Art Journal Page using Dies from

Art Journal Page using Dies from

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I’m sharing with you a little art journal page that
I made using tons of die-cuts from for card-making scrapbooking things like
that and I thought it would be super fun to use my new dies today from in love
arts with along with a new die-cutting machine and some new glue that I got the
month long event is still going on for art journaling every day so there’ll be
a video every day this month in November of 2019 and this is day 7 and the prompt
is add and so the first thing I did was I did some stenciling when I was
thinking of had I was thinking of math symbols I also searched for a quote that
would go along with math symbols and I found a cute one and I have a few
stencils this one I think it’s from its from Michaels I’m not sure what brand it
is maybe maybe Heidi Swapp I’m not sure then I also have this stencil girl
products little 4×4 one that has a lot of different mathematics symbols on it
and then I have a larger one from stencil girl products that’s called math
man and it has some equations and things on it I’m using some light green some
white and some turquoise colors and I am stenciling over the top of a gel print
that I made this page is five and a half by eight and a half and it’s all my
whole book is done with gel printed papers that are printed on both sides
that’s what I’m doing this this year for art gentle habit this is our fifth year
so we’ve been doing it a while so I’m just stenciling on to make the
background more interesting and then I use that same color and kind of sponge
around the edges just to make sure that the edges are all
cohesive and then I also I know I’m gonna build a flower garden or a lot of
plants using my new die-cuts so I decide that I better make a ground you know I
don’t like it when things are floating and when they don’t have a ground and so
I’m using a little bit of brown acrylic paint and just a torn scrap of paper to
just create some ground on the bottom of the page to plant all my plants in so
then I get out a little bit of a lighter color just to give it some more
dimension before I’m finished with my ground and after that pretty happy with
my background for my page it’s got lots of color it’s got lots of pattern and so
I have a new die-cutting machine the one that I had before and that I still have
and will continue to use for larger dies is a big shot so it’s large I have to
carry it over to my desk and it takes up a lot of space and I wanted one that
would just sit on my desk that I could use die cuts little die cuts anytime I
want and I have a lot of them and a lot of them came from in-love
WWE n love art shop comm they’ve sent me dyes a couple times
and also they have extremely reasonable prices so I recommend that you go over
there there’s usually a 15% off coupon as well plus the prices are really good
and they’ve got a really a lot of cute little thin dies now these dyes came to
came attached together and if you’re gonna use your larger die cutting
machine is probably no reason to snip them apart but since I’m gonna use this
new prism it’s really tiny die cut machine I wanted to snip them apart so
I’m using just regular wire cutters for jewelry making and I’m just cutting
those little connections doesn’t take very long to give me a lot of little
individual dies I have a sunshine with some clouds I’ve got a couple different
sets of flowers and leaves and things like that
stems one of them has a cute you really keep
from making like a Mother’s Day card it has some tulips and some greenery and
then a little bow and a tag kind of a little tag that you can you know make a
little bouquet with it with die-cuts and then put like for Mom or something in
the little take but I’m gonna use them individually and I have two different
sets so I’m starting with my little machine and the thing I liked about the
machine is that I could it has this thing on the bottom that is like a a
suction thing with a flip thing and I can put it on my glass mat and then
tighten that that flippy dial thing down and it
suctions itself to the glass so it doesn’t move it’s really nice and then
of course it has a base plate in a cutting plate it also came with an
embossing plate and a little rubber mat so it’s got all the bells and whistles
and I can use all my little in love arts die is in it because a lot of a lot of
the ones I have are small I also have some larger ones from them that are for
making books and things I even have one that makes little houses and I did that
on video not that long ago and I’ll make sure to link that one in like I card as
well as another video I did for them making a an album using one of their
dies I have a large dive it cuts pages to make an album so I’ll link both of
those videos as well so as you can see some other in love arts dies but these
are the smaller ones and they’ve got you know you can see there’s there’s a
little all different types of shapes of little stems and leaves and sprigs and
all kinds of fun stuff so I’m using my gel printed paper which is was gel
printed on lightweight paper from the printer it’s just inexpensive printer
paper and it’s got acrylic paint on it and design on it and I’m cutting out all
these little stems in different colors of greens and turquoise that match my
background and then I’m I’m even going to cut some
I want a lot of them I want to fill it out so I cut quite a few times then I
have this other new thing that’s called a glue sponge and it has glue inside a
plastic container and I can just press the little dyes down on it
and it gets glue on the back my usual method for my art journal or whatever
I’m making would be to use just a brush and some matte medium to put these down
but these little glue think box things little glue sponges are all the rage
right now ever they’re showing in the trade shows and things so I wanted to
give it a try and it works fine I got a lot of glue on
my fingers and so that kind of annoyed me a little bit also you need to store
it upside down which just so you know so I needed more little stems I got out
some more of the dyes and some different color paper I wanted some darker color
paper as well so I cut another round of the little stems and sprigs just stacked
a few of them on there put the paper over it put the little cutting plate and
just run it through pretty darn easy to cut all kinds of cute little things
could I cut these things with my scissors yes but would they be this
intricate probably not and when it take a long time yes so this might seem like
it’s taking a while to run them through the machine but actually these these are
very detailed cuts and I think they’re super cute and it’s pretty fast
especially if you’re making something like an ATC err or a greeting card
making a page it took a little bit longer and needed more little pieces to
put on I wanted it to be like a flower garden very full lots of them across
