*Loud whirring* *BEEP* Hello there! So I am really excited for today’s video because I started this series of videos probably more than two years ago now, where I’d seek out different art hacks I found on websites like Instagram, Pinterest… So today I’m gonna be trying out six different Instagram art hacks that I found, my mum found and also some of you found as well, you sent me some links on my Instagram, so I do appreciate that very much. So if you enjoy these videos and you’d like to see me try Twitter art hacks or Pinterest art hacks next time, give this video a thumbs up and let me know in the comments down below, I will do my best to find some Twitter art hacks. So I don’t want to give you any spoilers or anything, but uh, here a few of the things that I picked up for the hacks in today’s video and I know this all looks very good, but try not to get too excited. So this first art hack involves a highlighter pen blended against a Copic marker-style marker to make a gradient effect. It doesn’t really look that good does it? Okay, so I have my highlighter pens, I have three different Spectrum Noir markers, so we just put it on… like that. And then I’m gonna take a blue marker and just swipe it across like that. Are you ready for the moment of truth? Okay. Wow! Well that did nothing. Let’s try getting a bit more pigment, maybe that’ll work. Yeah, that’s done nothing at all. Tada!!! It looks… absolutely like nothing happened, but this time we’ll try it with yellow. That one kind of worked that time but I had to collect a lot more pigment on this particular pen than they did on theirs, they just went one swipe. Ugh! Enough of you. Hello, I am back. You know what that means. It means this video is being sponsored! And today our sponsor is Skillshare, and I’m very excited for this particular sponsor because Adobe just released a brand new digital painting app called Adobe Fresco, and I’ve used Adobe for years for all of my digital paintings. For this painting and this painting. And Skillshare has teamed up with Adobe and they are bringing you exclusive, brand new classes all about digital painting and Adobe Fresco. Adobe Fresco has the most advanced brushes in the world and it is absolutely free! Hack and tip here, take the classes on Skillshare because they teach you all everything that you need to know about Adobe Fresco. It is perfect for artists, illustrators, animators, sketchers and just creative people in general. Skillshare offers over 25,000 classes that are all creative or entrepreneurial so you’ve got digital painting, illustrating, you’ve got photography, business, design, fine art. There are so many different options for you and Skillshare has really kindly given my subscribers a link in the description where you get all of their classes for free for two months including their brand new Adobe Fresco classes, so I’m very excited for that. So there you have it, my biggest art hack/tip has always been make a Skillshare account; plus if you sign up for a yearly account, it’s less than ten dollars a month anyway, so it’s a bargain. Okay. You’re welcome. I’m gonna let you continue the video and enjoy! Maybe they used a water based marker whereas I just used an alcohol based marker. Okay, so I have my Tombow water-based blendable pens now so what I’m gonna do is try the pale blue probably, that would be the best one. *Marker squeaking* Well, that definitely worked better than the other ones did! I’ll try a darker blue this time. Again it’s not that great. But last try, I’m gonna try the blue with the yellow and see how that looks. That one came out REALLY well! So I would probably say that this hack does work, you’ve just got to use the right pens, you’ve got to use the right colors, definitely would give this hack a, maybe a 3 out of 5. It’s cheaper than buying Chameleon markers at least. Okay! So this particular art hack involves taking a drill and making art with it. I really wish I was joking but I’m not. We can see that they take a drill, push a bit of scrap paper in it and then… do that! I mean, it looks cool, if it works! It’s probably the most dangerous way you can possibly make art. Putting a drill on a table face up like that is never a good idea. Nobody try this at home, I am a professional YouTuber, which means I can do stupid stuff like this! Okay, so I’ve got some paper, it’s square! So instead of a drill bit, I am going to take that out and use something a little bit safer. I’m actually going to replace the drill bit with a pencil and from there, I’m just going to stick my bit of paper over the pencil like that and then at least it’s not as dangerous. Again, still stupid, don’t do it. *Drill whirring* Okay. *Whirring continues* The papers wonky! *Louder whirring* It looks pretty cool, I’m not, I’m not gonna lie, but you take it off and there’s just a giant hole in the middle of the paper. So I don’t really know how that looks good. What do you think? Looks a bit crap. *Music* It looks a bit like a tree stump. A little bit. So this is what it looks like as you can see. So if you’re someone that enjoys making circles with squiggly lines in the middle, and you like using power tools and making holes in the middle of your paper, this hack is definitely for you! 0 out of 5. So this next hack involves a rubber band, and I just wanted a single rubber band. I didn’t have one so I had to buy a giant rubber band ball because that’s all they had. So I’m gonna open this… This just takes all the fun out of building one yourself, doesn’t it, really? So for this hack if you are drawing and you have five million pencils that don’t seem to have the erasers on them, you can actually take a rubber band, turn it around your finger and apparently that will help erase the lead. Is that a spider? Oh no, we’re all good. It’s just a hair. I’m going to draw a snowman in different, um, pressure. So the top part of the snowman I’ve pressed really hard on the paper with the pencil. This is kind of a medium pressure, this middle bit, and this is very light pressure at the bottom. So I’m gonna take