that! JACEY: No we all had to deal with our animals for a second oddly. [Laughing] Eld’s like “I gotta let my cat out. I’m like “I gotta let my dog in.” So we all lost a couple–like a minute there.
[KAEL laughing] ELD: I think the hardest part
for me it’s definitely the face. JACEY: I’m not overthinking the face I feel like. I feel like I’m already fine with mine. KAEL: Cool!
ELD: I don’t have a face. JACEY: I just don’t–
KAEL: No face? Ooo ELD: Hmm
JACEY: No face works. KAEL: Yeah That’s kind of one of the ideas I’m toying with
ELD: It’s the mask. [KAEL you okay bud? You keep coughing] JACEY: I’m really curious how we all interpret this challenge though, like I think- KAEL: Yeah
JACEY: I think there’s a lot… [trails off] KAEL: I think that designs pretty strong I’m
gonna just go with that instead of building out more. Because I’m crunched for time! JACEY: Yeah
ELD: How much time do we have? JACEY: We have…
KAEL: I have no idea JACEY: Uhh, hold on, my phone… there we go. We have 51 minutes still. We’re good. ELD: Mmm.
JACEY: Slightly over 51 minutes. We’re not even 10 minutes in. KAEL: Tight. Okay. ELD: I just don’t know when I’m happy with this.
JACEY: Yeah I think that’s kind of the thing about like a monster challenge that’s interesting.
ELD: I’m not used to drawing monsters either so–
JACEY: No, same. ELD: Oh boy
JACEY: Yeah, no, this is definitely like a “Kael has the advantage” kind of a thing.
[KAEL laughing]
ELD: Like always! [JACEY laughing] KAEL: Okay, let’s drop that down I love the silhouette that I’m getting here. This is fun. Okay! JACEY: Yeah I’m [unintelligible]
ELD: Oh my silhouette definitely looks like SOMETHING! JACEY: I’m stuck on mine actually for that cuz I just feel [sighs] I feel like I keep inching towards something but I’m like, wait, that’s kind of a cat in heat pose
[Laughing] I’m not into this. KAEL: It’s kind of a what?
JACEY: [Laughing] Like a cat in heat kind of pose KAEL: Oh.
ELD: Oh no! JACEY: Like I was just inching towards something that felt like that and I was like Nope, that’s not where I wanted to go with that. ELD: I’m moving over to color
JACEY: Of course you are. I would expect nothing less.
ELD: There’s a lot of brown in our reference I’m going to go for brown. Just because–
JACEY: [repeating] I would expect nothing less ELD: Hey. Don’t be salty with me.
JACEY: There’s a lot of brown in all of our references. ELD:, Yeah see, we thought about same thing. ELD: I think I feel like–I don’t know. I feel like it’s so hard to just mesh them all
together because they are so different. JACEY and KAEL: Yeah
ELD: There’s no theme around them JACEY: Yeah, no, kinda not. ELD: So uhh, whoops!
JACEY: [Sigh] Alright. JACEY: I think I’m just gonna give up on that part–
KAEL: This is so refreshing! JACEY: What?
ELD: Is it?! KAEL: I have not just made up some horrible creature and so long. This is great! I love it.
ELD: [Annoyed] Mmm. Mmm. Yeah. JACEY: Yeah this is definitely not my forte. I’ve dabbled a little bit in coming up with a creature before but… it’s
it’s something that I remember doing and feeling like I was looking up
a lot of other artwork and trying to get inspired and really
KAEL: Yeah JACEY: You know, thinking a lot about how to do it. [ELD making sputtering noises] JACEY: The whole vibe of this changed when I changed the body. ELD: I think… I think therefore I am!
[KAEL laughing]
JACEY: There you go! ELD: And this is definitely turning into something I’m thinking about. UGH!
[KAEL laughs] ELD: Ugh is all I have to say
KAEL: Doing alright over there? ELD: Yeah I guess [laughs] [KAEL laughing]
JACEY: “I guess” JACEY: Okay so as someone who enjoys drawing monsters, Kael KAEL: Yeah
JACEY: Do you think that they need to be rooted in something that exists? And like Anatomy that makes sense? Like this thing– Do you really have to really think about
how it should move? Or is kind of the point that it’s okay if it doesn’t
look like it would move because maybe it moves in a weird way? KAEL: I think it absolutely depends on
what you’re going for. And what the setting is. You know, like
if you’re going for a realistic setting then yeah! You need to think about
locomotion and all that. Like, are you making a monster that’s an alien that’s
supposed to be on another planet and you have to consider its ecosystem? Are you
making some eldritch horror wherein you’re kind of intentionally shooting
for something that doesn’t work the way we expect things to?
JACEY: Right KAEL: You know, it’s just
asking for very, very different things depending on what those answers are. And
I think, in terms of monster and if you’re framing that up as, therefore
horror, then to me, of the best elements you can introduce are things that ARE
familiar but are done wrong. JACEY: Okay! Yeah. KAEL: Or that aren’t quite right.
That’s why Silent Hill is scary because it’s human things that are
broken and still moving and their motivations are very, you know, not clear. So things like that I think especially whenever I’m trying to go for something creepy.
JACEY: Yeah. KAEL: I’m a big fan of the body horror kind of stuff. Again when done right. I don’t like gore or torture porn kind of stuff at all.