there I like the way it looks using gel printed paper because there’s so much
pattern there’s so much different interesting pattern more interesting to
me than using say like a piece of card stock or something that’s just one color
I like having the pattern on it so this one is the sunshine it came with a
sunshine and a couple different cloud dies I didn’t use the
guys I just used the sunshine because I wanted it to be shining down I know a
lot of you are in the cold right now and you’re like this just doesn’t make any
sense this is November it’s cold but you know what
here in Arizona today it’s 80 degrees Fahrenheit so it’s not cold for me right
now and I have no problem making this little growing thing in fact my tomatoes
are having a heyday they have a like I’m up above ground rolling raised bed and
I’m growing tomatoes in it and all through the hot part of the summer when
we had over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit the tomatoes were not happy and now that
it’s down to 80 they I have about 50 or 60 green tomatoes on my plants help the
hair that air I’m hoping will make well you know ripen up and I’ll have some
more smart tomato pies to make it’s so pretty it’s crazy here in Arizona that’s
what it’s like it’s warm here in November I’m growing tomatoes I know
that seems strange so then I also wanted to cut some flowers so I got out some
dyes that I had gotten previously the same type of thing just thin little thin
guys and I’m gonna cut some flowers as well so I’m getting out some other
different papers just trying to find some brighter colors I ended up finding
a piece of fluorescent pink which I really enjoy on the page that really
stands out on the page and then some orange and some lavender and light blue
papers and I put a couple of different dyes on there the ones at the stems I’m
putting them on there and then I’m just cutting the stems off I don’t I don’t
need the stems because I’m just gonna put those over all the other little
stems and bits and parts that I had on there so gluing these down I think this
turned out really cute I like it I like all the the whole situation of having
all the flowers and plants makes me happy lots of pattern and color and I
just I enjoy it and I’m very happy with this little
machine it can just sit right next to me on my desk on the table I don’t have to
go find it and carry it it’s not heavy and it’ll be really easy to quickly use
all my little in love arts dyes that I have been collecting I’m going to
collect some more they have a lot of really cute alphabet dyes that are in
different fonts and I want some of those so my next collection will be a bunch of
the alphabets I like having little letters to put on
my art journal pages and and things like that I enjoy that so I’m going to be
collecting some of those next so I had to get a few more I cut out some light
blue and some lavender in my next round here with the same dyes just a lot of
fun if you have some dyes I recommend that you get some gel printed papers to
cut because you’ll be happy with them they’ll be interest more interesting
than if you use regular one solid color papers and they cut really easily
especially if you’ve been gel printing on thin paper so I’m just about done
with my page I am gonna save all these little extra pieces that have the
negative space I think they’ll be fun for collage as well at some point you
know the parts that parts are cut out of them I think those will be interesting
to you in like more abstract applications get some more glue so I
will of course have a link to in love arts and all the different dyes that I
used from them today and I’ll also have some Amazon links for the prism tiny
die-cutting machine in the glue and whatever else I used
blow the video so you can use that I used a baby wipe just to make sure that
everything was pressed down so then my next step is to get out some fabric
Estelle Pitts artist pins in my water brush water tank brush and add a little
bit of shading I think that really helps all those glued on pieces stand out more
from the background if they have shadow around them so I just quickly go and add
a little bit and then blend it out with my water brush it’s super quick and fast
and it really does have an impact on the page as a whole so I do that and of
course I also have to then come back in and add highlights these are my shadows
I’ve got out of the highlights with a white pasta pen after I’m done with this
part pasta pen is an acrylic paint pen and I can do this with a pasta pen as
well but I have a lot of different colors of the fabric Estelle pins they
are in India ink so they’re permanent and that is nice for mixed-media just in
case you’re gonna put something over the top you know I’m gonna put something wet
over the top of it that’s a good thing to have a permanent ink so I always like
to use my pit pins quickly quickly I’m not I’m not drawing a line around every
single section I’m just kind of putting them here and there where I think
they’ll have an impact and then blending it out it would take too long also on
the stems I’m only putting the shadow on one side as if the Sun is coming in from
that that’s left side and shining from you know the Sun the light Iker would
create a shadow on the opposite side of the stem does that make sense light
coming in from the left would mean the shadows are on the right so I’m just
putting one line shadows on the right hand side and then going around the
sunshine to you and blending that out so that it
stands out from the background a little bit and then here’s my white pasta pan
adding a little bit of highlights and quick quick quick little highlights and
illustration line type things over all my different flowers and stems really
quick and then the next thing that I do is to bring in my quote sometimes if I
if a prompt stumps me I look up a quote to put on my page and this one says add
smiles subtract worries divide your problems multiply your happiness and I
think that that works perfectly for this prompt of add and also for all my math
symbols in the background it’s a quote thing that’s math e but yet has a really
positive message so I’m using my brother Pete uh CH label maker to make my quotes
and print it out and stick it down it’s sticky sticky tapes because it’s a label
maker and then adding a little shadow around them and I think the last touch
was to glue some buttons in the center of some of my flowers and that was it
for this page using all my new stuff from in love art shop comm and my new
die-cutting machine in glue I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you have
please remember to give it a thumbs up leave me a comment or question below
subscribe if you haven’t already be sure to turn on your notification bells you
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you don’t know about it then you’re not getting notified that’s it for me thanks
bye bye you you

