Hi Polinesios! How are you? My name is Karen and I’m really excited because it’s now 2017. The truth is that I’m so happy to share with you again another year And to start off the year, I wanted to show you something very cool. We will do magic sand and it’s really relaxing. I spent a lot of time playing with the sand. So, let’s see how to do this magic sand. You will need white sand. This is so fine. I needed two little bags of 200 gr, vegetables colorants. I will use these ones that are neon, because I love these colors, so they can look so cool. To have a magic sand, we’ll use slime. For that, you will need liquid transparent glue, sodium bicarbonate and liquid for the contact lenses. You will start painting the sand. For that, in plastic bags, divide the sand depending on the colors you will do. Add four little drops of colorant and that way you will do it with all of them. After, inside the bag, you will mix it little by little. You just have to remove the colorant and mix it with all the sand. Do it rubbing the sand this way with your fingers. Look how simple you paint the sand and it doesn’t stay humid or alike. Once you have the painted sand of all colors, pour it over an extended dish and you will do the slime that will make it magic. Mix a bit of bicarbonate in the water and mix it very good until the water is transparent. My water is kind of green due to the little stick that I used to move it. So, don’t worry about the color, polinesios. Then, add a bit of that water in a bigger bowl, add a transparent glue and a bit of liquid for the lenses. Mix little by little and once you begin to see how it starts to get viscose the mix, stop moving it because if you keep moving it until the slime gets hard, it won’t be able to get the magic sand done. So, it must be viscose and very slippery the mix. Then, you will take a little of the mix and put it with the sand. Start to join them this way. You don’t need so much slime, with just a bit is more than enough. And you will mix all the sand with the slime. You will see that it will start to assent the viscose sand. That is the texture we’re looking for. Do this with all colors you have, take a bit of slime and mix everything with the sand. Pull and take the sand. Thus, you’ll do it until you do it like this one. So easy is to make the cinetic sand or kinetic in English. You should not waste a lot of money to buy a pack because honestly it’s very expensive and you can do it very simple at home. As well, you can use molds to do figures with the sand like these silicone ones to do half circles. You can also use cookie cutters or molds to make ice cream like these ones that I have, that are of little animals. The truth is that it’s fun to play with this sand. If you have little siblings, it’s a very good idea to do this with them and you’ll spend a lot of time together. And if you want something for you, you can make yourself an anti-stress ball, Just put a little sand in a plastic bottle and then, blow up a balloon. Put it on the mouth of the bottle and pour the sand into the balloon until you reach the sand and you tie it up. Cut the excess tip and done! You have an anti-stress ball that you can tie up and make figures with it. I loved the sensation. It’s incredible. Truthfully, you can’t stop squeezing it. You can do the amount you want of sand. You could do the enough amount to make a castle. Whenever you mix the sand with the slime, the sand doubles its volume. So, don’t worry. You won’t need so much sand to make an enormous castle. Polinesios, I hope that you loved this idea. The truth is that it’s very simple to make and it’s incredible and you can make all kinds of different colors and play with it for a lot of time. Though, if you use the sand afterwards, I recommend you to use these little bags so they don’t get dry. Because since we use this glue on the slime, it will dry very fast. So, put them here inside, so it can last a long time. And I hope that you liked so much this tutorial as I did. If yes, put a like to this video and if you make this tutorial, take a picture and send it to me to my social network down here. Don’t forget to tag me so I can see them all and see you in the next video. I send you a big kiss. Bye! Happy New Year! Marcio


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