JACEY: Yeah, me too. KAEL: I find that really boring yeah
JACEY: Yeah, yeah same. KAEL: But you know, like “The Thing,” to go back to that, I think does it really well because it’s not just that it’s wrong
looking, it’s that it’s wrong looking for a reason. It’s wrong looking as a an
adaptation. I’s wrong looking intentionally . KAEL: Like that to me as much creepier
JACEY: Yeah that totally makes sense. KAEL: [To himself] What did I just do? ELD: I think I definitely prefer to
psychological scariness
KAEL: Yeah KAEL: Cuz–Woah! Way too much erased! The thing is like, if you just have a general monster of some sorts, like it’s some
lizard creature or whatever, you know dinosaur–like it looks familiar, it looks correct,
JACEY: Yeah. KAEL: Your body pretty much processes that as like a known thing at
some point and it’s less scary. JACEY: Yeah. KAEL: You know, that’s why showing the monster often takes the horror out of the film. JACEY: No, that makes sense because you’re just like “oh okay, that’s some–” KAEL: Yeah, but you can
subvert that by having the creature be kind of unfathomable. Like even when you
see it you’re like “I don’t understand what I’m looking at.”
JACEY: Yeah KAEL: Yeah and that keeps
it fresh. I dig that. You know? And this coming from someone who cannot handle playing horror games at all! like Silent Hill–
JACEY: Really?! KAEL: mess me up! I can’t handle it.
JACEY: Really? That is interesting! I wouldn’t have guessed. ELD: I think the only horror genre that really really scares me is the Asian horror. KAE: Oh yeah
ELD: Because Asian horror, it doesn’t follow
rules! Lke the western horror has like all these rules
KAE: Yeah ELD: And that’s why it’s so scary to just see like… little girls with long dark hair just ready to murder you!
[JACEY laughing] KAEL: Yeah it’s so creepy like, Yeah, that’s
that’s a great example Eld. Like if anyone watching his seen any Junji Ito work. He’s a manga artist and writer and he does horror stuff and God it’s just
some of the most upsetting things to look at. Because he bases it heavily
in Japanese folklore and a lot of body horror, that’s like again,
it’s familiar but it’s wrong. And it works.
JACEY: I’m still stuck on this thing. I can’t figure out what I’m drawing. I have like–
ELD: I think the only Western horror that really scares me
it’s like the stalker type KAEL: oh yeah?
ELD: or just anything that’s like, through a window. KAEL: yeah
ELD: I’ve always been afraid of something that goes through a window ELD: We watched a lot of [Midsummer Murder] growing up and there was like this one episode where someone had like pretty much died.
I can’t remember because I never finished it because it was too scary
for me. But it died from shock after seeing something out of the window and I
was like “No!” No I can never ever stare out the window ever again!
[KAEL Laughs] JACEY: Yo that reminds me–
ELD: I just, I don’t– JACEY: I used to have these creepy dreams where every time I went to the window there would be these figures floating there and they’d be like, they had like striped clothing and kind of like weird, pure black eyes, kinda
KAEL: Oh wow. JACEY: and like every time you open any–
like if you go to any window they’d be there. ELD: Ew. Just staring at you?
JACEY: Yeah JACEY: [Laughing] I used to have nightmares–RECURRING nightmares about them. ELD: Damn.
JACEY: Yeah they were really creepy. KAEL: Yeah that would do it.
JACEY: I should draw them. JACEY: I never–
KAEL: You should! JACEY: Yeah I remember exactly what they look like.
ELD: Yeah I’ve drawn my fears . JACEY: Do you guys have any recurring nightmares stuff or anything that has inspired your art? ELD: Yeah yeah yes
KAEL: Yeah! ELD: I have like, I don’t have it any more but as a kid I would
have a reoccurring nightmare where I was lost in my own village and I would climb
up on like the mountain where there’s still houses and I would walk into
like this empty old house with like we’re an old couple just stares in front
of–sits in front of a TV and just stares at it.
KAEL and JACEY: Oh god. JACEY: That’s so creepy.
ELD: and that’s the whole dream. JACEY: That’s creepy
KAEL and ELD: Yeah ELD: What about you Kael?
KAE: I had, well several
really, but one that was like recurring for a bit was this thing that was—how do
you describe it? So let’s just say like a you know, a big ogre-ish type thing
doesn’t look like any kind of like fantasy monster but sort of crustacean I
guess? And its back was gelatinous like a jellyfish sort of texture like translucent
JACEY and ELD : Ewww JACEY: Okay
KAEL: and it wouldn’t– It didn’t have a mouth. It would eat you through
its back. So it’s like it would grab me
ELD: Ewwwww and like stuff me into its back and I
would slowly suffocate as like its back like turned into tentacles and pulled me
into it. And this thing would like appear in my house, you know? Like and there
was no getting away from it. JACEY: Oh god! Yeah yeah yeah. KAEL: And I don’t know if you guys have ever had dreams where you wake up and you feel like maybe you weren’t breathing while you’re asleep?
ELD: Oh yeah! KAEL: and there was a period of time where that was happening to me and
that’s when i would have those nightmares so.
JACEY: That’s super scary ELD: I think
I’m very lucky that I haven’t had any like–what’s it called when you’re awake but can’t move?
JACEY: Oh sleep paralysis? Oh I get that sometimes. JACEY: It’s really scary.
KAEL: Oh. Fuuuuck that. ELD: Yeah my sister used to have it.
