Armless Artist’s Incredible Paintings

Armless Artist’s Incredible Paintings

COMM: Forty-two-year-old Swapna Augustine was born without arms, but has found acclaim
as an artist, painting impressive pictures with her feet. She has exhibited and sold
her work in India and abroad, and has won a number of accolades, most recently an Aadhi
Aabadi Women Achievers Award in 2015. COMM: Before Swapna was born, her father Augustine dreamt that his wife Sophie would give birth
to a baby without arms who would go on to bring glory to the family’s name. When she
was born three months later, her parents named her Swapna, which means “dream” in their
native tongue Malayalam. COMM: Even as a child, Swapna was fiercely independent, and aged 4 she started kindergarten
and soon learnt to write the alphabet in sand using her feet. She continued her education,
and after graduating from St Joseph’s College for Women in Kerala, joined the Mouth and
Foot Painting Artists Association, an international society for disabled artists. She trained
with an art teacher for 2 years, and now Swapna regularly takes part in artistic workshops
with physically disabled students when she is not producing her own paintings. Over the
next few years, Swapna aims to create an autobiographical painting, telling her inspiring life story.

100 thoughts on “Armless Artist’s Incredible Paintings

  1. This is what motivation is! all you guys out their claiming about having no potential, being ugly, etc this is a great dicpiction of courage. Stay motivated guys and strive to do what you were born to do.

    #Bound4Success Movement
    #I Can.I Will.End Of Story.

  2. People who are born without limbs never know anything else, so it's much easier to adapt. If a person loses limb(s) after they're used to having all of them, it's hard to get adapt to it. It's also difficult for people with all of their limbs to imagine what it's like for people missing limbs.

  3. shes bettee than me and has no arms and im a kid with arms that got nominated in the year book for best artist but hey what u gonna do

  4. She's amazing !!! Me, with my 2 arms and my 2 hands I can't draw like her…
    please send her postal address….
    i want her paints…
    i want appreciate personally …any body send her address or contact details…

  5. The paintings are beautiful and you are doing an amazing job! what an inspiration .. thank you so much! keep it up

  6. Awsum….Beautifull.I dont have words…People like u r the pride of Humanity…May god be always with u….Keep up the spirit…I am ur fan…I am ur follower…Lots of love…lots of wishes…

  7. I am disable person.But his disability is not inability for him.He is a strong man.His struggle makes him successful man.

  8. I'm so disappointed in myself I can't even paint properly with my hands smh, um do guys know how someone can improve in their drawing

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