Art Gallery Fabrics Haul January 2017 | SEWING REPORT

Art Gallery Fabrics Haul January 2017 | SEWING REPORT

because i have no self-control we’re going to be doing a fairly large art gallery fabrics haul welcome to the sewing report I’m jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing and fabric of course so I had a goal last year of not really buying a lot of new fabric and using up what I had That didn’t last very long I’m still trying and I will say after these recent purchases i’m going to hold off the only new fabric i’m going to be buying over the next couple months is a pre-order i had for Tula Pink’s Tabby Road cat fabric so i may or may not have gone a little crazy with the art gallery fabrics so that’s what we’re going to be diving into right now the first impulse buy I had now I worked with this line before i love it and i love the designer sara lawson of sew sweetness she’s amazing so this is Sew Sweetness’s Fantasia fabric by art gallery fabrics i know i’ve talked about this before but I love Art Gallery Fabrics their substrates are so so luxurious feeling and this is my first time trying the knits also which we’re going to get to but it’s the fantasia line it’s sort of like a fantasy whimsical little collection and it’s got unicorns i love unicorns who doesn’t love unicorns? so let me try to show this to you a little closer so this is the half yard bundle I think it comes with 20 half yards which is a lot of half yards and the reason I bought this was because it was fifty percent of us on the fat quarter shop’s website so I really couldn’t resist resist this and it’s just got so many fun prints cuts unicorns got like mushrooms it’s got you know all sorts of little always got some really cute diagonal stripes so I’m really big fan of this line and when I saw it was fifty percent off i kinda just knew I had to get it i love the line and this is definitely going to last me for a very long time I don’t know what I’m going to do with it but i think i can actually so last week I bought some stuff and I made a kids dress out of my stash shoulder box fabrics embellished it with lace and it was so much fun to make kids clothes I had no idea how amazing it is to make little baby items they didn’t really feel like a lot of work and I didn’t need a ton of fabric so i think i can actually make some dresses skirts for kids items out of this line so i think that’s what’s going to happen maybe gifts gifts for friends so if you’re having a baby you might be getting something out of this the next two fabrics are now a backstory i did get some fabric from the garden dreamer line by maureen cracknell in my last Stash Builder Box and I really liked it i I’m not usually got into floral prints but i really liked the simplicity of the line now I went on instagram i’m looking at hashtag garden dreamer fabrics and I saw some amazing clothing made of this line and one I think this Instagram use our think i’ll link her profile but this way makes the most incredible insane girls dresses out of art gallery fabrics over and her using I think it’s @becauseofbrenna thats blogging I’ll find another link though she made a dress for her daughter on this these two fabrics just sort of like a it’s not really a mint green more of like a sage green like a light green and other know but it’s got some rust and pink and you know raspberry in it so she had made a dress with this as the skirt and then this fabric as the bodice and this is actually one of the art gallery knit fabrics I got it’s actually got so I got the quilting cotton in this print and I got the knit in this print so what are they going to do i might make try to make like a skirt or maybe like some loose fitting you know elastic pants you know because that’s how i roll out of this fabric and then i’m going to use this so this is a yard and a half of the knit fabric it’s sort of like a Jersey knit it’s it’s a hundred percent cotton and I do tend to prefer hundred percent cotton vs cotton-poly blends for this and no I just is like it better some reason so actually right after i tape this video I’m going to start pre washing some of these fabrics like and just start getting into them so I think what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna try to take the linden sweatshirt pattern and then make the shorter sleeves like the sort of it’s sort of like a mid sleeve version and I think i’m going to try that and i thought some tips recently on a made everyday video it was the video on leggings about how you can make like a faux cuff on it so that i don’t need a cover stitch machine or need to hem it so that was cool going to try to make a top of this and then a skirt or pants out of this fabric and this is about two yards of it so this is also gorgeous I just love love art gallery fabrics alright so let’s move on the next line i have talked about this before its Dana Willard’s Boardwalk Delight awesome like carnival ice cream prints so i got this in the quilting cotton I don’t really know what I’m going to do with this yet it’s got mint like aqua green but i think it’s too here for me to make like pants out of it unless it had a lining so I don’t know what I’m going to do with this yet but i just liked it so I got two yards of this and then I got two yards each of this it looks like a chalkboard and it’s got like you know flavors is the day printed on it in different fun colors i got two yards of this and then I got two yards of the coordinating the sort of other reasons for three sprinkles or something but it it will be a cute accent fabric i got two years of this. This was on sale and these all of the yardage i showed you is from now keep in mind some of this stuff is sold out i got some good deals on some of it but whatever is still available i will link in the description box and this one was on sale for ten dollars a yard so I thought that was pretty good so i think i’m going to do with this is I might actually try to make leggings I’ve never been like this before i’m going to try to make leggings on this print but i’m going to accent it was this print and then i might try to make another one of those like half sleeve Linden Sweatshirts out of these two fabrics combined I think that would be really fun i can’t really use this print since it’s white like anything that you know would matter if it was see through but I can totally use this for like cuffs and waistband and that sort of thing I think that is the plan to get obviously I have a little bit of an addiction to Art Gallery Fabrics so i just wanted to share that with you all and kind of give you updates so what are you working on what what what’s your most recent fabric purchase and how are you doing so far in 2017 with holding back on impulse purchases i’m doing terribly i’m just going to cannot admit that i’ll see you next time

8 thoughts on “Art Gallery Fabrics Haul January 2017 | SEWING REPORT

  1. I have failed miserably at putting fabric purchases on hold. I think making it a goal has had the opposite effect.

  2. Seriously Jen, No fabric purchase goal. My ears are burning 🔥 lol. Wonderful Haul. I checked that link with the girl dresses, very nice.

  3. I loved it all! I made a commitment to use at least 30% of my stach before I buy any more fabric. But its sooo hard! I began 2017 cleaning and arranging my studio and Im pretty sure I could go a hole year without setting a foot at a fabric store😂

  4. I enjoyed this video, it was nice to see where you buy your fabrics, too! As a fellow Atlanta resident, I was wondering if you shop at any local brick and mortar shops as well, or have any recommendations for some? A vlog visiting a fabric store would be great!

  5. I told myself I wasn't buying anymore fabric for awhile at the start of this year and made at least 4 fabric purchases in January! I must do better in February! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't say no to a good sale.

  6. So enjoying your videos. Somewhere I read that Marshals was a nightmare to deal with. Could you please explain. I have ordered there in the past, but not I'm concerned. . .Thanks!

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