JACEY: Yes it sucks. JACEY: Mikey gets it too. It’s weird cuz sometimes we’ll be having it and then we’re just like
laying there hoping get a person like we’ll get that “I need help! Wake me up!” KAEL: Yeah. That sucks.
JACEY: [Unintelligible] It’s really scary. JACEY: Okay
ELD: Boy. JACEY: [Quietly] I think… So I’ve incorporated 1, 2, 3, 4 KAEL: I’m trying to think
JACEY: I need to incorporate the other 2 KAEL: Yeah I’m missing a couple of things but…
ELD: I think I mostly have my own stuff right now JACEY: I mean I kind of started with mine. I
think that makes sense right? ELD: Yeah JACEY: We picked them, like…
KAEL: Yeah that’s fair. ELD: I think my biggest problem is definitely adding the flying dude KAEL: Oh yeah? JACEY: Oh I kinda cheated on that. I took a very small detail from that and used it. KAEL: Yeah. Actually me too. [Laughs] ELD: Cheating I hear? Cheating.
JACEY: Well I’m just saying I, you know I didn’t use a big element of it necessarily. I just kinda… ELD: Mhmm, yeah. Fine. JACEY: By the way we have 40 minutes left KAEL: Oh okay we’re good, we’re good. JACEY: Yeah I think we’re good. You know what? I’ll admit I’m having a hard time with the platypus Not gonna lie.
KAEL: Yup ELD: Good. [JACEY Laughing]
KAEL: I’m just gonna kinda circle back around to that JACEY: I think I’m gonna steal my idea that I suggested of like I’m just gonna make it look kind of wet. [Laughs]
And that’s my platypus influence. KAEL: Fair JACEY: Maybe a little bit with the coloring? I don’t know.
KAEL: yeah ELD: Oh God I’m like wrapping my brain like trying to be like what is front? What is back? This is back.This is his butt. Knee. Okay okay . But does that make sense? Is his legs going the wrong way? I can’t
tell! JACEY: I’m having a hardt ime. I feel like mine actually mine like– KAEL: I mean… Mine are definitely going the wrong way [Laughs]
JACEY: I feel like my anatomy I’m trying– ELD: Oh no! They are going the wrong way! JACEY: I’m trying to make the anatomy weird but I think I’m not–I don’t think I’m pushing it enough and I’m not sure how to change that? KAEL: Eh! Scribble a little!
JACEY: Yeah ELD: Okay he has backwards legs now! That’s a thing!
KAEL: Yeah ELD: You know it’s that creepy thing that
Kael mentioned. You know, totally did that on purpose. [JACEY and KAEL giggle] ELD: Life just be like that sometimes.
[KAEL laughs] JACEY: Sometimes. KAEL: You know…
JACEY: [Quietly screams] Ahhhh KAEL: You think it don’t be like that but I do.
ELD: Mm, indeed. Indeedy. JACEY: I’m trying to decide if I want to give this thing a tail or not. ELD: I’m adding– I feel like the cat is so mundane that it’s even harder to just implement.
JACEY: Oh see I’m heavily influenced by the cat. KAEL: Yeah I’ve got everything worked in I think.
ELD: Of course! KAEL: It’s just the dumb fucking platypus
ELD: I’m just adding the fur on his butt to be– [JACEY laughing obnoxsiouly loud]
ELD: Listen! JACEY: Yeah the platypus is hard.
ELD: The platypus makes sense! JACEY: Mmm kay. [KAEL sigh] ELD: He makes sense! Don’t judge mister platypus. He did a good job!
JACEY: Aww okay. JACEY: Alright I think I’m actually maybe ready to move onto color, maybe?
KAEL: Yeah? JACEY: It’s pretty sketchy but–
ELD: Oh yeah, same! JACEY: Same? What?
ELD: Yeah KAEL: I’m not there yet, but honestly I
don’t feel like I’m gonna really rely on color quite as much for this one.
JACEY: Yeah gotcha. I mean what I have is pretty sketchy. I feel like maybe I could clean it up and stuff. But I just I kind of want to have fun with color with this. I think I have
some ideas that are interesting. KAEL: Cool. JACEY: We’ll see…
ELD: Hmm. Hmmm. JACEY: I think color is actually where I’m
probably gonna pull from some of the references and having a harder time
incorporating. JACEY: I think color will sorta help. ELD: Hmmmmmm. Again is that flying thing that’s just so hard for me.
[KAEL giggles] JACEY: Yeah, I literally just–
ELD: What am I supposed to– JACEY: I mean there’s a lot of things there that you can kind of look at though. Like it has really interesting eyes,
it has really interesting feet ELD: YeahI was just about to do the eye.
JACEY: The tail. It’s got those weird ear things. ELD: I think it just doesn’t make sense to have any of that on my guy. JACEY: No I get you. That’s fair. KAEL: Hmmm. Okay. JACEY: [To themself] I’m having a hard time.
KAEL: [To himself] Wow what the fuck have I made? [KAEL laughing]
JACEY: I’m excited to see what you did Kael KAEL: Yeah! This is a–
JACEY: Is this very different from your normal process for creating monsters? KAEL: I can’t even say that because it’s just been a hot minute honestly. I don’t know.
JACEY: Oh okay. KAEL: This is… You know, as much as
I feel like as we get older as artists and fall into style habits,
this is kind of freeing cuz I’m just doing like what feels neat right now.
