Arkeis – Meet Corentin Lebrat

Arkeis – Meet Corentin Lebrat

Hi all! Let’s continue our series of videos
with the authors of Arkeis. I’m happy to welcome Corentin
for this second video. – How are you?
– Good, and you, Geoffrey? – Pretty good. I’m delighted you’re here. As we already know,
the game Arkeis is set in Egypt. Is Egypt something you know well? Were you fascinated
by it as a kid? It’s either dinosaurs – but Draftosaurus
has that covered, we’re good! – or Egypt, for example. Is it a universe you know well? Through movies, cartoons, mangas, yeah. It’s always in the back of your mind
when you love pop culture, Indiana Jones, etc. I want to ask, were you inspired –
even involuntarily – by a major work, graphic novel, book,
piece of art, or something? Me personally, not necessarily. But we all have things in the back of the
mind that we bring out involuntarily. Subconsciously. Plus, I was reading
Crichton’sThe Last Tomband it gave me a bit of inspiration
for things to put in the game. But we wanted something
unique. Not just Egypt! We looked at lots of things.
Dinosaurs, aliens… We tried to combine two things that
didn’t really go together. We picked the steampunk
universe, and Egypt. We had to find something solid in terms of
the story to anchor it in reality. Théo and I talked a lot about gameplay
and I’d like to ask you about something. What’s interesting in the combat system
is that some fights will be different. If you see what I mean – there’s no
need to reveal what happens. Can you talk about that decision.
Was it to stick to the theme? Or just to change up the pace of fights? Yes, that’s it. We wanted to work on those two
aspects to shake up routine. With a scenario-based game
surprises are interesting. Not just in the story, but also
when mechanics change. You’ll meet certain enemies that
will give you a challenge and need to be fought very differently. You mentioned narration,
which is very important in Arkeis. And there’s something we didn’t address
in our earlier talks: the outros. A system in the game has you read
an outro after every session. They can be good or bad and sum up how well
the group did or didn’t do on the mission. How important are the outros
for the next missions? Yes, there’s a positive
or negative outro system linked to what players do in each scenario
and if they are more or less successful. These outros drive their adventure and
steer them, like a mini decision tree. So, if an adventure goes poorly, there will be negative consequences
for the story, which shifts one way. And if they succeed in the scenario,
the story will be positive for them, and there will be an impact on raw
gameplay because they can earn things. With this system, we wanted players,
at the end of the campaign, to be able to re-tell their story, and for
each group to have a different story. It isn’t anything too punitive, is it? For example, if one group
has really bad luck, and only negative outros –
is that even possible? Will it make them “lose” the campaign? The game system means that there will
effectively be negative consequences, but generally the scenarios will be tense
so that defeat is narrow if it happens. Or it’s an epic victory. That’s where we wanted
to go with this. There are punishments
because of negative outros, but they will never be show-stoppers, and will never cause the total loss
of the campaign after scenario 4. We wanted to avoid that so the
adventure continues, whatever happens. It will just happen differently
for each group. – That’s perfect!
– I hope so! You’ll see for yourselves how
your outros go when you play. I hope you’ll be lucky in the
pyramids of Arkeis. Thank you, Corentin, for your time! Before you go, I have a surprise for you
if Théo didn’t let it out of the bag… I have one or two bonus questions for you. Take this little chest, pick questions
at random, and answer however you like… Take whichever ones you want… There’s only one card in here! What is the worst trauma in Arkeis? Yes, there’s a trauma system
if enemies do too much damage, and for me, the worst one
is the “broken thumb”! It’s hard to be an archaeologist
with a broken thumb! You can’t search, you can’t get rid of
mummies that grab at you. For me, the broken thumb is the worst. I wouldn’t want to have
a broken thumb in a pyramid! If you remember, traumas can’t be cured
from one episode to the next, unless you find a way to heal them. So, exploring, being an archaeologist
with a broken thumb isn’t great! I’ll let you pick a second question. This one’s going to be good! Who is your favorite
character in the game? You see, it’s totally subjective! I really like Franck Gaspard,
who’s a character like the ones we see often in games;
he’s a bit hardcore, stong. We had Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson
in mind when we created him. What’s unique about him
is his mechanical arm. It gives him a real look!
And the mini is magnificent! He’s impressive! He’s the only “big cliche”
among the characters! That’s interesting to know! Thank you again for your time and answers! We’ll see you soon
for the next Arkeis video! Thanks everyone! See you soon! Toodeloo!

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