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  1. Architecture is a poor profession. Majority of the architects died with poverty. Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier, and so as Frank Lloyd Wright, they were all died with not only have no penny left but massive debts. Such a documentary, and the architecture schools should stop selling architecture as a proud, fabulous, glamorous and rich career and yet it is NOT in the real world!!

  2. The cornerstone of Bauhaus was oppressive uniformity and the industrialization of the personal. Its continuing appeal is based on its low costs.

  3. This typical western mentality of cold narrow vision of harmonic modern representation of uptopic architectural building. It all cold mathematics and the evisceration and disconnection from the natural world. Eastern modern sense speaks to building with modernity in mind but also bringing nature back into the fold of the human community. Enhance nature not obliterate it and separate it from human community. Reinforce human connectivity to nature to give the real sense that we humans are part of nature and therefore part of the ecology and ecosystem that is nature. I find most of the western standard and buildings, most especially the cities. To be cold and ugly. And unfortunately too much of the steel and concrete jungle cities ofbthe West has been adopted and exported world wide. This to me does not mean it is the right way or the most pleasing or even efficient way. I find for example designs by some innovative and pleasingly imaginative designs for enhancing both both nature and human ultra modern with human comfort and inclusive environment. Geared to promote nature inward and connection to nature and ecosystem by extension, enhancing both. Is a efficient, renewable, and community building intelligent design. Making all aspects of the human community enhanced and self promoting. While giving the importance of human importance to a healthy ecosystem, that as a bi-product helps with physical, emotional, and mental health. This video only promotes the same self destructive and insulating social isolation and disconnection to nature and community. There is no balance or benefit to the continued designs promoted HERE.

  4. Heard through a French Doc that Bauhaus was inspired by US industrial warehouses in the late 1800's (1890's probably)

  5. The Bauhaus School. I cannot think of another fitting example of Goethe's adage, that "Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music." Thanks DW!!!

  6. Thanks for uploading this documentary. I love buildings and hence in a way architecture. I love bulky yet clean lines of bauhaus. It exposes some raw materials and shapes. Also very inspiring to watch selection of artists/architects

  7. 100 y of pseudoaesthetics, but leftist architecture. When the "rational" is nothing but speach for authoritarian states.

  8. If you ask me, there's little in this world more enjoyable than DW Docs. I'm so excited for a 3 part series on Bauhaus! Thank you DW.

  9. Can't understand all these negative comments about Bauhaus. Why waste 42 minutes of your precious time watching a documentary about something you don't like?

  10. Este documental también está disponible en español / This documentary is also available in Spanish: https://youtu.be/3TFmr6y8lcM

  11. While I enjoyed this presentation from a learning perspective, to me, this architectural style looks quite sterile and cold.

  12. The real estaters in Turkey made a mark in history by building on imposible lands and as a result leading so many videos of "retaining wall collapse" yeah it is their thing.

  13. Come to Realize that Bauhaus is Primarily Male Energy Void of Female and Feng Shui. Beautiful Design but not Balanced energy.

  14. This is the firs time I have heard the Bauhaus Effect, story is quite interesting, thank you for producing and sharing,

  15. Hi, We are your huge fans here, we would suggest that kindly add subtitles to your documentaries for more better illustration and understanding.
    Thanks a lot

  16. Why people hate Bahaus and Modern Architecture? Because Modern Architecture is devoid of past ideologies and cultures. People are still holding on to traditions.

  17. Bauhaus has influenced the 20th century,,,Clean,Fresh,aesthetic I'd rather this than clutter,disorder,, Bauhaus is the magic of form and function,,Great documentary,,,

  18. I think humans dont nee chair at all, it is ceremonial thing. And Bauhaus has been for industrial design, is no such human body what would be universal, loonie thin-king, poetry. Second thing is lack of decorations, decorations usually have means, often functionalist esing is idot, nub, bored min-dead. Best in staircase, decorations stop child to drop to hall floor, killer make only stairs. Decorations also remind wisdom are philosophical, to some religious. Tell have sing songs and tell stories, teachings when they do crafts in group, family at night when you cant work outside .Hand skills are kept on by making decorations, more simple more simple is your mind. Here is contrary to craftsmanship (what has been everyone's duty at past, everybody were able to do their own bench simplest things) to industrial, modernist world where is totally handles and helpless persons who nee help in everyday life almost in everything, that EVERYTHING is is ready made. When you build your house by yourselves from wood or like in Africa from earth, you are automatically economical whit space, you dont do big or small you do what you need. Same whit furniture, you dont waste material and time for it you do practical thing what is good to use. But then when things are mass produced you start to shape humans to fit to your design not other vice, we are not all 170 cm 55kg size. Bauhaus can be inhuman if you make law from it design humans to fit industrial production. Example time changes human size, you can see at furniture that those are made much smaller persons, 200 year old chair is teen size, we cant assume that Bauhaus measures can be used at 100 years later.
    Best would be individually made designs like in past, when everybody did what they need by them selves. 3D printing / laser cutting or workshop recycling centers are future where you can go and make orders your own size. So you dont throw it away but fix it when thing gets broken because it has been made for you. then when you get old furniture or clothes you choose your size or fix them to fit. Chair can be fixed like this guy here is doing, make bigger seat or take off or increase length of the legs. We have museums for design they keep original designs there, those exist, consumers home doesn't have to LIVE uncomfortable museum, where you hurt your back and cant get sleep just because of design.

