Hello there! So today I am really really excited for today’s video because this is something that I’ve wanted to do for such a long time and I’ve not done it because I wasn’t sure how it would go down on my channel, but you know, I thought I’d just finally give it a go. You can let me know if you do enjoy this type of content. Now one of my all-time favorite YouTubers – I love you. But you need to move. One of my all-time favorite YouTubers is Moriah Elizabeth. Now Moriah is such a fun, like a really really fun YouTuber. She’s someone that I could watch for about two hours straight and feel like ten minutes has passed and I just love what she does. She basically does these Squishy makeovers where she takes some squishy, like stress-fully… creatures that are like, broken or need mending and she cuts them up, repaints them into something brand new, and I just wanted to try it. So yesterday I went to Target and I bought some Squishies and most of them I’m probably gonna end up like, cutting to shreds and sticking to other things and we all know what I’m like with crafts, but this does involve painting as well so… I also went to Michaels. This is one of those Diamond painting kits, where you have like thousands of diamonds in order to make like, this creation. If you would like to see me struggle through this, if this video gets like 10,000 likes, I’ll blame you. So I basically watched quite a lot of Moriah’s videos to figure out the supplies that she uses and she basically mostly uses the tulip slick paint which is fabric paint so that they, you know, the paint doesn’t crack on the Squishies. I also bought some fabric glue because I’m gonna be just sticking things on to other things. I also got a pair of really sharp scissors. So I bought six Squishies and I’m not really sure which ones I’m gonna use, which ones I’m gonna destroy. The first one I found was a lazy egg. It’s essentially an egg thing with a face. It like, I can’t tell if it’s supposed to smell nice or if that’s like a really chemically smelling substance. And you can like – And it comes back to life. Then I got a soft and slow Squishy for 18 up. This one is shaped like a little dragon as you can see. He’s cute. I thought it was just a really adorable and like, I love the – you can like destroy them but then they just like… We’re alive! And I got an Amazing Squishy. This one is very… It’s a unicorn and he’s got eyeballs which I thought you know, I could always like, you know, get the scissors and sort of… No? He’s got like a really cool head which I thought I could just like… stick to something else. He’s very cute. This one is shaped like an apple but it’s a galaxy so it’s like two in one, you’ve got the galaxy but it’s an apple. I don’t really know the point of it, but that’s what it looks like so… Okay, so I’ve got this Squishy which is a designer’s Squishy. He is a little chubby little – whatever he is. He’s got a cute little pattern on him. I don’t really know what kind of creature he’s supposed to sort of be, but he’s like a monster with a fringe. And then lastly I got myself some donuts. I can’t – I can’t like, place the smell cause they definitely don’t smell like donuts. “This product has a stress relief feature, please use as intended.” Well damn, I wanted to eat them because they smell so good! So I feel like the main feature out of all of these would be this little egg yolk thing. Um, I kind of… I don’t know what to make. I think the best thing we can do is just go straight into this without actually having a clue what we’re gonna be doing. It kind of looks like a chicken. I feel like I want the egg to be facing upwards so he’s got a face here and this is the arms behind, and he’s like lying on something, I’m not sure what yet. I’m gonna make him a unicorn so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna… *Deep sigh* I’m sorry. I am, I’m really sorry. I did, I don’t, I don’t want to do this. Maybe I’ll take your eyeball- No? You don’t, you don’t to come out? NO! Come on. You can do it. I’ve broken his ear off already, so that’s a good start. She makes us look very simple and it’s not. I’ve watched a lot of Moriah Elisabeth videos so at this point I am practically professional. Okay, so now we’ve got the head with the ears. I think what we’re gonna do is somehow just like, stick. He’s like, mutated or something. If Moriah’s watching this she’s probably screaming at me to stop right now but I don’t, I don’t, I don’t – I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. Glue… is on… Stay! Oh, you’re gonna be rubbish glue, aren’t you? You’re gonna make me regret I didn’t buy more expensive glue. Now we sit for three hours and let us dry! This is not sticking at all, this is like literally not sticking in the slightest little bit. You don’t want to work, huh? That’s fine. fine. You better bloody work. Ow! Thanks for that! There’s just like no adhesive. This stuff, it’s… it’s rubbish! Here we go, okay. Glue gun, please do not fail me! It doesn’t look great. But we’re gonna probably use the puff paint around it. That’s cute. I don’t really know I’m gonna do with this, this bottom part. Cool! Cool! Cool! Okay. I think he is going to be mint because I love mint. So – oh, ok. This is a good start. I feel like Moriah has said before that you need to like, put something on first. (Moriah in video): Next I’m gonna apply a white base coat for this because I’m gonna be using pastel colors and blending and you know, I don’t wanna have to do a million layers of that. It’s important to use matte fabric paint, not slick fabric paint. The slick fabric paint is much more transparent so you would end up doing like 5 coats of white slick paint to get full coverage. Oops. Don’t mind me. I’m just gonna put Gesso on my Squishy which I wasn’t supposed to do because it needs fabric paint not Gesso. Honestly, I’m not gonna be using it as a Squishy anyway, so it’s totally fine. It’s okay. He’s for decoration purposes only. I feel like I’m basting a turkey for Christmas. Okay, so this is how he looks so far. Right, if I stick some puffy paint right around his ears. That could be fluff like fur, he can be furry. *Hair dryer noises* It’s definitely dry now, but I’m still gonna need a couple of coats on this unfortunately. Right, I’m not having much luck with this color so I think what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go for a darker color to see if that’s any better. Um, so Maybe I’ll try the purple. Hello, this is the narrator Chloe here. So I thought I’d show you this lovely clip of me getting super annoyed and frustrated because the purple was still transparent, I basically had to spend the next two days applying coats on and off every few hours till it finally got this semi opaque looking color of purple and finally kind of got there. Kind of, not really, but it – it got there in the end. So I wasn’t really sure what to do with him because I’d lost all hope at this point and he was my experimental Squishy and that’s why he’s a bit of a mess. I wasn’t really sure what would work and what wouldn’t with my ideas so he was just like a guinea pig for me to just figure out what I was doing. So I did attempt to paint a face on him. So I thought it’d be really fun to have like, a purple galaxy unicorn floating on a pool float. But the pool float was actually the surroundings of space and to be fair, it does sound better than it actually looked but at this point I ended up giving him some Puffy Paint hairy ears and hairy armpits because… I didn’t really know what else to do. Then I gave him some rainbow swimming shorts because also didn’t really know what else to do. So I used Posca markers for this and I know I should have used Posca markers, but whatever. Okay. Guess what? I did it kind of worked. He’s for… seeing purposes only. I’m not gonna be squishing him much because… he’s, he’s a mess. Okay. Next one’s better, I promise! So for this strange looking creature I decided that I’m gonna make him a snowman. He’s got the round little body of a snowman so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna cut his little horn off. Like that, and then I’m gonna stick it to his nose so it looks like a carrot nose. You know? I think that’s a good smart idea. Trouble is he also has ears which… They can’t stay. They’s gotta go. Sorry mate. You know what I’ve just realized that he looks like? The creature from Fantastic Beasts. I need to do this now. Sorry. I – forget, forget everything else. And the dark colors go on well, too so this is a good start. Oh, he’s gonna be so cute! He’s gonna be – I mean, I know that I am probably overestimating my abilities with this but he hopefully will be adorable. *Hair dryer* Okay, so what I’m doing now is trying to give him like, streaky bits of fur to cover up these weird bits I’ve cut off. I’m not sure if I should be doing this or not but I’m doing it anyway. It’s just fur, so… that’ll do. *Hair dryer again* So now I’m gonna put a second coat of the black Puffy Paint on again. I’m kind of smoothing out so it’s not Puffy Paint. *Hair dryer again* Okay, so the front of the Niffler’s done, the back’s… questionable, but we’re gonna continue on. I really need to lighten them up with acrylic paint because again, I’m not gonna use him as a Squishy because I feel like there’s no point. *Music* Tell you what though, I felt really self-conscious last night in Target walking around with six Squishies in a basket. Getting there, I’m getting there. He’s not quite a Niffler but he’s ALMOST a Niffler. I kind of like to paint something gold on him because they love gold, these little Nifflers. He doesn’t have a pointy nose, so what we’re gonna do I think is just sort of cut off the point. It’s more like that. That’s it! I just need to put another coat on him because… I made a bit of a mess. Giving him some fluff round his face because he does have a lot of it. So, just do that. And then what else? He’s kind of got fluffy arms too. We could just give him little fluff everywhere. This Puffy Paint is really cool. I’ve never used it and I’m obsessed with it now! So I’ve put all the Puffy Paint all around his front so now I’m just going to let that dry. *Hair dryer yet again* So here is my little Niffler Squishy. I am really really happy with how he came out! I just think he’s so cute and I love the Puffy Paint, I think that really added the nice texture to him. But this is what he looks like, he is… better than I thought he’d be. So thanks for watching this video, I really hope that you enjoyed it. I… I really did enjoy making this even though it was a very lengthy process, and I have even more respect for Moriah now because her videos are so well put together, I don’t know how she does it but she does an amazing job so make sure you go check her out as well; link is in the description. And if you would like to see me try this again next time do let me know in the comments down below or give this video a like if you did like it and yes, thank you for watching this video, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *End music*