JACEY: Yeah KAEL: Um actually I’m gonna bring that down I think that’s killing a silhouette
ELD: [Grumbling loudly] KAEL: You know, there’s some stuff I’m not as happy with, but honestly I think this is
pretty dope! I gotta figure out this part though. Okay what am I missing stuff from? I got that. Got that. Got that. Got that.
JACEY: [Sighing] Okay
ELD: [Sputtering sounds] [KAEL coughs] ELD: Hmm. I am struggling.
JACEY: With what? ELD: [Sighs] With… just green boy
[JACEY Laughing] ELD: He’s just… he’s just taunting me!
KAEL: Here we go okay JACEY: [Laughs] He’s just like sticking his tongue out like “Neener neener!” ELD: [Mocking voice] Like “Nyeeee, you can’t draw me! Nyeeeee!” JACEY: Yeah we’re definitely gonna have to link these references in the description so people know what we’re talking about.
KAEL and ELD: Yeah. ELD: I think I have to do what I did bit Snerl, and just do 2 drawings JACEY: Okay yeah. To kinda work it out?
ELD: Yeah ELD: Well Snerl was pretty much done when I did my second drawing But this guy is definitely, you know having a blast of just mocking
me. ELD: Now you guys can see like how messy my drawings are when I don’t have a bit pose reference [JACEY and KAEL laughing] JACEY: Yeah honestly it’s really hard
to do something in a short amount of time without a pose reference. I find
that to be usually where I get hung up on these kind of challenges, when we do characters.
KAEL: Hmmm. ELD: Are you guys implementing the mask? KAEL: Yeah! Actually is the first thing I worked in
ELD: Cool JACEY: I’m not–
ELD: Yeah I was, I was considering not adding two masks but then I was like You know what? I just can’t. JACEY: Aw I can’t wait to see you guys’s.
Cuz I really like creatures with masks. I think it’s very creepy. I just–for what I
was doing it just kind– I don’t know. I wasn’t drawn to that element of it necessarily
KAEL: Yeah JACEY: I think the mask is really cool, which is funny cuz when I first looked at it I was like
“I’m definitely doing some with that mask” and then I started drawing and I was like “Hmm I guess not. [KAEL Laughing] ELD: Boy oh boy oh boy!
KAEL: Okay yeah that’s pretty cool KAEL: Geez [Laughs]
JACEY: What’s up? KAEL: No I’m just kind of impressed with
myself actually
JACEY: Oh! Okay good! KAEL: This is nice and creepy
JACEY: Heck yeah KAEL: Um?Just need to… let’s see. ELD: Oh my god. Okay cool, whatever.
JACEY: [Laughing] You sound so enthusiastic Eld! ELD: I know right? This is me everyday. JACEY: You usually sound way more ELD: Cocky?
JACEY and KAEL: Yeah JACEY: Definitely that. [JACEY mumbling]
KAEL: Hmmm [ELD making sputtering sounds] JACEY: I think what’s hard it’s like, to fight
the urge to do something that’s like aesthetically pleasing.
KAEL: Oh yeah. JACEY: Like I think when you–
ELD: I’m definitely going for aesthetic JACEY: Yeah I think that’s difficult though because I don’t think that really works for something like this? KAEL: No it really–Uh well, yes and no. ELD: I think it’s working for me! JACEY: Like I’m realizing that I kind of need to change the shape of my character’s face Cuz I’m feeling like it was maybe too cute? Even though I wasn’t going for cute. KAEL: Yeah, mine is looking way too cute too, for sure
ELD: I’m embracing the cute. ELD: I like the idea of something need a mask
being cute but once you take the mask off it’s creepy
JACEY: Yeah. Definitely. KAEL: Okay now I’m just
kind of avoiding something, all right Let’s get this… and then… start knocking out the other. There’s no reason to do this way. [JACEY mumbling] KAEL: Hmm. Okay let’s turn that off. JACEY: I keep–I’m coloring but then I’m like wait, I’m gonna change the shape of everything. [KAEL laughs]
ELD: Big mood. [KAEL clears throat]
JACEY: I guess I wasn’t ready for color? I don’t know. KAEL: Hmm. Okay, let’s see here. ELD: I have like remind– I gave him
multiple eyes and I have to remind myself where I put them.
JACEY: Mmm. ELD: Ughh.
JACEY: You good? ELD: Ughh I say. ELD: Ughh!
[JACEY laughing] ELD: Those are my emotions right now! Ugh! KAEL: I’m having a hard time with this one part. This is silly. Ummm, hmm. ELD: It is me sending all of the negative vibes.
JACEY: Uh oI keep changing the face. JACEY: I keep like–I’m like wait, Iwant the face to look different. JACEY: That’s hard actually. KAEL: Ooo that’s kind of a neat idea. That’s a good way to bring that in. Okay. ELD: You’re welcome
[JACEY Laughs] KAEL: Thanks. Thanks Eld.
ELD: What would you do without me? KAEL: Clearly I’d just fail at these challenges
ELD: Mm-hmm. ELD: Can I remind you guys that I
wanted us to do a monster challenge without any references.
JACEY: Yeah I don’t know that I could have dont that. ELD: Who knows?
JACEY: Like, you could have Kael, right? KAEL and JACEY: Yeah. KAEL: I could have but I’m very happy that we did with references cuz I really dig what I’m making. JACEY: Oh cool
KAEL: Like I’m gonna have to use this somewhere. JACEY: Oh yeah?!
KAEL: Yeah JACEY: Oh I can’t wait.
KAEL: No idea where or how, but you know… JACEY: Sure.
