Artist Study · 30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook · SemiSkimmedMin

Artist Study · 30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook · SemiSkimmedMin

Hey you lot, how is everyone. For today’s sketchbook page I’m gonna
be doing a little study of the work by Georgia O’Keefe. I actually did something like this for one
of my either GCSE or A-Level sketchbooks at school, we were looking at natural forms in
art and Georgia O’Keefe is like the ultimate for that. She also just seems like she was an amazing
woman, I’d recommend reading up on her if you haven’t heard of her. I actually spelled her name wrong at the top
here but don’t worry I corrected that by the end. You would never know. And then just as a little extra on the page,
I thought I’d do a little sketch of her before looking in to some of her work. We’ll go through this bit quite quickly
since it’s not that relevant to the topic of todays video. But I still thought you’d like to see the
process of the drawing and get an idea of how to snazz up a more sort of serious, or
informational page in your sketchbook. So like Miss O’Keefe, I decided I’d work
in watercolour today.I’m working on a really light rough sketch I did in yellow pencil,
just to get the composition vaguely in place. I didn’t realise how long it had been since
I last used watercolour but wow, I really struggled! I really couldn’t get into my stride with
it, I don’t know how it used to be like my main art medium of choice. I started out by repainting the lily from
her work titled… I didn’t write it down actually but it’s
something like Lily Turned Away. This is a really great practice, recreating
the work of one of the master’s, it helps to break things down, get a better understanding
of their process. Now it’s important when you’re doing a
study of an artist like this and their work, that you don’t just copy. It’s called a study for a reason. So definitely put a bit of time into reading
up on the artist, their process, what tools they use and how and WHY. You learn a little bit by straight copying,
but sooo much more by actually studying. So this next piece is called ‘Light Iris’. I liked this one because it had more of an
abstract feel to it. Also it has more of that cropped close-up
look that Georgia O’Keefe is famous for. I went in with coloured pencil towards the
end of this one to just sharpen things up, add depth where it needed it and little details
and things that I just couldn’t figure out with the watercolour. But… it was fun playing with the colours
and gradients and blending. Yeah I dunno, it took me way longer than I
thought it would just cos I really couldn’t remember the ins and outs of watercolour. Which is partly why I switched to gouache
for the last painting, obviously a medium I’m a lot more comfortable with but also
I think it suited the painting. The original is called ‘Leaves of a Plant’
at the end I got mixed up and wrote that it was called ‘Oriental Poppies’, but yeah
its a lot more bold in colour and opaque, I know Georgia O’Keefe sometimes used oil
instead of watercolour, I’m not sure if she did for this one, but I though gouache
would be a good substitute regardless to get across the brightness and colourfulness of
it. Straight from the beginning I knew this would
be my favourite study. The original painting itself is gorgeous,
I love the colours, and just honestly not using watercolour made me feel so much more
in control. Even though I am happy with the outcome of
the other two paintings. This one felt a little bit more me. A little bit more like something I would do. And studies like this help you trial and error
things that you otherwise might not have tried and maybe discover things you want to incorporate
into your own work. Its also a great way to learn about you know
the most fundamental names in art, in a fun way and in a way thats gonna give a little
panache to your sketchbook. Anyway I just finished up by sticking that
last one in with pritt stick and then I used a black washi tape to make little labels for
the two main paintings. I also wrote out a little quote that she supposedly
said, I know there are a lot of fake quotes floating around the internet so you never
know, but I liked it anyway. It’s basically about being put down as the
best woman painter but she sees herself as one of the best painters full stop. And that’s about it! I hope you all enjoyed today’s video. If you’re struggling to get something down
in your sketchbook I think this is a great option. If you have a go I’d love to know what artist
you do it on. But yeah til next time guys. Bye!

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  4. Mini, what student grade gouache paints would you recommend in a budget, but still good enough to get
    A decent start? I'm loving this series btw:)))

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  20. this is such a good format, I love it, you're really inspiring for me and my art! love your works and your style <3

  21. this is such a good format, I love it, you're really inspiring for me and my art! love your works and your style <3

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    Though sometimes I feel I can't listen to your voice. It's like youre ashamed or embarassed talking or sharing what you got.

    You need a firm and strong voice alongside your smooth and womanly voice. I really like that touch of girliness at the end when you say "Bye" it really pleases me, but in the rest of the video I totally disagree.

    I good artist must show their work not only using video, but voice (or appereance, body language/position etc.) are essets you must have.

    Put sentiment and effort to your voice, be warm, gentle and welcome and never feel embarassed to speak!

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  32. well-made intro!
    #1 fav. artist although not my same style.
    i actually have been following you from a really long time, year, two…😍😍

  33. well-made intro!
    #1 fav. artist although not my same style.
    i actually have been following you from a really long time, year, two…😍😍
    deserve millions of subs!!

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