Arceus (Pokemon) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Arceus (Pokemon) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial. Today we will create the so-called God of the Pokemon: Arceus! Arceus! Which makes us actually the god of the God of the Pokemon. I got so many requests to create Arceus, so I really hope you‘ll like this tutorial. So let’s get started! We need a lot of grey clay and you can either take this gray clay you can buy it obviously or you’re mixing it I would prefer taking a lot of white and just a tiny bit of black. And we will jump in. We are creating the legs and these well they look a bit tricky but I think I found a great way to create them. So just have a look. Beside that grey just take a tiny piece of yellow. This is for the hoof. Just place it inside the grey clay and the first leg the right front leg is finished. So we will just repeat that but this time it will be Arceus’s left front leg. Yeah, what what else can I tell you about this technique? I was really looking for an easy way and this time I didn’t want to use any kind of wire. No aluminum wire, no whatsoever And well, this is just possible with oven hardening clay, so be sure that you have the right clay. I will link it to you down in the description. I will give you a link where I buy my Polymer clay because I am asked a lot which clay I’m using so just check out I will just link it in the description. Okay, these are the back legs. They are nearly the same, but just a bit thicker. So just be sure that the back legs are a tiny bit thicker. The torso contains out of different parts. This is the neck and where the head will be attached as well and the part which looks like a pear. Actually it’s the torso so we’re adding the tail. It’s very thick and then you are almost done with the main body part. This is just some dark grey for some detail work. I mixed that before. It isn’t shown in the video. But I mixed that with a lot of black and just a tiny piece of white, and I think light grey While we are creating on these details I have to say WOW! We have just reached a hundred thousand subscribers one week ago and for me it’s still unbelievable. It’s just incredible. I think right now we are at 146.000 subscribers. It is so amazing! Thank you so much. I’m preparing a special for that occasion, so I think it will be a nice surprise for you. Whoa! Now let’s go back to our Arceus, our creation. It’s still so incredible! Now we will work on the head. The head contains out of two layers. This is just dark grey and and one layer of bright grey and you will place them right above and I am cutting with my scalpel to get this it looks like a water drop and it’s made pretty easy and also these two lines are right in the black and in the dark grey part. And now we can prepare the eyes and the cheeks. Well I assume these are the cheeks the green cheeks of Arceus. And I was using my pointing tool for that. I made a video about all the tools I’m using for my creations, so I will just link it to the click on the ‘I’. OK now the iris is made of just red clay. So this is pretty easy. Just place it inside. And of course tiny black or I’m using a dark grey for this iris black dot in the eye. Yeah. OK! Now let’s make all these details at the head. The Arceus’s head is pretty detailed. There’s this yellow stripe right at the front and now we will work on these antennas / ears. Be sure that you will also create the same form I’m creating right now so you can bend it easily around the head we created. So just place it right under the chin and wrap up the head and this layer we just created. That looks nice I think. But we won’t attach the head right now. We will make that later after the oven hardening process. Now we will just create this yellow line around the body and also these thorns. I’m not a Pokemon expert, so I’m pretty sorry. I can’t tell you anything about that. I read about this theory which asked if Mew or Arceus was the first Pokemon in the world. If you know anything about that theory just let me know. I would really like to know which one was the first. Yeah, but… Well as I already mentioned, I don’t know much about Pokemon. I’m just creating these characters, and I’m always glad if I’m learning something about these creations I’m making. Okay into the oven! Freshly baked Arceus! These are all the parts and we will start assembling them. I’m using my super glue for that Yeah, this is a bit tricky, because I really wanted to have a stable posture when I glued all the legs together. So just take your time to glue the legs into the right position. Yeah, and this was the last leg. Now we will attach this, let’s call it a star. I’m pretty sorry if that is wrong. Okay! Now some transparent polish for the eye and also for these tiny diamonds on the star and I guess that’s it! Okay, I guess that’s it. We finished our Arceus and I hope you liked this tutorial. Well when I did some research about this tutorial I heard about this theory who came first Arceus or Mew. I hadn’t created Mew yet, but I created MewTwo and if you haven’t seen this tutorial just check it out. Ok now we are best friends again! I hope to see you next time and well take care. Bye!

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  3. Arceus was the first Pokemon who created the creation trio(dialga, palika and giratina) and the lake guardians(azelf, uxie and mespirit) who created the Pokemon world

  4. It's amazing how you just know how to make these
    P.S. make eevee and it's evolutions (Sylvion Glacion Flareion Vaporion Espion Leafion Umbrion and Joltion) like if agree

  5. I’ll tell you a story about the god of Pokémon it was just an egg The egg was hatchingArchaeus came out The egg he created three Legendary Pokémon

  6. Fun fact

    Arceus was supposed to be pronounced ar see us
    Before game freak realized it resembled a naughty British word

  7. Have you noticed that arceus actually emerged from it’s egg and it became a god

  8. this does not make sense.
    arceus the creator of everything, gets defeated by a 10 year old with some of his friends 😀

  9. Yes it was acerus in in it little egg and when it hatch the world was nothing but then acerus made the world a Pokemon world.

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