Artesanato de Páscoa em eva

Artesanato de Páscoa em eva

hello welcome to my channel!
you guys noticed that every year that pass the easter egg is getting more and more
expensive? absurd right! and not to let no one outside I came up with these
souvenirs made with box cardboard and eva for you to put
chocolate and give as a gift to your family friends and even sell, and
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follow on instagram … and now let’s for step by step? so to do
this house I’m going to use the cardboard, I’m going to pass the measures of each part of it
for you guys, to make the side wall you will
need two measurements of this one of 6 x 8 cm the front and the back of the
little house you will need two measures of this 8x8cm and here
on top 12cm, to make the bottom part where the house will be on top
you will need a measure just like that here of 8 x 10 cm, and the roof you will
need a measurement like this of 16 x 9 cm,
well so here i set it up, the structure this is it, and now I’m going to start
to line the parts of it good then in these two parts
here i will make the window and I’m going to use this mold here look,
you can make the window the size do you think better i’ll make her a
a little bit lower because of roof, when I put the roof
so as not to cover the window, I will cut with a precision stylus so here i made the windows now
I will make the door and this front part I drew here
the door is 5cm high, I made rounded but you can square it,
I will not cut, I just put it here to position really because i’m going to
cut the door on the same eve, and now I will start lining, I will make this
little pink house, I will use these three colors: brown, pink and green, so I’m going to stick with the glue white for crafts I will glue all the parts later I
cut so now i’m going to cut the part of the floor that goes home for up I’m going to put this eva here look and now I’m going to cover the roof, roof as well as the part of the
floor under here I lined both sides the roof the same thing we don’t know if at the beginning of the video
when I showed you the measure I I said that the measurement here is 16 x 9 cm,
then you will take the middle of this mold and will scratch, pass a knife
or precision stylus to make the roof mark to look like this
divided ok ready here everything is lined up parts that we will use, now I will
with precision stylus make the cuts here in the window part so here with eva brown i already did the door mold to the same extent that I
I crossed it out here and showed it to you, I will leave here, and now here I will
do the finishing, see? because it is this part here showing up, so with
this perforating scissors I will make the finish to put so much here
in this part that goes to the house above how much here on the roof so I’m going to do a part here of
perforation and the base I will make straight but if you want to make both sides perforated
can also strip a part a strip very thin, just to cover that
amendment and I will make the collage with the glue
silicone and look how it looked and now from the roof, I already cut it to advance the video,
here I cut both parts and I will paste with the silicone glue too and it looked like this,
so here to cover these holes in the little window
screened tape I will paste with the silicone glue and with the instant glue I will glue the
door ready now i’m going to start doing the
collage, this part of the windows are like this but I’m going to finish
here after, so with the instant glue I I will start gluing the walls ready look it is already glued and assembled and
now that same comic I used to finish the roof and the
bottom part I will use in the window but if you prefer to put
income or any other detail can put also ae now I’m going to paste the little house here on
base here i will teach you how to do this
roll I already left some here ready for the video to stay ahead but it’s here
the measures 7 x 8cm to make this waffer roll, the largest and 6 x 1 cm
to make this smaller, then apply the glue on here I made a very thin strip, look
to be able to make this environment here, so this strip here I made a
side in beige and the other side in pink whatever you can roll on one side
as on the other I did a couple of ways there also,
good so now in every corner here home I’m going to paste a roll like this
on here now i will cut these parts here which is the part that goes to the roof, so
have to be beaked so the tip so now I’m going to glue the roof,
you position here, see right where will stick, I’ll stick one side
the other side I’m going to put the velcro that is for the person to open and close and put the
chocolate in here, or any one another thing so I pasted this side and here I go put the velcro, the velcro has these two
sticky parts, I’m going to paste one in top another bottom with the glue
instant too and now I’m going to do the finishing,
do the details i will use these donuts here and I will paste with
silicone glue, the finishes you can do it the way you think
best and to make the doorknob I’m going to use this
biscuit heart too and in each little window I will also put
the same details, these biscuit you find in these stores that sells material
for crafts, but you can also make, have the silicone molds and the
biscuit dough, it’s not difficult to make, this one I bought ready because I
I haven’t found the mold for this rose yet, but i bought some and i will show
for you later and look how it’s getting, it’s already giving another face home,
still have a lot of detail to do, now I’m going to paste these
satin and for a half pearl here in the middle
and I will do this in the three little windows so as i told you
have these silicone molds that you can you do the job with biscuit and if
you don’t have much knack like that to do without a mold, it is super
practical, the dough is also well cheap, has a store that is 1.50 / 2.00 / 2.50
you have to moisturize it with a hand cream can also be, I will show here
just so you can see how easy it is to do look, you put it here in the mold and press like this and the heart shape comes out you leave some time for him harden and then you can do the
collage, I did here look, see? bonbon big, small bonbon, flowery carrot,
these here I bought ready because not I really found this mold but I will
look for, but I did some other also like this, lace, paws, has
quite a variety of molds, so I’m going continue my decoration here with the
biscuit and I will paste with the glue instant and look how it’s getting, and now for finish I’m going to paste the rolls here
on the roof, but it is optional if you want to put something else, have other
ideas, put chocolate up here also you can put then for
finish the finishing here, from the little house I will put these details here
that I made of wafer and these rolls here, I’ll start by gluing the rolls,
I alternate one by one on this side of roof and this and here is finished our
today’s work, look at people beautiful,
and look at the ones I made, each one I I did it this way, this one I did
all straw, this one I made front and back, others I put
little window, as I explained in the video and now just put the chocolate, the cool one
of this house is that after the person who was gifted to eat the chocolate
she can make a piggy bank, she was very beautiful, I will put one
plastic in it, people will ask for Edson show you the tag that I
I did it, I did several tags, it’s super simple to do I even have a video
that I did explaining them, and look how beautiful, the tag already gives another
dude I did with stencil and the pva paint for crafts, I hope
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  1. Me inscrevi hj no seu canal 👏👏🥰🥰 amooo artesanato ♥️♥️… Parabéns vc é muito caprichosa e criativa. Quero muito entrar nesse mundo mágico do artesanato 👏👏😘😘 que Deus a abençoe sempreeeee 😘😘👏👏🥰🥰

  2. Bom dia Ana Paula e a tds,amei essa casinha, já estou tentando fazer não vai ficar igual a sua más estou m esforçando pq seus trabalhos são TDS delicados


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