100 thoughts on “ARTIST Attempts SQUISHY MAKEOVER?!

  1. This was funny and triggering 😂

    Love seeing your videos when I do my homework!

    also.. use sandpaper on smooth surfaces or the paint will peel ;π

  2. This is the first video I see on this channel, and I Absolutely LOVE your accent!!! I also like Moriahs video's a lot, so that's how I got here, but I definatly subscribe to this channel 💕!


    I am disappointed with my life

  4. I would rather buy used squishys of eBay or something- Cause then they probably already have cracks and it would have a REASON too really designe them and not just buy new ones.

  5. hold up… she sounds British but has access to Target and Michael's, i'm pretty sure they're only in America tho…. is there something i'm missing?!

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    The like button: 19k likes
    Me: Welp, imma go make a comment now

  7. Compared to all the squishies Moriah has ever made, the Niffler is my favourite. As talented as M.E. is in squishy makeovers, rainbows and unicorns are not really my aesthetic. (The same reason I adore Squishy Unmakeovers by NerdECrafter) However, The Niffler to me is just like Gold to a Niffler. This was awesome.

  8. If you watched Moriah's videos, you should know that you needed to sand those Squishys first because they are so clean and the paint it's not going to stick!
    Also I think you used a lot of glue in the ears (and Moriah uses a little bit). And at the end you need to prick with a needle so the air in the Squishy goes out and you can Squish it better!

    Even so, nice Squishy Makeover! I also want to make some Squishy Makeover thanks to Moriah hahahah!!

  9. This video made me soooo mad haha no offence just a little tip the glue didn’t work because the surface was too smooth also hot glue will make the inside hard but I still loved the vid

  10. 2:56 You borrow a hole, put a worm in and you have a found wormhole in a galaxy and because worms love apples it'll be a stable wormhole because the worm is in the apple.

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