KAEL: It’s just one of those designs that I’m like “Yeah!” JACEY: I feel like I’m looking at mine and I don’t even know what to look at There’s too much going on. I don’t have anything focal.
ELD: Yeah, I feel you. ELD: What time are we on?
JACEY and KAEL: That’s a great question. JACEY: We are at… half hour!
KAEL: Oh okay! Tight, tight tight tight. JACEY: How you guys feeling? I feel good about–
KAEL: Good! Good good good JACEY: Okay.
ELD: I’m feeling… some emotions! [JACEY and KAEL laughing]
KAEL: Eld is feeling. [Laughs] That’s it. JACEY: There ya go! ELD: Eld is processing emotions. Eld needs some time. ELD: I think just having a really really hard time with the face.
JACEY and KAEL: Mmm KAEL: Alright [mumbles to himself] JACEY: Yeah I keep coming back around
on changing my characters face. I’ve changed it a bunch of times now. The problem is I feel like every time I change it, it actually kind of looks like an existing
animal, sort of. Like it reminds me of something. KAEL: Oh yeah?
JACEY: And then I’m like “I don’t like that.” It reminds me too much of “blank” You know, whatever. Like it was looking– I don’t know. ELD: I think my first drawing came out
really really dorky. Like this is clearly a dorky character. So I just really
wanted to just like, level it out with a really creepy face.
KAEL: Nice. JACEY: Yeah, that makes sense.
ELD: Kinda like dorky creepy. Like if you look at it for too long you kind of go “Eh I mean
it’s cute. But like, I don’t want to pet it.” JACEY: Yeah that’s fair. KAEL: Hmm… Okay cool.
ELD: So I’m trying to stay away from humanoid shapes into face.
KAEL: Oh don’t do that ELD: No but I’m just like–
KAEL: It’s super creepy ELD: I like the roundness of what I have going on right now. KAEL: Alright, I think that’s good on line art. Am I missing anything in particular? KAEL: Besides, you know? The duck beaver.
[JACEY Laughing] ELD: Hey listen! It’s a good reference.
KAEL: Yeah JACEY: Eld’s like “I stand by this.”
[ELD laughs] JACEY: [To themself] Alright now it looks like a dog–
ELD: At least I didn’t pick a cat. KAEL: Uhhhhh JACEY: I wish I could go back like 800 steps.
KAEL: I’m gonna pop out a little bit there. ELD: Mm, big mood.
[JACEY laughing] ELD: But that’s just life!
JACEY: I don’t think I should erase I think I should have started a new layer cuz sometimes I’m like “Actually that was fine.” KAEL: Yeah. KAEL: Let’s do… okay. KAEL: chalky brush ELD: I think I’m just gonna embrace the tongue.
KAEL: Yeah? ELD: And say that’s totally the thing I got from the Green dude. JACEY: That’s what I did! [Laughs]
KAEL: Yeah, that’s fine ELD: I am– JACEY: Cool! So we just created all creatures with that tongue. KAEL: I mean, I don’t think mines gonna come across the same as [laughs] y’alls. I’m not worried about that.
JACEY: No I don’t think so either. ELD: Who knows. Maybe we just end up with EXACTLY the same thing. KAEL: That’s true… Yeah that could happen. Looking at what
I’ve got here that’s a very real chance. JACEY: What could happen? Sorry, I think I–
KAEL: That we all just drew the same thing JACEY: Oh! Yeah of course! KAEL: Yeah!
JACEY: Yeah, so obvious. KAEL: Yeah, yeah ELD: Yeah I mean you know, you tend to just you know, if you go with your first idea you usually make something very generic.
KAEL: Right right. ELD: So maybe we just rent really really generic with this one.
KAEL: Probably ELD: Then we have to redo the whole challenge. KAEL: [Laughing] Yes! I’m okay with this!
ELD: Uhhh JACEY: Yeah my biggest problem really is the head of this thing. Like, I just keep changing it I keep… I don’t know. I’m having a hard time.
ELD: [Whispering] Oh god. KAEL: I would say… I don’t know. Again, I don’t know what you’re drawing but, advice I have on monsters is don’t get
super precious about making things look right, because a lot of times after
you get the bulk of it put together the details start sort of explaining
themselves to you I think. JACEY: No that kinda… I mean, that makes sense. KAEL: You know. ELD: We don’t want logic here.
[KAEL Laughing] ELD: I mean both yes and no.
JACEY: Yeah! No no no! You don’t want to over think like, is this accurate? Because… [trails off]
ELD: I think one way of making it creepy is just adding way too much details.
KAEL: Yep! Yep! That’s very much my school of thought with it too. Is just overly textured does tend to look very unsettling to our eyes. So that’s a quick way to just make it work.
JACEY: That’s hard to do a timed challenge though I feel like. I’m curious—
ELD: Unless you have texture presets. JACEY: Oh yeah, that’s true. [ALL talking at once]
ELD: But are you allowed to use them? JACEY: Let me pull out my monster texture that I already had ready to go. ELD: Of course. ELD: Let me pull out my skin texture
KAEL and JACEY: Ewww [KAEL laughing] KAEL: Can I use the skin texture? Will you let me borrow it?
ELD: Sure KAEL: Yes!
ELD: Rip! Here it is! [EVERYONE Laughing] JACEY: Okay. I like the concept of what I’m doing.
