Art Things I Hate 3

Art Things I Hate 3

“In General,” is the key phrase for tonight. As we all know, what people find appealing in art is subjective. And trying to construct strict “rules” around art, is pretty much a fruitless task. A lot of stuff just depends. But I sometimes find common themes between art that in general, maybe not all the time, but most of the time, I find to be undesirable. Yeah, sure. A lot of these things can simply be a consequence of learning. And there’s no shame in that. But that doesn’t stop me from talking about this in kind of a harsh manner because I just think it’s entertaining and I guess some other people think it’s entertaining too..? I dunno, it doesn’t really matter. Nothing really matters. “My existence is characterized by suffering.” So let’s just get this show on the road I guess. “Weird Spiky Hair” Usually this starts out with something like a bowl haircut with a bunch of random hair spikes at the end. And sometimes within the hair itself. I know hair is complicated…and not an easy thing to draw, but one of the best things you can do to get out of that lack of understanding is to realize there is volume in hair. It’s a 3D object. Not some kind of cut up sheet of cloth you just place on the scalp. Also, before I say anything else I’d just like to point out how it seems like the eyes were moved apart just so that they could fit in this lock of hair. That’s pretty amazing. But back to what I was talking about. I also think that experimenting with different shapes could add more to the hair. It could have curves, and varying sizes.. All kinds of stuff. Go crazy. “But what about different styles?” I can already hear you typing. Well, I guess it just depends on what you’re going for. And this applies to everything in this video. But if you want your hair to look fluid and dynamic, then I would focus on understanding volume and experimentation. Don’t worry. I used to do this kind of stuff, too. “Black Shading” Black shading kind of has an infamous reputation in the art community. The people who say, “Never shade with black under any circumstances.” seemed to have never picked up a comic book. Black shading is just an art technique that can be used well, or badly. Using black with color creates a very harsh contrast. It can be used to set up a mood, or create a style. I think one of the major problems is when black shading is just used poorly. Soft shading with black, and colors that are very close to neutral colors, sometimes just makes your characters look dirty, instead of shaded. And sometimes, it’s just visually bland. Cell shading usually gives off a better effect in my opinion, but believe it or not what may look like black in a shadow or shading, can actually be a completely different color. And that doesn’t just mean it’s a darker color of the base color. You’ll be surprised what colors go well together when you research a bit. It’s actually quite fun just to explore this stuff. “Weird Highlights” So what are highlights? Well, they’re the thing that makes your thing look more like a thing. ok. They’re the small touches that make something look reflective or brighter. It just depends on the texture, really. The problem is when someone figures this out and decides to just put highlights everywhere they can. This seems to happen most frequently with hair. And no, I’m not talking about those kind of highlights. or.. I might be. Do women inject light into their hair somehow? Or something?.. I’m sorry-I don’t know very much about women’s hair Or women in general. I’m talking about the literal light that reflects off people’s hair. Some people just like to put a random streak across the hair and call it a day. But, no! There can be more to it than that. You can follow curves. Sometimes there’s splits and crap. Even with simple art styles you can do this. You can do all kinds of things. Hair is weird. “Lack of Value in Shading.” The amount of value you put in your artwork can vary depending on what kind of effect you want. But I think if you want to make your drawing look like it has shading, it would be wise to make sure people can actually see it. There comes a point where it just looks like flat color. This is just another case of things that look different from what they actually are. Some shading is actually darker than it appears, and some highlights are brighter than they appear. It’s just something that you can look out for. Sure if you want to go for something more gentle, you can. But at least make it so that I know it’s shading and not some random shift in color. “Cut Off Legs.” This might be getting into nit-pick territory, but I do see it very often and for some reason it just bothers me. The art I’m going to show isn’t really bad by any means. I do want to give a little credit. But I also want to use them as examples. For some reason some artists like to draw 80% of a character, and then hack off their legs near the bottom of the frame. It wouldn’t even take the much to just extend the legs to the bottom of the canvas. Or make them bend up at the knees. It wouldn’t really destroy the balance or anything, it’s just kind of an odd choice. This happens with other limbs as well, but most commonly with legs. It not like you can’t cut off portions of your artwork, but usually there’s some kind of fade..or lack of line work that indicate that this is a natural cutoff and not the result of surgery or something. I mean I hope these aren’t supposed to be amputees. If they are, I’m so sorry. Anyway my name is Solar Sands and- goodbye. *music*

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  1. 1:24 IS DAT TORD FROM EDDSWORLD? IT LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM, I MEAN LOOO AT HIS HAIR, DA HOLY "HORN-HAIR" STYLE 😂 No way that's not him, it's a 100% him or either I just have a problem with Eddsworld

  2. Since I'm bored I'm gonna share my tips on these things, and my own thoughts.
    (essay ahead)

    For the first one, badly drawing hair, my tips can mostly just be used for anime art.
    I'll start it off with refrences of hair that you'd like to be able to draw, not real hair(unless your a realistic artisr/semi realistic), but drawings of hair.
    Slowly but surely you will improve and your hair will be able to be alot more diverse.

