100 thoughts on “ARTIST Tests VIRAL Instagram ART Videos!

  1. A lot of comments have been saying I shouldn’t put myself down or self deprecate with the little words popping up here and there throughout the video – I wasn’t! It was just to add a bit of silliness and have some fun to make it a little bit more snippy and interesting as opposed to just a lengthy clip that can get boring 🙂

  2. What I would LOVE to see is you actually prepare for your videos. Every single video you know you need certain supplies but can't be bothered to actually get those supplies.

  3. Self-deprecating humor is best humor. Sounds like people are just projecting their own issues onto you which is the sad part. Joke police are the worst. Can we all just relax a bit and stop reading into things.

  4. he paints upside down cause the person being painted it on the back of the canvas right side up so he can make it look good

  5. Please try out the new ohuhu dual tip brush-chisel markers!

    They are currently out of stock but will be back in stock sometime in july. PS if you are curious when they will restock it says somewhere here on the ohuhu website-https://www.ohuhu.com/product/Ohuhu-48-Color-Art-Markers-Set-Chisel-Brush-Tip

  6. That upside down white on black when you finished and flipped it it looks like a firefighter to me

  7. 1. Your 3D rainbow was not half bad!! You’re so hard on yourself!! 😂 2. I LOVE YOUR MANICURE CHLOE

  8. For the bamboo one, I think it’s the part of the knife you used. Maybe if you used more of a curved part of the knife it would work better.

  9. 1:02 I jumped and almost peed myself. Don't do that again, please!!! xD (Just kidding i freakin loved this bit and replayed it like… fifty times)

  10. Where is your 1 M subs !!! ( you Diserve 1 M subs But you dont HAVE 1 M subs S-o i Said where îs your 1 M subs you diserve

  11. Aww Chloe your actually really pretty. And your hair isn’t too bad! It doesn’t look too much like tarantula legs.
    At least mine is worse. It looks like something died on it.

  12. Check out the documentary Tim's Vermeer! He does this amazing photorealism using a mirror. I think it'd make a cool video to attempt to do.

  13. I love your new lighting setup! In some of your other videos it was so hard to see any details of what you were doing because it seemed very overexposed 🙂

  14. I think the person who did the bamboo art was probably using ink paint not acrylic and a rounded backed knife (the non-sharp edge). Other than that, good try!

  15. I'm italian girl and i think i'm learning english only thanks to your trying videos, i love it (i hope i write it good)

  16. Your doing the bamboo technique a bit wrong you don’t lift up your hand and you need to put it at an angle
    No hate

  17. in the bamboo one, the tool looks very different from what Chloe is using. That one has a bigger point in the region where the shiny white of the bamboo is (it is actually a palette knife). Chloe is using a rounded edge and that too at the point. Moreover, I think the IG person is using ink and not paint. SO that might help too.

  18. I thought your first time at doing bamboo like that wasn't bad. I won't talk about the white on black painting, I'd probably not get it right looking at it as I was doing it lol

  19. The reason the bamboo doesn't look right is because you make the pieces of the bamboo Too Short they should be longer and not the exact same size🤗

  20. "evil" Chloe's asides are the part that really crack me up. She's so judgemental of you "not evil"Chloe. You might wanna find someone else to edit your videos.

  21. 8:44 “I love how my hair just got worse throughout the video”
    Shirt: “villain hair don’t care”
    Me: is this scripted😆

  22. Maybe a smaller tool with a rounded middle might work for the bamboo? Dunno, just a tip coz doing it with the tip of a knife like that seems hard to get consistent results

  23. Redo a bamboo one but with a knife with more roundedcurved tip :0 U kind of used the very end of the knife to 'scratch' the paper when it should be a piece closer to the middle.. if that makes sense…
    Also it looks like one of those street artists that can make a piece in 2 min.. I'm always amazed by techniques like these… Like it's so easy and so pretty and expressive at the same time?? And it looks like magic?? I'm love

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