Art Passion mehndi class 5 : Shapes and motif || Learn to create your own design with simple trick

Art Passion mehndi class 5 : Shapes and motif || Learn to create your own design with simple trick

Hello namaste how are you all today? welcome to art passion online mehndi class And this is our fifth class in series If you are my new viewers then I will request all of you to watch all the previous videos in this series As usual you can buy our class 5 worksheets either fom my website or from my supplier whats in these material and whats the topic of today’s class that I will share with you first Our today’s topic is shapes and Motif Our material have all the important shape that we use mostly in mehendi designs . I have tried to share all the shapes with you through this worksheet how to decorate those shapes ? Means how to use outline, border etc I have shred those ideas in our worksheets How to create motif using those shapes? That also I have shred using few examples and How to create mehndi using those motif that also given in our worksheets So our class 5 material is very important before I go ahead with class I would like to tell you all that the best exercise would be If we start studying those season artist’ work whose work inspire us. So go and study their work closely see what types of shapes they are using frequently and where they place those shapes in their designs that will built habit into you to give close attention to designs and how to use those shapes and on which places they could be used This is very important exercise to improve your work There are so many regular shapes like round, u petals, oval paisley Its not possible to talk about each and every shape And if I do so than this video will become never ending Thats why I will only talk about important shape today I will take one example demonstrating how to decorate shapes How to practice other various shapes that I will show Then I will give show you how to create motif from shapes Then how to create mehndi design ? using that motif that also I will share in this class I will try that this video does not become very long but if that happens then I ask forgiveness before hand because to teach something or to share important information I need to take some time how to draw paisleys ? I have very detailed video on that topic So I will not repeat same informations here If you want to learn how to draw paisley then you can find link of that video in description box dome shape and leaf shape dome shape could be created using leaf shape I will concentrate on leaf shape only we have round shape , point and all main element in that shape this is multi purpose shape and in future this shape is going to be very useful we are going to create some important elements using this shape we will talk about it when time is right. so today I am taking leaf shape as our example actually I have talked about it too in one of my practice video How to draw leaf shape? actually when we draw leaf shape we always get perfect beginning line however we always messed up with the other side line as we don’t get it perfectly as I talked about it in my class 2 the class about circle in that class I have talked about it that when we are in our natural movement that time we get perfect lines but when we draw with our unnatural movement for me that is bottom to top movement that time chances are very high to messed up To avoid that mistake and to achieve perfect leaf shape we can use short cut by using reference lines draw centre line first, very faint light line and if you want with reference line you can first make leaf shape with light line with two stroke in two directions so first draw leaf shape like this I think my light reference lines are not visible through camera so I am darling it bit so draw leaf like this with reference lines then darken it with solid lines Today I am using old cone I am using left over mehendi from karvachauth because I did. not want to waste it thats why I am using mehndi from them I created cone from left over cones and thats what I am using today Thats why my cone is giving me trouble today from that you will learn what happened when you practice with old cones this is how you can draw perfect leaf shape whenever you draw big shape where your eyes fell the important shapes of the designs whenever you draw such shapes then give that shape line variation when many beginner artist send me their work for evaluation I always suggest them to use line variation for their work what is that line variation the four line variation I showed you in strait line class we used this four line variation in straight lines then we filled nineteen wo lines with bold mehendi same four lines we have to use for our shapes thats why I insisted to practice parallel lines I asked you to practice them in all directions with circle also I asked you to practice them now that practice would be useful here if you have steady hands then only you will get them perfect with shapes this is what we call line variation this way if you draw any shapes in design then it will be clearly visible within design Then we decorate this shape with frill elements thats why I asked you to practice frill too in all the direction look the way our frill is first going on straight line then its going on curve thats why its import to practice frills on all types of shapes you must get perfect frills on shapes now here near connection point I will draw small tiny leaf so I can maintain that pointy shape to decorate this leaf further we can use any gulf element if you cannot think anything then you can use dots too you can use small leaves you can use baby paisleys I have shared many more such variations through my worksheets now inside this leaf shape whatever we learnt during filler element class that we can use This way you will draw various shapes and then practice our filler elements inside those shapes see how nicely I layered our filler elements to create of leaf shape exactly same way you will practice all different shapes the one I shared or those you already knows or think off same way using line variation , topping up with frill and gulf element and then filling it up with layered filler element using same process please practice all shapes practice it whole heartedly lots of practices with perfection and neatness now we will