Applying a Second Coat of Art Resin Clear Epoxy to Your Art

Applying a Second Coat of Art Resin Clear Epoxy to Your Art

So I woke up to find a big dirty hair had cured in my ArtResin. I want it to be perfect, so I’m going to apply a second coat. Here’s how you do it. Once your first coat is cured, so say the next day, you just take some sandpaper and just sand it down. Now when you sand it, it’s going to turn kind of white and scratchy But don’t worry… when you wipe up all the dust and pour your next coat of ArtResin, it’s going to look perfectly clear. So this sanding just gives the ArtResin some tooth—something to grab onto so that over time the two layers won’t separate. And as a side note, if you ever want to get a matte finish on your ArtResin surface, you can sand off the gloss and paint on a matte varnish. And that just gives it a really nice matte finish. So that’s it! Now, I have a new hair that I use… it’s called a hair net. I’ve been resining with this on lately because I learned my lesson! If you have a lot of hair, not a bad idea! So then once that’s done, you just want to dust it off mix up your ArtResin like normal, pour it on, let it cure overnight, and that’s how you do a second coat! Nothing to it 🙂 If you have any more questions like this, we have a really big FAQ on You can always send us your other questions.

34 thoughts on “Applying a Second Coat of Art Resin Clear Epoxy to Your Art

  1. I have a question! Is it possible to apply art resin on a normal canvas for my paintings? (I use spray paint) or would it need to be a all wood canvas? Would appreciate a reply!! Thank you!

  2. Hi, i have ordered some of your art resin to do a large casting of a photo and some gravel plus a few small charms, the piece is around 16 inches by 27 inches and is 10mm deep, can this be done in one pour? I cant find anywhere that says the max thickness your resin can be poured in one go, thanks for any advice

  3. i have some slighty sunken worm pocket looking things on mine. some are like slightly sunken puddles. should i sand that down extra? what makes this happen?

  4. I would like to put this over uneven stick and peel aluminum subway tiles that is around my platform jetted tub to give it an even thick glass like finish. Will this even it out and can it also be applied to the vertical tiles? What techniques do you recommend for applying it on vertical surfaces?

  5. can Art Resin go over the Famowood glaze brand ? 1st coat has imperfections on painting need second coat would like to make it right this time!

  6. I sanded down my surface and want it to be glossy again. If I paint on a second coat, will the matte sanded surface show through?

  7. I keep getting round holes where the resin refuses to coat randomly over my painting is there a sealer that can be used prior to the resin? I have tried everything to stop this from talc powder and alcohol wipe

  8. Do I have to sand every coat that I apply? I did 2 days ago and the surface doesn't seem even

  9. What if you put down a layer with color and theres not enough to go around and the edges didn't get enough color. Can you add a second layer with the same color on top of that with this method? I was doing a marble look table and the white wasnt enough to finish the table completely. theres little sections with not enough and holes in it. Should I just fill in those areas with the white color. How will it look with making black veins in the second coat and on top of the first coat?

  10. Hi, can you help me? I bought the resin to use on a huge coffee table with a recessed area (and a raised edge all around). I wanted to seal all my grandbabies' artwork and photos in it. Apparently, I didn't seal the papers adequately because after the resin was poured (about a week ago) a lot of my favorites turned clear and splotchy, as if someone had spilled cooking oil all over them. I felt like sitting down and crying! The table, itself, cured beautifully, but my grandbabies' pictures! 😢

    I've managed to find some of the art on various hard drives and devices and have printed them out. I spent the last two days covering them, front and back, with acrylic lacquer and now, today, I've used Modge Podge as final insurance, just reassuring myself that they are properly sealed this time.

    I have two questions: must I sand the entire table top before I place the new artwork strategically over the ruined artwork? Also, what is the method you recommend for adhering the pics to the previous resin-top before pouring the new top-coat of resin?

    Here is a pic of my table and thank you so much for any help you can offer.

  11. I resined over a pour painting and There we're "holes" or gaps where resin didn't stick. I cleaned any residue off and poured a second coat and there are several other spots where resin pulled away like empty puddles. Am I not using enough resin?

  12. I want to paint with gauche or acrylic paints between pours. Should I sand before I paint? Will resin stick to the paint that is on the first layers of resin?

  13. Hello I made a coffee table with clear epoxy resin on top, everything was going great but then in one area there was big bubbles and then we tried to get rid of them with the torch but I think it made it worst, so it needed up with within big bubbles and a big spot uneven, it’s horrible only in that area, what can I do?

  14. Before I watched your video…I added a second coat of resin to my table top without sanding. Will it eventually separate? 🙁

  15. My first resining and I didn’t protect my tiles etc and found dust particles after it dried. Do I need to sand each one prior to putting on the second coat? I may just live with it, after all it’s just a coaster. 😂

  16. So is the goal to sand the imperfection out as well as give the second coat of resin tooth? Or do you just need to sand the whole piece and not sand the imperfection out because the next coat of resin will hide the dust anyway?

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