Archimedes Principle – Why do ships float? | #aumsum

Topic: Archimedes principle. Why do ships float? Good question. Give me minimum five years to unravel its
mystery. Alright. Don’t bother. To answer this question, we need to understand Archimedes’ principle. Archimedes’ principle states that an object
partly or fully immersed in a liquid. Experiences an upward force called buoyant force which is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced by it. It is too complicated. Ok. Wait, I will explain. A ship has a long and wide base due to which the amount and the weight of water displaced by it increases. Now according to Archimedes’ principle, the buoyant force is equal to the weight of displaced liquid. Hence, as the weight of displaced water increases. The buoyant force that is the upward force exerted by the water increases, making the ship float.

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