see how to use this shapes to create motif many people will ask what is motif means ? motif means creating big design from small shapes the way we create designs for embroidery the basic of motif creation is its base and as a base we can use circle , line or any border we need one base to start our motif For example we have this small straight border as base on top of that we will create of motif we will use it as base for our motif we will draw semicircle I am drawing very simple motif here then add round petal to it if you like paisley here then top it with it then here round shaped or semicircle whatever you say type of petal same petal here too If you want to take this motif further then you can add one more paisley or circle anything you want then you can add one border here in this corner if you want then add few more round petals here on top of that round some leaf shapes petals any thing you like this is what we created is called motif this is the basic motif I have shred here with you this way you can create many more such motifs using any shape as base for example this curve line you took as base and its very common base for any designs. I have shared many such curve corners with you then add one paisley to it then in this corner you can add some flowers then again round petal this is the most common motif that many artist use all the time then I always keep telling that always give one cover line to all motifs this way so when someone look at the design then their eyes immediately fall on that motif part using such basic motif let me show you directly on palm shape so sorry in-between my gujarati accent return while talking I will show practice on palm shape so you all can understand it clearly that how to create mehendi designs from motifs this angular line is our base as you can see I have used line variation for this base too now I will draw frills on both sides of this line then we will create beautiful motif on top of it If you are practicing with me then practice the way I am doing it as you can see I have created small leaf shape and big leaf shape on our base line we have used partial leaf shape here because we have base shape here leaf shape can be used in many designs mostly for beginning of the design because we can use many different types of elements inside it such as reverse elements, peacock, figure drawing etc thats why this leaf shape is very useful as I told you go and study other artists work specially those whose work you like the most look them carefully like which shape they use most this way you will learn how to break down the designs and once you start understanding it then it will become easier for you to create your own design creating design is difficult when we don’t know how to break it down as you can see I have used small gulf petals for outer layer of our leaf shape now inside this shape you can use any filler element such as small or big swirl to fill this entire empty portion I am not doing it here to save time so I can progress further with design and can explain many more things now we will use round or semicircle as out base now this will be our base for motif on top of this we will draw one paisley this is one semicircle then here we used paisley on top of the paisley we used simple line then again we used paisley and gulf flower we have learnt gulf flowers so we can use them as as part of our designs then again one round petal when you create such motifs that time use very fine lines for shapes then fill those shapes with filler elements let me show you in fast forward way after filling it with filler element then only then give bold dark line to that shape its call line variation too many times beginner artist use same line weight for entire designs and in such situations when surrounding designs are also filled with same line weight then its very difficult to differentiations between main element and filler element thas why using line variation is very important part of designing after that we give cover line/outline to entire motif out line helped to emphasise our main motif from surrounding filler elements we will create one more motif here we can draw border line here you can checks in this part or you can create big border here and use checks there then we will get new motif on this line this way you can see this are very common shapes how you arranged them and can create beautiful mehndi design so if you are facing problem regarding how to progress with designs and if you can begin nicely but afterwords you end up messing up your designs and not sure what to do in such situations if you are that person then practice this practice creating motif using various shapes if you learn how to construct design then you will not face such problem in your life thats why study designs carefully which shapes looks beautiful where you can use those specific shape sin designs how can you use those shapes which shapes you can use as base its very important to learn that and how you learn is unto you as I have shared this trick with you now through this class like we have our basic shapes such as round, leaf paisleys , borders rectangles , heart shape some shapes we use frequently like round, leaf , paisley some shapes we use very rare like heart shape, rectangle by its own rectangle you can use partially as border thats why one more time I am repeating my self study those artist work whose work you admire study their designs carefully like which shapes they are using in design where are they using them how are they using them and how are they decorating them and then keeping all this in mind try to create your own own motifs try to arrange designs on top of each other because you can use normal common filler elements to fill those shapes and to complete designs so I hope through our this class you might have gotten many ideas to create your own designs I can assure you that through our material you will get many more ideas to create many designs I am very sure about it you can buy our worksheets from my supplier or from my website very soon we will meet in next video where I am going to teach you very interesting element or I would say mehndi style we are going to learn so stay tune till then stay blessed stay inspired take care everyone thank you bye bye C U

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