Applying Iron-On Transfers to T-Shirts : How to Iron Designs on T-Shirts

Applying Iron-On Transfers to T-Shirts : How to Iron Designs on T-Shirts

Hi, I’m Melina Piroso and welcome to Expert
Village. We are going to iron each piece and you have to make sure that when you are ironing
that you have no steam in the iron. Because what we are doing here is we are essentially
gluing paint or any sort of color onto our T-Shirt. So, the paint is essentially the
ink from our printer that printed out on this piece of paper. And the transfer paper has
glue on it and when you iron it the glue melts the color into the shirt. And if you have,
if you are steaming, then it is going to get wet and it is not going to seal correctly.
So you want to go ahead and do this for about a minute and you want to monitor your progress.
You are going to notice that when the ink really starts to set in the edges of the transfer
are going to start lifting up on their own. That’s going to be your cue that you are almost
done and that the color is sticking on perfectly. Not only are you moving the iron around and
covering the whole surface, but you have to make sure that you are pressing down really
hard; you really want that ink to get into the shirt. You can always lift up a little to see how
everything is coming. You see no ink coming off on your paper. You want to avoid it. If
you see more coming off, put the paper back on and iron it a little more. So, now you
can see that our transfers are complete.

100 thoughts on “Applying Iron-On Transfers to T-Shirts : How to Iron Designs on T-Shirts

  1. (0_o) All the instructions I've read told me to NOT TO MOVE THE IRON back and fwd while applying! They say to leave the iron there for 15-25 seconds straight and then remove it.

  2. I want to iron on a celebrities signature on a shirt and im worried if the white excess part will stick on the shirt. Does it? i need answers asap!

  3. Thank you for the help and showing the way to do the shirts!!! Now, I dont need to order shirts through Vistaprint anymore. Gonna be saving a whooooooooooooooole lot of money!!!

  4. Thanks for the video…I used Transfermations brand from Michael's – did not work well at all though – willbe trying the website you suggested.

  5. It's a different iron on paper for dark or black shirts. after you print it (and don't print it backwards) you peel it off the base, then use a special release paper to iron through. these have very solid colors the black doesn't go through. But! you have to cut out the image because if you have a white area around your image, it will show up.

  6. I have bought a DTG printer from Benerise Technology Co. Ltd and I am disappointed with the services. First, they promised me with the instructions manual and also a video on how to use the printer. The printer came without those items and power cables and the software wasn't working.
    To all who are planning to buy a T-shirt printer, please ask them to provide references and videos of the printer. Do not buy a DTG printer because it is cheap.

  7. Everyone dont try this the first time I washed maybe the ink faded and by the third wash it smudged and ruined all of the other laundry and was a waste of money she is talking shit

  8. What? No modeling of the finished product? I mean… I wanted to see the placement of the iron-ons and see if they were centered, and make sure everything was in place. Modeled on a natural form of course.

  9. I tried ironing on the opaque sheets on a dark green shirt and the only thing that came out of that was a big white square where the image should be.

  10. aww man, I tried this at $3 a sheet of transfer paper and $12 a t shirt…I think Nike has a counterfeit stalker program in its system… oh by the way… nice titties!

  11. Hello Melina, your video tutorial is truly amazing. I think nowadays heat machine is pretty much handy and time saver to do image transfer on t-shirts. Although ironing way is way cheaper than the machine.

  12. Thank you so much! I have Lways wanted to design my own shirt with emojis without buying it because I luv day projects! May baby introduced me to iron on transfer so I did a little looking around and this was the most useful thing! Thank u!

  13. Hello im looking for some help on these iron ons. My school gave me an iron on logo for a sweatshirt and i bought a cotton sweatshirt to do it. I put my iron on highest temperature without steam and tried to do it the way it ia explained. The problem is that the picture wont really stick to the sweater completely so i cant really peel off the white paper. Please help! Thanks

  14. T-shirts have been so unbelievably expensive lately that you'd be an idiot not to try this. Catch me spending $20 on a t-shirt, fuck I look like?

  15. Very helpful! Great video! Great explanation on how the process works. What iron on transfer paper product do you use?

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