ELD: Hmm JACEY: I just don’t like [sighs heavily] my execution. [ELD sighs loudly] JACEY: [Mumbling to themself] Get id of that… ELD: How much time do we have again?
JACEY: We have a little less than a half hour now JACEY: Oh we have 23 minutes
KAEL and ELD: Cool ELD: That’s fine. Let me just delete my whole body.
[KAEL Laughing] JACEY: From existence?
ELD: Yeah [Laughs] ELD: I’m gone guys! Bye!
KAEL: Just delete my body. JACEY: Bye I miss you!
KAEL: Farewell! Mwah! [Kiss sounds] ELD: [Kiss sounds] Mwah! See you never! ELD: My will is on my computer.
Ignore everything that’s, you know, marked not-safe-for-work
[KAEL and JACEY laughing] JACEY: All your folders that say “Definitely not Orc porn”
[KAEL Laughing] ELD: No, why would I? You have no proof.
KAEL: Not yet. ELD: Are you guys like ever afraid of like,
you dying, and people just going through your your sketchbooks–
KAEL: Oh my GOD yeah and your folders and they just see what nasty stuff you draw? KAEL: Uh-huh!
JACEY: Nope! ELD: Yeah
[JACEY Laughing] ELD: Jacey you’re so– [Laughs]
That’s a lie. ELD: I mean, you know…
JACEY: I mean, there might have been a time when that was the case, but
ELD: I have definitely seen some stuff that are like–that I do not want to see again.
KAEL: From Jacey? ELD: I’m not saying that! That’s author interpretation.
[KAEL laughing] JACEY: [Mumbling to themself] Oops! Oops, oops, oops. JACEY: I don’t know what the heck I’m drawing anymore guys. I’ve completely gone of the rails. KAEL: Cool. That’s a good recipe for MONSTAHS! JACEY: Yeah I guess it is huh?
KAEL: I have definitely gone off the rails [Laughs] JACEY: I’m excited to you what you guys did.
KAEL: Yeah I’m excited for yours. JACEY: I’m excited to see how how exactly the same these are. KAEL: Yeah
JACEY: Because you know, the same references, obviously KAEL: It’s just gonna go that way, yeah
JACEY: Yeah ELD: Hehehe BUTT! [JACEY Mumbling to themself]
ELD: That’s not a butt. JACEY: Oh I need a textured brush. Cuz you guys are right. I think texture and detail– KAEL: Texture does a lot for this sort of thing. I’m like oh it’s
fresh and panicky let’s see I wonder if like this post I’m drawing
like translates that’s my biggest concern right now I think my second
draft of him definitely became more muscular oh yeah yeah I still kind of
prefer the first one but it’s good to explore I guess I’m really I really hope
that Alex I know some people like like like Basin view like to do challenges
and stuff too I really I’m curious like people who don’t normally draw monsters
if they’re gonna like that and I wouldn’t love to see basically you draw
some monsters so yeah I think they come up with some pretty cool ideas I really
love all this stuff they put some discord I like there it wasn’t like
delivery service see people like oh yeah yeah like they’re beating us at her own
game yeah I know we need to like get them on an episode and ask them for some
ideas and challenge I just have to keep reminding myself
that I’m not supposed to curse oh because I I want to curse so badly yeah
yeah I know but I guess like I got like redundant with my cursing
I think anyone’s like play a game with me knows how bad it gets brush it’s hard
like when you’re on the time challenge like figure out like which brushed are
you I don’t know my brushes well enough apparently that’s why I get one brush
that’s good for everything exactly Jesse is my birthday has texture yeah scattered I think my my whole thing is
definitely coming at us playful mine too I mean such as sexual
right now it’s coming out as playful playful oh yeah I can’t wait to see what
kills actually looks like based on that comment yeah pretty much every time I’ve
said like what it’s like I’m just being a smartass actually how could you do
that to us I know here we are pouring out you know our our cue soul to you
yeah oh really I’m on an eraser I’m like picked picking a brush like this brush
looks good yes that would have been amazing
why didn’t you like I don’t only like fake like like fake ear so like the hair
tie thing what is called that thing you know that’s your that thing and I don’t know I don’t want anything
saying I have to scrap my drawing now because I have to build ass okay I feel
like this is like the least that’s true yeah well let’s let’s talk some stuff so
tested a man to the store and I got really really excited because I found
some vegan spring rolls I’m not vegan but you know I wouldn’t I won’t pass off
some spring rolls right yeah and then I found a holy heck they’re like 10
Norwegian money less than the meat one yeah I hate like saying I didn’t even
there’s because have sex switch over my toll and that’s again anyways so I am at
this alright and I’m just like wow these spring rolls and I just I just I I am so
excited that I let out an audible Wow picked him up and I just get so excited
that it dunked them into my basket and that’s it that’s it sorry thank you
fantastic yeah I’m like alright what else can I add can
I just throw more eyes on this thing that’s always fun certainly whoops
that’s not the right thing I can’t wait to just be done with this you know that feel – feel my rights that
feel and you just I’m not a host any more fair alec real world it’s
definitely different than anything else I do like my boy but I do it I do not
think he’s a monster yeah I mean depends who looks at him I
guess I might have to put color on this eventually I don’t know
you know doing no color so far yeah yeah you have to sign it you know the rules
oh yeah yeah if you don’t sign it didn’t count I’m just gonna start signing like
that’s the very first thing I do don’t have to even think about it it’s good
move it’s a good yeah strategic yeah yes I’m around a 10-minute mark that big
signature energy should we save I feel like that would be good I don’t I don’t
like living on dad I like being I like being safe all right
kind of hungry I guess I guess this is my monster okay
here here’s you ready here’s the platypus an element it lays eggs I’m
gonna I get that now watchin nice is it weird if we drop behind it looks like it
just lady just no it’s only buried if you make it weird
yeah don’t make it weird come on JC it’s just an egg so what kind of color palettes did you
guys use I’m curious Brown yes things great are you going to are you sticking