    For more personal tips about hair, hime cuts look good when you make rounded square shapes with small indents, sometimes large, if you look at good drawing of hime cut hair you'll see this is what is usually done.
    The more "staight" and not curly hair you want, as in kinky hair, you want to go straight down with more detail, it'll give off the impression of the hair being limp.
    If you want kinky hair, do less details and a "floaty" appearance, and don't seperate the hair too much.

    The shading ones are easy to fix, I used to be pretty mediocre at shading but now I'd say my peices usually look very pleasant.
    For black soft shading, use overlay and other layer effects, it'll change the way it interacts with other colours, if you place black over a skin tone when the layer effect is overlay, it becomes more saturated in the "black" areas.
    Slowly you can experiment in other areas of using effects, and sooner or later you should be able to use them really well!

    With highlights, be light on them on skin and normal clothes, if the clothes are leather or metallic you can use highlights tho.
    With skin you should best stick to only highlighting the nose bridge, cupids bow, bottom lips "cupids bow", inner eye, and a dot or two on the cheek bones.
    With hair, the simplest highlight is circles of varying size.

    Bottom line is, however, experimentation, practicing, and study.
    The only reason I have gotten good at drawing is because I didn't give up at practicing, and experimenting every once in awhile, once I started studying things like anatomy I started progressing way faster too, let me explain with some photos…

    July 17th, 2019:

    At that point I was starting to study anatomy quite hard, but there still wasn't much progress.

    September 4th, 2019:

    I know you can't exactly compare digital and traditional art, but trust me my art looked about the same with the dA one, regardless of traditional or digital.

  3. The first one with spikey hair it's because some people like drawing anime characters and the characters usually have spikey ish hair

  4. Also in the thumbnail is that junko or

  5. When It Comes To Black Shading…
    Say You’re Drawing A Landscape Or A Building Or Something
    It Really Depends (I Believe Anyway) On The Material That’s Being Shaded
    Like, Orange Cellophane, The Shading On The Surface Near It, Quite Obviously, Would Be A Faded Darker Orange, Sometimes You Can Get Away With Using The Same Colour On The Cellophane Itself, That’s How I See It.
    When It Comes To Big Buildings, Like Brick Walls And Solid Things, There’s No Colour To Come Off/Reflect Off Of Said Solid, And If You Look At A Building In Reality It’s Black, Not Orange Or Pink, Or Some Faded Colour.
    It Really Depends On The Circumstance, But For Characters.. How Should It Be? Realistic Shading? Or.. Cartoony?
    If I Was To Really Think Hard About It, I Would Need To Know If There’s Anything Near The Light Source That Could Give Such A Colour Like A Darker More Saturated Skin Tone To Shade The Original Colour
    Shading Confuses Me When It Comes To Characters…
    What Do You Think?
    And In Saying That, I’ll Stop Vigorously Typing Away At This Comment Because It’s Basically A Rant At This Point
    Sorry If You Consider This Insignificant Or A Waste Of Time
    I Just Need Some Other Perspectives :U
    Edit: Just Fixing Up Stupid Spelling Mistakes, I Type Too Fast, >:(

  6. wassup, with the leg cut-off, that can be a commission subsection the client can get instead of a full body or half body!
    i, personally, offer headshots, busts, 2/3rds body shot, and a full body shot, just to give the clients a bit more choice and flexibility O:

  7. Well, as a "Subnormal/Subtalanted' Art dude that makes Icons via putting PNGs and Cliparts together this all sounds like Chinese to me since im a failed left handed person.
    I dont hold the pen with 3 fingers but with all 5 so i got used to it…its weird but i just cant write with 3…one good thing is that im good at making detailed things because of the extra accuracy

  8. Hue shifting is a great way to make shadows look good. Look up Gingerpale's video on color if you're wondering about it.

  9. solar sands sounds like how I imagine Jayfeather from the warriors to sound like. They're both cynical assholes and I like them both.

  10. This helped me so much! I didn’t realize what I was doing wrong until I saw this! I can say I think I’ve improved thanks to you! Your art videos are very helpful!

  11. i almost never add shading to my art, and when i do, its very minimal

    also soft shading annoys the heck outta me, it just never looks right

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