this rubber band – Nope. Don’t unspin. I just want to put a rubber band on my finger. Is that too much to ask? Well, that’s done absolutely bugger all! But wait, hang on. It’s working now. So it seems to get rid of a lot of light pressured pencil marks like this, you can still kind of see it but most erasers are like that anyway. The top one where I was pressing quite hard, that’s not come out but honestly, I think that I would struggle with an eraser to do that anyway. Let me write my name, cause they wrote “Troom Troom”, I’m going to write my name. It smells… kind of like I’ve just rubbed a rubber band against paper for about two minutes, but that’s kind of what you expect! So it works! It’s not the best eraser in the world. I’ll give it a 2 out 5, it does somewhat work. It’s just not the best. Okay, so this next hack is for those of you that struggle to draw circles. I personally was not blessed with the circle drawing gene. I actually made a pin called “I can’t draw circles” because it was just kind of a joke that a lot of artists can’t do perfect symmetrical circles and I’ve never seen anything done this way before so I’m curious to see if it actually works. “Uneven circle? Oh, no! Take your Copic marker and hold the middle…” How did they…? Start again. They basically hold the pen in a way that they’re also sticking their finger on the paper and spinning it at the same time to make like, a decent circle. So we hold our marker like a small child and then we push our finger down and then just spin the paper. That worked! I’m determined to get this perfect circle they keep showing me. It keeps overlapping. I don’t understand. That was better! That one was better! Look, it looks like a circle… a bit. It’s still not a good circle, but it’s better than the other ones, and I’m very happy. Nope, that one overlapped again. To be fair, they look like total crap. So at this point, I think it’s fair to say that I still can’t draw circles. I’m really saddened about this because I felt like it might have been something that I could finally overcome, but I still can’t, I still can’t draw them so I think it’s about time that I just, I gave up. Sorry, it’s just… it’s so hard not being able to draw circles! So I have something to share with you all that is a really big deal to me and it, it means a lot that I can share this with you. I… *Deep breath* still haven’t lost my glue gun! I’m so happy! So this next hack is one I’m very excited for because I think it’s probably the stupidest one that I’ve ever actually seen and that’s saying something cause I’ve seen a lot of stupid and uh, this basically involves a person using hot glue to stick pencils to the back of a phone case in order to “hide” the phone. What I don’t understand about this particular video is she’s sat bold as brass with her phone in her hand like this, making duck faces. The teacher’s behind her, walking straight past the screen, she can’t see the back of the phone! She can’t see that cause she’s behind. So how is that hiding anything? So I bought a cheap phone case. I am going to get my hot glue gun and the colored pencils that I bought and we’re just gonna hot glue them to the back of the phone. Because that, that’s a great idea, isn’t it? Because we’re logical, we’re gonna actually stick the pencils over the part of the case that shows the camera. *Whimsical music* *Heavenly singing* Ahhhhh! It’s done! Look at that! That looks… I feel bad saying this, but it’s actually quite cool! Like I personally wouldn’t use it, but it does look quite neat, like if you wanted something different and you cut out the whole bit for the, the camera. Um, this side looks disgusting. Completely disgusting, BUT you don’t see that side. It’s the perfect selfie taker because you can’t actually take photos of anyone that side of the camera. It’s pretty cool. It’s not convenient, it’s not practical, but it’s cool! *Bad acting* I need to go to the pharmacy! But Chloe, you don’t have a pen to sign for your prescription! Well wouldn’t the pharmacy have a pen instead of – Oh, look! You have a pen pencil on your phone case! Okay! This one gets a 4 out of 5 for looks, a 3 out of 5 for overall idea. So this particular hack is for organizing like, your cleaning supplies but I thought it would work for art supplies as well. So they take this flimsy little box, put a strip of adhesive tape on there and then they stick it to the inside of a door. Um, in my opinion, that looks like it’s gonna fall off any second, there’s no way that’s gonna hold up! There’s no way. No way. But I’m gonna try it anyway, I deliberately went out of my way to buy some mirror tape. Um, this can hold up to ten pounds of stuff. I could not get one of those flimsy little cardboard things so instead I actually bought a cardboard box that I’m going to tape up and stick supplies in and attach to the inside of my door. So I’ve got my double-sided sticky tape, my camera keeps focusing on the cupboard because apparently it thinks there’s a ghost there! So that’s great. Voila! Okay, so we’re just gonna sort of put this really obtrusive box on the side of the inside of my cupboard door. Seems pretty sturdy, actually. Art supplies… That’s actually a bloody fantastic idea if I’m being honest, I think that looks really good! Like, it’s pretty sturdy. I put a lot of tape on there. I’m gonna give that a 5 out of 5, maybe 4 out of 5 because aesthetically that is disgustingly ugly but… Okay, so thank you so much for watching this video, I really hope that you enjoyed it. I had a really fun time making these hacks actually, and I, I personally just really enjoy making these videos so do let me know in the comments if you enjoyed them too, also do let me know what your favorite hack was and if you’ve seen any that you’d like me to try next time, do let me know. So yes, that’s it for today’s video. Thank you so much to Skillshare for sponsoring this video today. Thank you for watching this video, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *End music*

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