Art Nail Art! Nail Tutorial for 5 Easy Nail Art Designs. No Tools!

Art Nail Art! Nail Tutorial for 5 Easy Nail Art Designs. No Tools!

Hey guys! I have five new nail art ideas for
you today! They are so easy and quick to make, perfect for beginners! Normally, I like to
be very precise with my designs – all the lines the same, everything needs to be as
perfect as possible, but today, I just wanted to have some fun with colors. So, today I
am going to show you five designs and techniques inspired by the impressionist paintings. I
really hope you like them and let’s begin! Today we’re getting creative! But as always,
don’t forget applying a base coat to protect your nails. Even though I am using a white
polish for the base, it’s important to give that barrier between the nails and chemicals
from the nail polish. Today we are impressionist painters. And every painter needs a blank
canvas, so let’s apply two layers of white polish.
Ok, now we’re ready to start playing with colors! I’ll show you five totally different
and simple techniques to create unique impressionist designs.
For the first nail art design you need a pencil with an eraser. Drip some colored polishes
to some surface like a piece of plastic bag. Dip the corner of the eraser into one color,
tap it a few times on a plastic bag to remove excess polish and then start making random
dots and smudges on the nail. If some polish ends on your skin, don’t worry, we will remove
it later! Go in with the second color – green in my case. The impressionist painters wanted
to capture a moment in time and portrait their impressions of the world. I am feeling happy
so the colors I’m using today are mostly bright, but you can switch the colors to darker ones
if you’d like too! Lastly, apply some smudges in third color, I chose pastel lilac. When
you’re satisfied with how your design looks, apply a layer of top coat to bring it together
and add some shine. I think it turned out really lovely! From distance, these random
smudges look like little flowers, which I think is really cool!
For our next design you won’t need any tools at all. Simply choose three colors and make
random splashes with a nail polish brush. The trick is to wipe off your brush really
well, so that just small amount of polish is left on the brush. You can use other colors
for the base with all these five designs, but I do recommend going for a white like
me. This way all the polishes you plan to use on top will look vibrant and opaque. For
this design I chose yellow, lilac and minty green, which result in a very soft and gentle
result. Impressionism is a movement in painting originating in France in the last quarter
of 19th century. This style tries to illustrate the visual impression of the moment. In the
end don’t forget to apply a top coat to seal in your design. Look how pretty it looks!
Our third abstract painting again doesn’t require any tools, well except your finger!
Dip your finger into nail polish, press a few times on a paper, or a piece of a plastic
bag to get rid of majority of the polish. When you have only a bit of the color left,
press the finger on the nail to create little fingerprints. As you can see, even though
I am not being precise with my nail art today, the finished manicure looks very neat. The
trick is in the base color. If you apply your white base precisely, the ending result will
look very professional. It will seem as if you spend a lot of time doing your nails,
when in fact, you just had some fun experimenting with colors. For this design I just went crazy
with hot pink, blue and green color and I am very pleased with how it turned out. Make
sure to clean the skin around your nail and apply a layer of fast drying top coat to finish
off. Look how gorgeous this manicure looks when applied on all the nails. Perfection!
And of course, you can always decide to use it just on your ring finger for a cute little
accent to the solid manicure. For the fourth design we’ll be using q-tips!
Dip the q-tip in the nail polish and make random dots on the nail. My colors are yellow,
red and navy blue. Q-tips are a great tool in nail art, you can use them instead of a
dotting tool, to create perfect circles. You can make just several dots and leave the blank
base randomly peeking through, or you can cover your nails with dots completely and
get a totally different design. When you’re happy with your design, apply a generous layer
of the fast drying top coat. I hate it when the polish smears, but well… it happens.
We are doing abstract impressionism inspired nails anyway and I still love how this big
dotted design turned out! Save the best for the last they say. This
design must be my favorite of all the five. Go and bring some transparent foil from the
kitchen. And no this design has nothing to do with food. Tear a piece of foil and scrunch
it into a ball. Apply a bit of nail polish on like this and dab it onto your nail several
times. See how I am making very fast moves with the polish on my dabbing tool. My first
color was black, so now I am switching to silver and I am just repeating the step. You
just need to barely touch the nail to get the best result. My last color is a medium
pink. I absolutely adore how these three colors look together! Clean the skin around your
nail because you’ll definitely get some smudges from the foil there. Apply a layer of a fast
drying top coat and there it is your own beautiful masterpiece.
All these designs are extremely easy and fast to make plus you don’t need any professional
nail art tools. All of them look beautiful for the color blocking manicures too. And
because I love you so much I will show you a bonus design! Take a piece of a scotch tape
and stick it at the back of your hand several times so that the glue loses its strength.
Then stick it on the nail so that approximately half of your nail is covered. Then choose
one of the used colors to make abstract design. I can choose between black, silver and pink.
Quickly remove the tape in the same direction as you were applying the polish. Finish it
with a fast drying top coat and you’re left with a gorgeous color blocking manicure! I
think this design is so adorable and elegant, perfect for a party.
Sometimes we need to step out of the usual, out of the box. Just go crazy and have fun.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors in different ways and have fun making your
amazing nail paintings. So these were my five impressionism inspired
nail art designs. Don’t forget that I have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ where
you can share your recreations with me because I love seeing them. I really hope you’re doing
great, I’m sending you lots of kisses and I’ll talk to you soon! Bye!

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