  19. Oooh! look! boxes! Such beautiful boxes! and glass!

    This isn't architectural art, or any real breaking design. It's simple. It's dull. It's stupid. A twelve year old could design those buildings. The Woolworth building and Equitable Building and Penn Station are examples of art and design. A box is not, and any architect who dares call himself an artist or designer, I will be only too happy to berate him in public. To call a modern architect's buildings' a work of art in the modern era that follow the Bauhaus School is a flat out lie. He should call himself a utilitarian architect, only ever hired to create the building that appears nicest for the cheapest price, to make the workplace – a little more tolerable. The era of creating art and defining space with comfort and metaphysical aspects like color, material, and shape, (pink sunset granite walls, upheld by black streaked marble pillars with brass corinthian tops), is gone, WHY CAN'T YOU JUST ADMIT THAT NONE OF YOUR BUILDINGS EVOKE ANY PASSIONS OR PROCLIVITIES OF PASSIONATE EMOTION?! EVERYONE. HATES. MODERN. ARCHITECTS. THEIR BUILDINGS ARE DESTROYED WITHOUT PASSION WHEN TIME RUNS OUT FOR THEIR USE.

    They're nothing but an excuse of why the common man can't afford an apartment in a building designed like the Equitable Building in New York. ADMIT IT!

  20. Focus on a furniture painter that looks at everything without appreciation of its perfect design is a surprising choice to celebrate Bauhaus. You could see he was trying to figure out how to wreck that cesca without fear of offending a Breuer enthusiast. Selfish and shallow. He would add a mustache to the Mona Lisa.

  21. Thank you for a great documentary and the good use of Kraftwerk music! Also, it's lovely to hear the Japanese people speak English without the patronising subtitles (as often used by the BBC and Channel 4 without any need).

  22. then way do people go to see the parts of a city and not the so called modern parts of a city , for example Paris France as well as many others. we are so fast to dismiss the past masters of design and architecture, each city had it's own feel. the international style removed this. these master of the modern movement are so called because we are told at architectural school they are masters. ask the man on the street and he will tell you something different.

  23. "German"
    Yeah it's quite obvious that it looks German right? It's not like it could be found everywhere, right?

  24. A myriad of blah-blah labels ("bold, fluid, revolutionary") for such a decadent Bauhaus movement symbolizing the death of a culture. Let's face it folks, Politically Correct cultures have capitulated completely and willing to surrender their Aesthetics, their Heritage & Genetic stock. This is how Nations die in a dishonorable end.

  25. could it be that the overall inspiration for the BauHaus was acknowledging the industrial esthetic – not just for industry but for the residential world as well? As such it presaged the industrial commercial world we live in today. Just as the inspiration for the Baroque was countering the Reformation – where individual small farms, trades and shops were countered by bronze age imperial splendor? Architecture, im grossen und ganzen, is the embodiment of culture rit large. Anyone who doesn't understand that doesn't understand architecture at all.

  26. What a shame that you talk about Bauhaus and showing Arabic letters and no Hebrew letters and also not showing names of architects in Tel Aviv the richest city with Bauhaus elements

  27. Hallo! Could somebody help me please? Some days ago, I´ve watched DW on demand, in certain program capsule, they visited a chocolate shop decorated with Bauhaus style in Berlin, I would like to know what program was or which place it is since I´m in Berlin and I´m interested in both chocolate and Bauhaus movement. thank you so much in advance.

  28. Bauhaus World – The Code is a remarkable documentary! I truly did appreciate it so much. Thanks a lot for sharing! Keep it up!

  29. Do you know how to write the textil designer's name? It sound like "Kasha koohasko" or something like that, but my skills in german is not good enough to guess her name.

  30. There's too much Bauhaus influence today. Corporations love it; it's simple, cheap and scalable. Look at the city of Toronto: an architectural disaster. Condos everywhere, a city covered in glass and right angles. It's monotonous and dull. I prefer gothic and medieval architecture, which are so rich in nuance and detail.

  31. Bauhaus: stay with architectural and industrial design – YOUR FASHION STINKS, AN EXPERIMENT FAIL…sorry. Kandinsky is my favorite abstract artist. Love Klee's – take a line for a walk. Graphic design and fonts [Advertising being my field]. Wrapping human bodies in industrialism sucks bad

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