with Floyd grace I haven’t decided yet earn merit rule is usually colored but I
mean I think if it’s like finished that’s what counts like are basically
not line art right like oh it’s definitely not lighter it is shaded yeah
then I think you’re good I think if that’s what your creature is you don’t I
mean if that’s where it’s like I think you’re good by anything ocean value study than
anything so value for my time for that Finnick values likes of pricing the
heart to do yeah if you like a digital artist what you’re doing like just a
color overlay is a Heuer color or what do you tend to do I prefer I prefer so I
feel like Hugh is really hard to get it to take sometimes you know I just I
usually just do overlay if you like from you okay we’re just multiplying pensive
on I’m drawing I’ll do a color layer a lot and then I end up painting over it
to get it to look better this egg just looks like a regular chicken egg I need
to think about that makes it exciting I know it’s that’s like the cartoon like
oh that eggs like it’s a it’s a dinosaur egg now cuz it’s got yeah totally
I mean some ex do have spots but I guess that depends are like very delayed eggs
like maybe don’t want it to look like rocks that you know yeah
isn’t like platypus eggs like squishy I don’t know I just assumed that he near
my head will supply the person it never squeezed a platypus in come on you have
any blue did you ever like the first time scientists saw like a platypus they
thought it was did I succeed no they do have like a pusses like spike at the end
of their legs so maybe they got poked by it and yeah I mean you know the platypus
is worth it yeah that’s right a movie about it yeah this is definitely a
blessing when you try to pull their bill off this is what happens when you just
like just thought of a platypus without – bill yeah it’s like it’s like
imagining a duck weed out a bill or like a bunny but like the eyes are facing
forwards like every sci-fi weird thing where they show eggs there isn’t like
clusters yeah and make it really slimy they always like bladed and split open
in an unnatural way I went for like a skull aesthetic so
stupid I’m adding dirt on top of disco so just kind of like yeah pretty much
oh my god a luster egg he’s licking his lips ready to consume maybe I need to
draw a baby if it’s hatched oh do you have time no we could try kids
right the promised reward us I made the egg
kind of like like an obvious color because it like sort of matches my
creature like I made my creature sort of light colors and so the egg looks
alright I feel like I feel like like weird creepy eggs like part of it too is
like they’re very dark yeah yeah a bit unnatural yeah you’re probably over
worried about it it looks like it it just looks like a giant chicken egg
right now that it’s like boring if I knew I was drawing an egg I would have
liked research just like drawing egg with like some legs sticking out that
would be my own piece monster like really really long human legs of course
it’s naked and we like really long toes I like did sort of like kind of
stretching so they’re kind of going in all directions not sure if I like I
don’t sure if I like what I did oh no but I can’t fix it yeah wrong direction here now it kind of looks like a very tasty
and weird I feel like I should’ve told you guys I
think I’m in a funny reveal like okay JC where did you incorporate a platypus so are you guys into what you’re you’re
doing yeah that’s like solar palette is a little funkier than I’d like but you
know it’s it’s not bad I’m just kind of going with the flow here yeah I mean how can you mess up an egg I just
it’s not very good it’s just an interesting like I would I would want to
like think about what makes like I kind of feel like a cluster of eggs would be
creepier okay we have two and a half okay cool are you Donald no not really
no I just have a natural calm to my voice I was the real monster all along I sucked in so much air do anything okay
hey guess what folks forty seconds to sign your name
oh boy I’m gonna be the best looking signature okay I’ll sign it now now sunny is in red like not Reds even
do I always find it in red yeah smiley face it looks like it’s like trying to
eat things I think actually I’m happy wait to face now that I’m done with like
adding highlights to de-ice do you think our challenge was extra challenging yeah
I think they comfortable and so you know like I don’t think that like us actually
getting done means it wasn’t good I think for me the reason others was that
we didn’t have any time to prep our references challenge was the friends we
made along the way yeah well details um I’m gonna do I guess I’m done are you
done Jason all right we’re done sure they sure like both of them at the
same time okay do like a splinter post for these two strong feet oh yeah yeah I
love that feature in discord should we do yeah let’s do one by one is that how
you wanna do it first okay whoa so cool Wow okay huh
I feel like this was like a like a eight vibe to me mm-hmm see the hay was giving
me like a horse sort of things oh yeah it’s like the overall body type
in shape just feels like I’m like yeah yeah yeah it looked kind of stupid
without like the scratches I can just look too smooth yeah what’s there so can
you talk us through the inspiration so like that’s kind of like the mask
inspiration an imaginary yeah so obviously the mask and also to care as I
address the tail I kind of wanted to be a super super fluffy but you don’t
really have that time in an hour and the first trying I totally drew leg strong
and I was like yeah we could keep that but I now realize nah I don’t care so I spent I think most of the time
actually on the second post just trying to find something that didn’t look at
his door yeah because I just felt like it was too dorky in the first one
because he kind of looks like he just like fell over any that’s kind of the first drive yeah yeah
I I really have to say the back feet that’s the platypus right yeah cool
flippers okay nice way to work it in and I feel like its front paws kind of
remind me of the the one creature that kill yes one yeah yeah me too I like his
back paws I know see I was thinking the front feet of L’s character kinda remind
me of the dog yeah I definitely meant for like the eyes of the dog and defer