30 thoughts on “Art Journal Page using Dies from

  1. Great Page! I think I will have my math students create this and we can discuss each operation and why it is used with the words that are here.

  2. That is a cute little die-cutter. The perfect size for making little die-cut pieces. Edit: We have some brutal winters here in southern Alberta, Canada. There's snow everywhere right now. I like using bright colors in art and wearing some bright-colored clothes because it's cold enough in the winter – a bit (or a lot of color) is a good thing to cheer us up. I don't know about Arizona, but here we have Christmas craft shows to go to from October to December.

  3. you can pick them green and they will ripen in your house. make sure you cut the vine they are attached to and let them ripen. If you want to speed up the ripening stick some apples with them

  4. Love, LOVE all the bright and cheerful, diecut flowers you ‘added’ to your layered, stencil and stamped background. Your caption was perfect for your ‘add’ word prompt, today. Great advice….

    Add smiles
    Subtract worries
    Divide your problems
    Multiply your happiness 😉

    These ideas ‘add’ up to a thought provoking bit of advice.

  5. What a sweet little dye cutter and dies. It's a beautiful page that you made with them Shel. Thanks for sharing all that fun with us.

  6. Absolutely love that quote, Shel! Great page featuring awesome colours! We’re still in Spring and experiencing over 90 degrees F today. It’s hot, very very dry, windy and dusty here. Have I been transported to Arizona or do you not get the wind and dust there? 😂😂 Some parts of Australia are in the middle of really serious bushfires at present because it’s so dry and windy. Hopefully, rain is on the way soon, especially for these areas and our farmers, in general. Not looking promising though so our gardens are not very colourful at all so I’ll appreciate your creative one , instead. Thanks, Shel. 🥰

  7. Wow, isn’t this page a beauty and is so cheerful. Nice job playing with all your lovely scraps. I just want you to know, everyone of your pieces, over the years, have always made me smile. Your style of painting and printmaking isnmarvelous, and I have learned much from watching and listening to you. I have always been attracted to your work and I enjoy using “Shel’s Techniques,” especially with printmaking, Thanks, Shel….💐

  8. Oh this is such a happy page! What a cute die-cutting machine! Using the gel printed papers makes such a difference showing all the colour variations!

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