the cat because it’s like two-toned yeah oh yeah that’s really it that’s really
all there is to it just kind of fell apart I see why I think it’s a smart
change challenge though like trying to figure out the contortionist one yeah
all right yeah yeah three two one what’s the yours is scary that’s awesome yeah
it really doesn’t look like it’s licking it I think an extra fee just because of
that hair tentacles yeah yeah doll that you shared else with like that kind of
wild that’s cool that’s like a neat
in-between of that yeah yeah yeah monster I didn’t even notice that it has
another set of legs hair I do want to ask the the eyes are those like shines
on them or are those eyes like within kind of a recessed thing I was picturing
members like shines cool yeah there’s my first reaction to that is what’s the
word for it I saw that it’s kind of like Lotus holes and there’s like eyes down
in it and that immediately made me squeaky with it I know I like that
better one the the reference you had kind of
had that vibe a little bit like the weird like recessed yeah it’s very nice
edition I think that really like suddenly now I feel like this is a
creature you’d find somewhere and like you be very very disappointed that you
ran across yeah yeah it’s funny because the Platypus kind of made me force that
in but I do think it works is that a theme to it yeah yeah yeah very nice
environment where again that’s cool I’m ready three two one oh wow wait you were
like oh there’s no color and then you got all this beautiful color yeah I did
that in like the last 10 minutes or something that’s really cool okay Wow
deafening seeing I’m seeing in no face yeah the offense there yeah that’s
really cool and the contortion is okay okay wait I have to give you mad props
you created I think in my head that’s the kind of thing that I want it to make
originally you know how to make it work of like when I saw that contortionist I
thought oh that would be cool for like a Silent Hill
No yeah you nailed what thank you I struggled a lot with trying to figure
out how do I make this weird twisted body you nailed it that’s great yeah I’m
really glad that that ended up being an influence on this because I think you
made a really cool creature Thanks all right I’m gonna say the long arms with
the the claws is kind of like the back legs of applause yeah that makes sense
that works it’s like that’s my phaser it’s like two creatures in one or easily
like the face it’s like a fake it’s like a fake is what I was thinking it’s like
you would look up and it’s very tall thing kazoom in on the mouth down there
yeah so is this like a human that’s been dis formed or eise is just consumed
uh no I think this is just part of the monster that looks like a human there is
no human element in this it’s just something there and I love that kind of
stuff just like monsters with human features are very upsetting to me I dig
that stuff in horror I like really reminds me of a sloth because of the
arms yeah yeah it did kind of end up going that direction a bit I could see
those arms moving actually like really slow and all the bottom is pretty quick Cubans are fighters I get in a game like
I just nothing like herring like to let the leg artist yes yeah no I just say –
I really like the way you incorporated sort of that flying creature has like
sort of like weird long ears and yes it’s really cool like the way I think
the colors came together really cool too like you took influences how much I
liked it with this much color like it’s a fairly bright creature yeah I imagine
that like lighting up a cave you know yeah really cool like a cookie weird
cave I did finally decide that like its back is kind of like turning gelatinous
again like that sort of Mononoke creature and it’s glowing internally I
started doing that when we were talking about the nightmare creature it’s
telling you guys about yeah they would like pull me in like that’s kind of the
texture that’s alright it’s good inspiration no I want to send you guys
like the black and white version because I still really like the way that looks –
like I’m happy with the color but I really do oh yeah so there’s like the
original black and white okay I kind of prefer it to color yeah yeah I feel like
the fleshy tone really makes this nasty yeah yeah I would probably lean more
into the fleshy stuff like I wanted to try and like incorporate that little
flying monster I had so I was like okay greens yeah it’s pretty yeah yeah I don’t know that I would keep
this palette but I would keep it this direction at least yeah this was a fun
challenge this was I’m so happy we finally did this is definitely ours i I
I really have to say I’m I’m glad that I like pushed myself with something
yeah like outside of what my comfort zone is I think I made something kind of
cool seeing yours I feel like you who is someone who makes monsters I feel like
you took that to another level which is really cool I think this is a cool
challenge for someone who is either brand new to join monsters or loves it
and just wants to like come up with a new way to approach up lose I think
coming up with like okay here’s some random influences and I’m gonna try to
work them in like it’s a cool creative tool like I think you really ran with it
that’s awesome thanks I think you understood like what
to do with those parts very well and it shows dope yeah I mean my one regret is
that I didn’t give it a beaver tail no yeah sure reporter no god that was such
a curveball good job on adding that in yeah it’s really good I was like I was I
was googling clay dolls and like a clay doll off a really cute platypus came up
I was like hardest part I just thought it was really cute they’re awesome thank
you guys so much for watching if you played along this challenge please share
it with us show us what you did during our discord server and share all your
art and writing cool yeah you can also find each of us on with our
respective usernames yeah there’s very cool all right thanks

1 thought on “Artists Design Monsters Based on Random Images | OC Panic Hour

  1. After marinating on this one, I now feel that the world is ready for a platypus horror movie. We know you've got a script lying around somewhere, SyFy.

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